Best Side Mirror Covers for Cars: Protect Your Mirrors with These Top Picks

Easily replace or customize your side mirrors with these durable covers

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Your car’s door mirror could be scuffed while parked or dinged while you’re driving on a highway. Perhaps it’s intact and you simply want to express allegiance to your favorite sports team. Either way, this guide will help you choose among the best side mirror covers for cars to ensure your vehicle is well-protected and stylish. 

  • Best Overall
    Icescreen MIT-B-01 Mirror Mittz
    Made out of durable, water-resistant fabric, these covers are affordable and practical for use on most vehicles.
    With a measurement of 11 inches by 13 inches, these mirror covers are designed for a snug fit. These will protect your vehicle against ice, snow, and birds.
    Despite larger dimensions, these covers may be insufficient for some trucks. The drawstrings may also be too short to secure them to the mirrors.
  • Best Value
    MARKSIGN Waterproof Rear Mirror Covers
    With dimensions of 13 inches by 14 inches, these are larger for a universal fit. They can be purchased separately or combined with a windshield cover.
    These mirror covers are available in black or silver, with silver featuring reflective tape that ensures the covers are seen by passing motorists. They are machine-washable.
    There have been reports of these mirror covers not fitting some trucks and SUVs. The durability of the fabric has also been a point of concern.
  • Honorable Mention
     King Ice Snow and Ice Mirror Covers
    Great quality and low price are staples of these mirror covers, which measure 13 inches by 15 inches.
    Among the largest mirror covers on the market, these should fit most vehicles. Easy to put on and take off, they have longer drawstrings.
    Materials being too thin and a poor fit on some trucks have been among the reoccurring issues with these mirror covers.

Why Buy Side Mirror Covers?

  • Cover scratches and scuffs. Damage to the side mirrors is too common for many reasons. Needless to say, these are an eyesore and depreciate your car’s value. A door mirror cover can serve as a cosmetic remedy or a preemptive solution to protect your car.   
  • Protect from damage. Most mirror covers are made out of a plastic material that’s designed for durability over their lifespan, protecting your car not only from accidental bumps from other motorists or kids on bicycles, but also from beaming sun rays, rain, ice, and snow. 
  • Custom appearance. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you don’t want to be like everyone else and fly your favorite pro football team’s flag out of your car window. With a side view mirror cover, you can express your fandom more uniquely: Cover your mirrors with the team’s logo and color. There are covers that represent various colleges and universities, plus country flags.  
  • Advertise your business. Slip on a pair of special-ordered car mirror socks to advertise and promote your company or product.  
Close up of side mirror on highway

Don’t ignore what’s in front of your side mirrors. Protect them from damage.

Types of Side Mirror Covers

Plastic Mirror Covers

With high-quality ABS plastics, these stick-on mirror covers are optimal to cover scratched or damaged door mirrors. With a chrome-plated finish, your car’s rear-view mirrors will glisten in the sun and remain protected against scratches and severe weather. Chrome side-view mirror covers are mounted over the existing covers using automotive tape.  

Fabric & Vinyl Mirror Covers

Fabrics such as spandex and polyester, along with vinyl, are also widely used materials in wing mirror covers. Just like a vanity license plate, you can choose your preferred mirror covers to express pride in your college alma mater or your favorite sports team. Also, you can elect to represent your heritage through a cover that features a country flag. Weatherproofing your car’s mirrors is cheap and seamless. You can avoid exposing your fingers to frost or ice. 

Top Brands of Side Mirror Covers


Based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, Dorman Products, Inc. has been in business since 1918 and is a publicly traded company. With offices across the nation, Dorman offers OEM replacement parts with a catalog spanning more than 130,000 automotive products. The top sellers include the Dorman 959-001 Driver Side Door Mirror Cover.


In business for nearly 50 years, Putco claims it offers “the most diverse and unique collection” of automotive accessories. The Des Moines, Iowa-based company moved into a 126,000-square-foot facility in 2013 and has an in-house LED production line. One of its most popular products is the Putco 401161 Mirror Cover.

Car Side Mirror Covers Pricing

  • Less than $50: The choices at this price range are about value, and you’ll find serviceable and inexpensive products that can meet your needs. Most mirror bras and car mirror socks made of fabric materials are sold at this price point.
  • $50-$100: The mid-range presents a variety of mount-on ABS plastic mirror covers from reputable brands. It’s up to you to choose from a chrome-plated mirror cap or a pair that matches or contrasts with your car’s paint.
  • $100-$250: Products in this range are made with premium-grade materials and manufactured by leading, well-known brands. Chrome mirror covers for specific trucks may cost more than covers for SUVs and passenger cars.
Close up of side mirror

Key Features to Look For

Right Fit

To ensure your car mirror cover replacement process goes smoothly, your mirror covers must be compatible with your car, truck or SUV so they will fit properly. Cross-referencing your car’s part number with the aftermarket manufacturer’s product description is a critical step. If you have any doubt, contact the seller to verify since this step will save you the hassle of returning a cover that doesn’t fit. 


