The Best GoPro Car Mounts (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands up on the wheel.

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People are documenting their lives now more than ever, and the advent of small, rugged cameras like the GoPro has made it easy for folks to save their events and memories to revisit in the future. GoPros are the go-to cameras for these efforts. While they were designed to handle rigorous outdoor activities like snowboarding or mountain biking, they’re also being used in a variety of other ways that are just as useful, such as dash cams that allow drivers to record their daily commutes—and provide documentation as to what they may or may not have done in the event of an accident.

Additionally, these cameras are used to allow drivers to talk to viewers of television shows or YouTube videos as they drive, offering insights about a vehicle’s performance, or perhaps lack thereof. However, before you go rushing off to put your GoPro in your car, truck, or SUV, you’re going to need a good mount, and we’ve got five models you should check out.

Best Overall
Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount

 Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount


This GoPro car mount has three-inch, industrial-grade suction cups for security. It's designed to hold your device at high speeds.

  • Stable and durable
  • Easy to install.
  • Won’t damage the surface area
  • Adjustable.
  • Lacks accessories
  • Won’t stick to some surfaces, such as drywall
Best Value

Smatree Suction Cup Mount Compatible for GoPro


This device features a suction cup mount and a quick-release feature. The arm moves 180 degrees for better-angled shots.

  • Compatible with most cameras
  • Smaller than rival brands. Extremely affordable
  • Not great when used at high speeds
  • Not ideal for high-impact activities
Honorable Mention

Sametop Suction Cup Mount


This suction cup mount includes a quick-release buckle and thumbscrew. It works with the GoPro Hero1 through the GoPro Hero9.

  • Simple to mount
  • Easy to use. Sticks to a variety of surfaces
  • Tolerates road vibrations
  • Adjustable
  • Not designed for activities involving a lot of impact
  • Tightening knobs may loosen over time

Benefits of GoPro Car Mounts

  • Easily document your adventures. While you can use a handheld camera to record special road trips and events, it's a lot easier to set a device on a mount for hands-free operation.
  • Protect your expensive devices. GoPro cameras can be pricey, but you can purchase a somewhat inexpensive camera mount that is waterproof and will hold your camera securely in place, so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Get POV footage. If you want to record your driving adventures from your point of view, a GoPro car mount can help you do so. It’s designed to adhere to a windshield and other areas of your vehicle without falling.

Types of GoPro Car Mounts

Suction Cup Mounts

This is the most common type of GoPro car mount. These mounts feature suction cups that stick to a variety of surfaces. Many of them have adjustable arms, so you can angle the mount to your desired position. While suction cups can adhere to glass and plastic surfaces rather easily, they may not stick to other materials very well.

Clamps and Other Mounts

In addition to suction cups, GoPro mounts may be fastened to a surface area using adhesive, clamps, screws, or straps. Some of these mounting options, such as one involving screws, are more permanent. If you use adhesive, it can leave behind a sticky residue should you try to remove it.

Top Brands


You can't go wrong with a GoPro mount from the company that makes GoPro devices. Founded in 2002 and based in San Mateo, Calif., GoPro makes what it calls "the world's most versatile camera." It also produces accessories, such as the official GoPro Suction Cup Mount.


Based in Poway, Calif., Delkin was founded in 1986. The company designs camera accessories as well as photography-based memory cards and industrial-grade storage solutions. We recommend the Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount.


Smatree, with offices in the United States, Europe, and China, was founded in 2012. The company designs a variety of products and accessories for Apple, DJI, and GoPro, among others. One of its top products is the Smatree Suction Cup Mount Compatible for GoPro.

GoPro Car Mount Pricing

  • Under $20: Some GoPro car mounts are very inexpensive. However, those in this price range are likely less useful for more high-impact activities. If you plan on driving fast or over particularly rocky terrain, you're better off investing in a more expensive mount.
  • $20-$40: You can find a variety of different mounts at this price point. In general, they are high-quality devices that should do a good job of securing your camera.
  • $40 and up: If you want a mount with industrial holding power, you have to pay a little more money. Pricier GoPro car mounts are designed with strong suction cups or clamps, so you have confidence that your camera will be secure and protected. Plus, they usually have more features, such as 360-degree tilting and rotation.

Key Features

Speed Tolerance

Before you purchase a car GoPro mount, think about how fast you will be driving when using the device. You will need a stronger mount if you plan on recording your track day adventures compared to a slow off-roading trip with your pals. The mount needs to be designed so that it can tolerate higher wind speeds.

