Best Rear View Mirrors: Expand Your Range of Vision

Need a new rearview mirror in your car? Try one of these options

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PUBLISHED ON October 20, 2019

The rearview mirror is an understated but critical car accessory. We typically don’t notice it unless it’s not working properly. Think about the times you’ve experienced glare from the headlights of the car behind you or had a near-miss because there was a vehicle in your blind spot. A great rearview mirror can prevent uncomfortable moments like that from happening and significantly improve the quality and safety of your drive.

  • Best Overall
    Rally Panoramic 5-Panel Rearview Mirror  
    27.75-inch by the 2.375-inch race-style mirror. It features four panels and is tinted. Includes mounting brackets.
    A full and clear panoramic view minimizes the blind spots. Fits all types of vehicles. Polarized mirrors reduce glare. Easy installation. Includes mounting hardware for the metal frame above the vehicle windshield.
    Limited instructions for installation. It may not be as easy to install as advertised. May vibrate. May have poor quality screws and plastic. May not hold up in high temperatures.
  • Best Value
    ELUTO Wide Angle Rear View Mirror
    12.1-inch by 2.9-inch interior rearview mirror. The convex design provides a wider-angle view and eliminates blind spots.
    Strongly built and good quality. The anti-glare coating enhances the safety of driving. The anti-splash treatment protects from accidental bursting. Rubber clips reduce vibrations. Easy to install.
    The view may be distorted. The installation process may not be as easy as advertised. May not work if the factory mirror has buttons. May leave blind spots on wider vehicles.
  • Honorable Mention
    Wide Angle Car Rear View Mirror
    11.8-inch by the 3.15-inch universal clip-on rearview mirror for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Comes with two blind spot mirrors for your side mirrors.
    Anti-glare and anti-shake mirror. It provides a clear and undistorted image. It reflects true distance and a wide-angle view. Increases visibility, prevents glare and makes driving safer. Easy to install and disassemble.
    The mirror may not provide complete blind spot visibility for wider vehicles. Requires installation of blind spot mirrors. It may shake, rattle and vibrate.

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  • Decide which mounting is most appropriate. Some mirrors can be attached with an adhesive or a bracket, while others require additional modifications like drilling into the ceiling of your car. 
  • Most mirrors range from 8-12 inches, while others are panoramic and include multiple mirror panels. Depending on your visibility needs, a single mirror may suffice for an average vehicle, but if you are drag racing or driving a large vehicle, a multi-panel mirror may be a better fit. 
  • An anti-glare feature will prevent you from getting blinded by the headlights from the cars behind you, especially at night.  
  • A single mirror may be wide enough to cover the blind spots, or you may need additional blind spot mirror attachments for your side mirrors. 
  • Many mirrors come with additional features such as automatic dimming, cameras, GPS, compasses, temperature and LCD displays. These features can be excellent additions to the mirror but do result in additional costs. 


Q: Why does my rearview mirror turn dark?

A: The mirror will automatically turn dark if it has an auto-dimming feature. A forward-looking sensor detects low ambient light from the headlights behind the car and directs the rear-view sensor to look for glare. The mirrors darken automatically in proportion to the brightness of the glare and then clear once the glare is no longer detected.

Q: What if my mirror shakes and rattles?

A: The mounting mechanism or the adhesive may not work exactly as expected. Do the measurements and the research for the right size and specifications. Additional screws, brackets or different types of adhesive may be required. 

Q: What size mirror should I buy?

A: That depends on the size of your vehicle, whether you tow anything behind it, and how you use it (daily commuting versus drag racing, for example). Some drivers prefer a much wider mirror to avoid having to turn their heads so much when switching lanes. Drivers who race or have to commute in a lot of traffic may also benefit from a larger and wider-angle mirror. However, larger mirrors are bulkier and may not be aesthetically pleasing. They may also be too heavy and require more customization while mounting. 

Q: Should I get a mirror with additional features like a GPS, a camera, or an LCD display?

A: Many vehicles come with built-in features like GPS, a rear and side-view camera, and LCD dashboards, so duplicating those features in a mirror may be an unnecessary expense. However, if any of those features are not included with your vehicle or have stopped working overtime, replacing them as one of the features on your rearview mirror may be an effective and economical solution. 

Final Thoughts

We recommend the Rally Panoramic 5-Panel Rearview Mirror because it provides the widest rear-view coverage and completely eliminates blind spots, making your drive safer. 

The ELUTO Wide Angle Rear View Mirror is the best value option if you need a rearview mirror replacement.