There are general reasons to use rear view mirror covers for cars and then there are specific reasons. If you have existing dings or scrapes that you want to cover up permanently, plastic mirror covers are a no-brainer. If you need something temporary, perhaps to protect your car against ice/snow or to support your favorite team, a durable fabric cover will suffice. 


Figuring out how to cover a mirror comes down to individual taste and preference. If you prefer to avoid stick-on mirror covers, a vinyl mirror bra may do the job. As mentioned earlier, polyester fabric mirror covers are customizable and made out of durable fabric that shields against the elements and general wear and tear. 

Other Considerations

  • ABS Plastic vs. Fabric: Automotive-grade ABS plastic is the most used material in stick-on covers. It’s durable and designed to stay on over an extended period of time. With a chrome polish or single or multi-color look, plastic covers add style as much as protection. Alternatively, side mirror protector car accessories are made out of fabric materials including spandex and polyester. These are lightweight, often waterproof/weatherproof, cheaper, and can be custom-designed to feature business logos, team insignia, and college team logos.
  • Vinyl Mirror Bras: Made out of the same UV-resistant vinyl as car bras, the mirror bra is another option to protect your side-view mirrors. The snug-fitting mirror bras are available in universal colors, such as black and carbon fiber. 

Best Side Mirror Covers for Cars Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Side Mirror Covers Overall: Icescreen MIT-B-01 Mirror Mittz

Icescreen MIT-B-01 Mirror Mittz

Made out of water moisture-resistant fabric, these mirror covers are durable and designed to fit most cars. Low-priced, Icescreen mirror covers are designed to protect your car from dirt, birds, and ice and snow. 

Icescreen covers measure 11 inches by 13 inches, which means they’ll fit most cars, SUVs, and even minivans. The covers are machine washable and include a security tab as a theft-protection measure. They don’t require any additional tools and can be put on and removed in seconds. 

The main drawback to this budget mirror housing is that the mirror can only be used when your car is parked. Although the covers are large, they may not cover some trucks’ mirrors, and the drawstrings could be too short to properly secure the cover. 

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Best Value Side Mirror Covers: MARKSIGN Waterproof Rear Mirror Covers

MARKSIGN Waterproof Rear Mirror Covers

Made with a heavy-duty, polyester material, these mirror covers offer high value at a low price. With ample room to universally fit most rear mirrors, these covers measure 13 inches by 14 inches. Quick release drawstrings ensure a tight fit and prevent wind from blowing them away. 

The mirror covers are available in either black or silver colors, with the silver version featuring reflective tape. These covers are sold in pairs separately from MARKSIGN’s windshield snow cover, but are recommended to be used in combination to protect your vehicle against inclement weather.  

These side mirror covers may not adequately fit some large trucks’ mirrors. We’ve also found the material is not as durable as billed by the manufacturer, so don’t expect them to last as long as other options.

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Best Side Mirror Covers Honorable Mention: King Ice Snow and Ice Mirror Covers

King Ice Snow and Ice Mirror Covers

Good size at a good price—that’s what King Ice delivers with these mirror covers. Ease of installation and high-quality materials are also reasons that work in this product’s favor. If you’re looking for something inexpensive to protect your car from bird poop and other maladies, a pair of these covers would be a welcome addition to your daily routine. 

Measuring in at 13 inches by 15 inches, these covers are designed to fit just about every vehicle, from a passenger sedan to a pickup truck. Longer drawstrings enable the covers to stay on securely even in high winds, and it’s also practical to keep ends inside your window or door to make sure a thief doesn’t swipe them. 

One of the knocks on these covers is that the fabric material isn’t heavy-duty. As is the case with many mirror covers, the fit can also be problematic, particularly with trucks and other larger vehicles. 

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Tips & Advice for Side Mirror Covers

  • It’s not just rain, ice, or snow that affects your car mirrors. Outside mirror covers can work their magic to protect against pesky bird droppings, which can blemish and stain the mirrors.  
  • For the best results, install snap-on mirror covers on a warmer day, preferably when the temperature is at least 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive tape will stick more securely under these conditions.  


Q: Does a plastic side mirror cover include a mirror replacement?

A: The mirror covers, often the popular chrome mirror caps, only replace the upper part of the rearview driver and passenger side mirror. The mirror and the lower part of the assembly remain intact after the replacement is mounted in place. 

Q: How do chrome mirror covers stay in place?

A: Manufacturers use heavy-duty 3M adhesive tape, which is pre-applied, to secure the covers to a clean surface.  

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best side mirror covers for cars is the Icescreen MIT-B-01 Mirror Mittz set.  Low-priced and durable, these covers are easily installed to shield your car’s rearview mirror from ice, snow, and bird droppings.  

If you’re looking for another high-quality product at a low price, the MARKSIGN Waterproof Rear Mirror Covers are a good bet. They are available in black or silver.

Do these fabric mirror covers suffice or do you feel that plastic mirror covers are better? In the comments below, feel free to share your thoughts with us.