Waterproof Capability

If you plan on using your GoPro car mount all year round and you live in an area that experiences drastic changes in the weather, then you need a device that can operate effectively in the rain, snow, hail, etc. Better models are waterproof and shockproof to tolerate more extreme conditions.


Some GoPro car mounts are smaller than others, which can make them a little more versatile in where you can place them. Also, you must consider their weight. More technologically advanced models feature extendable arms and swivel joints, which can make them a bit heavier. Make sure the mount can handle its own weight as well as that of your camera.

Other Considerations

  • Location: You can mount a GoPro device in a variety of different areas on your vehicle. Some mounts are designed for exterior use, and others are more functional in the interior. Check the specs to determine its best location because an improperly mounted device may be unstable and affect video quality.
  • Flexibility: Some GoPro car mounts are more flexible than others. Many users prefer mounts that can be adjusted and positioned in a variety of angles. The best models have a 360-degree rotating ability, so you can angle the device into the exact position in which you need it.

Best GoPro Car Mount Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount gives you everything you could want in a GoPro car mount. It’s stable, effortless to install, and can capture shots you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. This mount guarantees optimal stability while moving, and it’ll deliver professional-level stills and videos. You can attach it to any smooth surface, and its three three-inch, industrial-grade suction cups will hold your GoPro securely in place. It also won’t damage your vehicle’s surfaces. The patented suction cups are so strong they can carry sheets of commercial glass — and they ensure your GoPro won’t move or slip even if you’re going 150 miles per hour. 

You can adjust the mount thanks to three pivoting joints and six different adjustment points. Ultimately, this mount is built to suit every need, and it’ll stand up against corrosion, wind, water, g-force, and even normal wear and tear.

If you need a mount with plenty of functionality—but within budget—check out the Smatree Suction Cup Mount Compatible for GoPro. This mount offers many of the same features as its more expensive competitors, including a regular suction cup base mount and a quick-release option. The bases connect to an articulating arm that moves 180 degrees to allow you to get a variety of shots from different angles. It can be used with most cameras, including the GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5/4/3+/3, GoPro Session, GoPro HERO 2018, and the DJI OSMO Action Camera. It’s also a bit smaller than other mounts, which offers some advantages when it comes to its placement. 

Conversely, it’s not designed to handle some high-speed setups, so this model is ideal for someone who likes to record their commute or if they’re driving on vacation.

If you’re looking for a GoPro car mount that’ll offer versatility, you need to try the Sametop Suction Cup Mount. It’s easy to use, convenient and effortless to mount, and can stick to a wide variety of different surfaces. You can use this mount on your car’s windshield or windows, but it’ll also stick to other smooth, flat surfaces. The suction cup mount provides stability while you film, and it can handle everything from road vibrations to hot or cold temperatures. You can adjust the mount to capture from different angles too. With a quick-release base, the mount helps you move between shots or locations quickly. 

You just press one button to free your camera and take it out of the car. This mount works with any GoPro camera that’s mount-compatible, and it’ll help you deliver the quality videos you’re seeking.

The Joby Suction Cup with GorillaPod Arm is worth a look just for the name alone; however, this mount uses a unique suction pad that adheres to any nonporous surface and provides steady shots at speeds exceeding 150 miles per hour. The company spent a year developing its quick twist-lock mount. Place the mount on the surface and then with a quarter-turn to the right, it’s locked in place. Additionally, the two arms that come with the kit screw into the mount ensuring they remain in place while providing stability for motion shots. The mount is made of medical-grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, and TPE to handle the rigors of adventure-style recording.

 The Gorilla arm maneuvers 360 degrees allowing for just about any shot imaginable. The removable arm allows for quick changes for the type of shot or camera. It can also be used with other cameras, including the Sony Action Cam.

The GOMA Suction Cup Car Mount Kit for GoPro Hero Cameras gives you everything you need to get those stunning shots while you’re traveling, including some more adventurous pursuits. However, when you’re done filming for the day, it also lets you put the mount and all of its accessories into a convenient and durable faux leather drawstring bag for easy transport. The suction cup mount pivots and turns like its competitors and can be affixed to any nonporous surface. Designed to handle all GoPro cameras as well as the competition, the GOMA mount is sturdy and tough and comes with a four-foot-long safety tether to make sure if something goes wrong, you don’t lose your camera or your footage. 

It also comes with a 100 percent money-back lifetime guarantee to guard against any potential problems.

