Best Truck Driver Headsets: Keep Your Hands Free and Eyes Alert

Chat and drive more safely with these high-quality truck driver headsets

byLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel|
Best Truck Driver Headsets: Keep Your Hands Free and Eyes Alert

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BYLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON January 19, 2020

Truck drivers spend hours on the road each day delivering and transporting goods across the country. Staying focused and safe on the drive should be a top priority. Smartphones can be a distraction, so that’s why having the best headset makes all the difference. The device allows you to answer calls and chat without taking your eyes off the road. Here are the top-rated truck driver headsets on the market.

Best Overall
lueParrot Bluetooth Headset

lueParrot Bluetooth Headset

This headset features up to 16 hours of call time with up to 150 standby hours, so you don’t have to charge it all the time. It’s also entirely cordless for convenience and increased mobility.
It’s Bluetooth-enabled to connect to any smartphone or device. You can walk up to 60 feet away from your phone as well. Plus, it’s noise-canceling, so the person on the other end can hear what’s being spoken more clearly.
It cannot stream audio or GPS directions. The ear cushion may feel a little small and snug after several hours. Plus, the volume could be a bit louder.
Best Value

Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

This headset comes with 12 hours of talk time with more than 200 hours of standby power. Plus, the entire device takes just two hours to reach a full charge.
The Bluetooth technology allows it to easily pair with any device with up to 30 feet of roaming range. It also comes with a noise-canceling microphone to block unwanted noise.
The extendable headpiece may fit snugly or a little tight. It will not stream music or audio from your phone, just phone calls. The volume is also a little low.
Honorable Mention

Willful Bluetooth Headset

This headset’s circular earpiece is large and padded to increase comfort. It comes with 17 hours of continuous talk time and 200 standby hours. 
The Bluetooth feature is versatile and can pair with two devices at once for extra convenience. Plus, the adjustable swivel microphone is long and can be centered on your mouth to pick up your voice only while it blocks out other noise.
The audio quality can be a bit muffled but is still clear enough to understand without being annoying. Plus, getting it to fit just right on your head can be a hassle. It may slide around if too loose or cause a headache if too tight. 


  • A driver’s number-one concern should always be on the road ahead and what is around them. Even the best headset can be distracting, so make sure it is powered on, charged, and connected to Bluetooth before setting off on each trip.
  • You can add more foam or padding to the headset to increase its comfort. Wearing one for hours can be a strain on your head, so make sure you are comfortable.
  • Many headsets will allow you to switch out the earpiece for a more sizable and comfortable fit on your ear.


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Q: What does noise-canceling mean?

A: Noise-canceling for truck driver headsets does not mean it blocks sound from reaching your ears. Instead, it filters out the sound around you, so the receiver can better understand you.

Q: Is the earpiece adjustable to use on either ear?

A: Yes, each truck driver headset should have the capability to be used on either ear. The microphone can swivel around to face either direction, so you don’t have to leave it on just one side of your face.

Q: The headset keeps cutting out on me. How do I fix this?

A: This could be caused by a number of issues. One is you are in an area where your smartphone has bad reception. Or you could be too far away from your phone for the device to properly connect. For better reception and sound quality, consider keeping the phone closer to the device.

Final Thoughts

For drivers who want one of the best truck headsets with wireless connectivity and accessibility, consider the BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset

Then there’s the Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset, which features noise-canceling technology for a clearer conversation at a cheaper price.