If you're looking for an official GoPro mount, then look no further than the GoPro Suction Cup Mount. This OEM product is designed for use with vehicles as well as boats and motorcycles. It features an industrial-strength suction cup that can handle speeds over 150 miles per hour. The mount is very stable and provides a wide range of motion. It has a short extension arm, making it a compact option. The quick-release base makes it easy to move from one location to another. Users report that it holds tightly to the vehicle and is very secure overall. Additionally, it comes with a drawstring bag for storage. 

One downside is that it's not intended for high-impact activities, such as surfing or snowboarding. Plus, you may want to add a safety tether for added security.

This GoPro Mount from SublimeWare works with a variety of camera models, including the GoPro Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero 7, and Hero 6. It features an extended arm as well as a suction lock handle. One of the best things about this mount is that it provides a POV outside of the vehicle. It's an industrial-strength mount that easily attaches to a vehicle's body or windshield. Newly designed, it is built to reduce vibrations. The arm extends 270 degrees and has an adapter for added flexibility. Overall, the suction is very strong and easy to install on most smooth surfaces. Also, the arms have ridges to prevent slippage. It’s so strong you may have to yank it hard to detach it from your vehicle. 

One downside is that it doesn't feature a tether or lanyard for extra security. Also, when the suction cup dries out or gets dirty, it can fall off.

If you're looking for a suction cup car mount holder that works with GoPro cameras as well as smartphones, then you may want to consider this Flexible Gooseneck Extension Suction Cup Car Mount. It works with the GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, as well as iPhone and Android devices. It features a soft rubber suction cup that's designed to attach to smooth surfaces, including vehicle windshields. The four-joint swivel arm is flexible, adjustable, and can be rotated 360 degrees laterally. It's built to record footage outside of the vehicle or be used as a navigation mount in conjunction with a smartphone. It's very sturdy and doesn't budge even when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. 

There have been some complaints that it doesn't bend backward enough. Also, it's not as flexible as some other options.

The Nordic Flash Adhesive Mounts for GoPro Cameras fits all GoPro models, so compatibility is not an issue. Included in the package are three curved adhesive mounts and three flat adhesive mounts with 3M adhesive stickers as well as a product manual. You can attach these adhesive mounts to your vehicle's hood or use them on kayaks, surfboards, bikes, etc. Unlike many of the other products on this list, this one is specifically designed for action sports. To apply the industrial-strength, waterproof pads, simply apply heat (i.e., use a hairdryer). The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty in case you experience any issues. Overall, they're very good quality and provide a strong, thick bond. It's a great option if you use your GoPro as a dashcam, as the product stays put in both hot and cold temperatures. 

One problem is that you can only use these mounts one time. They may also have a strong odor when unpacked.

This Heavy Duty Camera Car Windshield Mount is compatible with GoPro cameras as well as a variety of other cameras and recording devices, including Garmin, TomTom, Nikon, and more. This multi-functional mount easily sticks on smooth and flat surfaces, such as windows and windshields, and is popular among off-roaders. It has a multi-angle adjustable arm that can be locked into position and extended and angled to suit your needs. The suction cup is made of two layers of TPU for added strength, while the metal ball joint is very durable. The manufacturer also provides an 18-month warranty for added protection. It's very easy to install, and it sticks so well that it can be a little difficult to remove. 

One downside is that it's a little bulky compared to some other options. There have also been some complaints that it has a short lifespan.


  • When using a suction cup GoPro car mount, make sure the surface area is flat and smooth. Surfaces with even the slightest bit of texture may not hold the mount properly.
  • Changes in temperature can affect how the mount adheres to the surface area. For example, if it's mounted on cold glass that warms up in the sun, the seal may be compromised.
  • Clean the surface area thoroughly before attaching the GoPro mount. Make sure it's clear of dirt and debris for optimal adherence.


Q: Where do I mount my GoPro in the car?

They can be situated in a variety of areas, from the passenger seat or back seat to your steering wheel, windshield, and grille. You can also put one above the trunk.

Q: How do you mount a GoPro to the outside of a car?

If you're installing a suction cup mount on the windshield, for example, clean the glass and suction cup with rubbing alcohol and dry them thoroughly. Apply moisture to the seal, and lock the lever into place on the windshield. Place the mount on the suction cups, and attach your device.

Q: What accessories should I buy with GoPro?

You can buy a variety of accessories for your GoPro, including a tripod adapter, a lighting kit, a chest mount, a screen protector, or a head strap. It all depends on what you want to get out of the device and the activities you plan on documenting.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best GoPro car mount is the Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount. This device is extremely stable and will allow you to capture professional-level video footage. Also, it's easy to install, and it can withstand everything from g-forces to rain and wind. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Smatree Suction Cup Mount Compatible for GoPro.

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