Best Hose Clamp Pliers: Top Tools for Removing Clamps

These top hose clamp pliers make engine work easier to do

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BYNoelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON June 4, 2021

Removing the clamps from the hoses on your vehicle can be frustrating. Fortunately, a good pair of hose clamp pliers can make the job a lot easier. Instead of struggling to pry the clamps open, you simply use the pliers to quickly and efficiently complete the task. This buying guide features some of the best hose clamp pliers available.

Best Overall
Astro Pneumatic Tool Hose Clamp Pliers

Astro Pneumatic Tool Hose Clamp Pliers


The Astro pliers allow you to remove plastic and/or metal self-tightening hose clamps with diameters of 11/16-inches to 2-1/2-inches (18mm - 54mm).

  • These maximum-strength pliers feature a precision clamp on the end of a flexible cable for extended reach. 
  • The cable is very thick, and the tool provides a very strong grip.
  • It may take more effort to compress the handle and release the lock compared to competitor products. 
  • Also, the pliers may break the first time you use them.
Best Value

Drake Off Road Hose Clamp Pliers Set


This pliers set includes cross slotted jaw pliers and wide, flat band hose clamp pliers. They can be used on most ring-type or flat-band hose clamps.

  • These pliers securely hold spring clamps and make removal and installation simple. 
  • The jaws swivel to access hose clamps in any position, and they easily grab just about any type of clamp.
  • They may not squeeze certain clamps enough to get them on or off the hoses. 
  • They also may slip off the clamps and don't work well on smaller clamps.
Honorable Mention

BETOOLL 9pcs Wire Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers Set


This set includes flexible hose clamp, swivel jaw, curved hose, hose remover, and cross slotted jaw pliers as well as a hose removal hook and a double-head screwdriver.

  • The tools work well and fit your hand nicely. 
  • The set provides everything you need to remove and replace hoses on items such as a water pump.
  • One issue is the kit does not identify the type of clamps for each pair of pliers. 
  • Also, the pliers are cheaply made and may break after a short period of use.

Best Hose Clamp Pliers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

When you’re looking for something heavy-duty enough to tackle any job, the Astro Pneumatic Tool Hose Clamp Pliers offer a terrific solution. Crafted out of hardy materials, the pliers enable you to remove plastic and metal clamps. Provided the part is within the range of 11/16 inch and 2 ½ inches, you can remove it with ease. It operates precisely, using a flexible cord to enable easier reach. You can lock the pliers, letting you use your hands for a more efficient job. With plastic handles, curved to promote grip, these clamp pliers are built to optimize strength. Because of this, you can use them to tackle any job, regardless of how intense it is. Though it can be challenging to get the right compression at first, once you grow familiar with the tool, it adds substantial utility to your garage. 

Especially since this type of pliers is so essential to vehicular maintenance, you shouldn’t have to break the bank getting a set. The affordability and high functionality of the Drake Off Road Hose Clamp Pliers Set means you don’t have to. The set comes with two pliers, one featuring a cross slotted opening to tackle common clamps. With wide and flat-band hose clamp pliers also included, you can tackle just about any hose clamps. Featuring red handles made out of a firm polymer, curved to best accommodate grip while you work. On both the pliers designed for ring and flat-band clamp types, there is a lock that holds the clamps in place with ease. Using a ratcheting system, they work quickly, eliminate strain in the wrist, and swivel to access any position. While the handles could use a bit of extra texture to make compression easier, the overall design is high-quality. Considering the low price point and general utility, these pliers are a solid value pick.

Car maintenance doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. So, if you want options, the Betooll Nine-Piece Wire Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers Set is a fantastic way to go. For starters, it includes six separate pliers, each designed to work with a certain type of hose clamp. All the parts come encased in a strong polymer case, featuring a handle for easy transportation. On the top fold of this case is the pneumatic component, letting you get extra power and easier reach. The kit is fleshed out with a screwdriver and hook, giving you all the tools you need to deal with any type of hose clamp. Comprehensive and user-friendly, everything from the strong metal pliers to the grip-friendly handles make this set ideal for the home-mechanic. Whether you’re new to managing fuel, oil, and water hoses, or you’re a seasoned worker, this set offers everything you need to get star

Made out of carbon-heavy steel, the Mainpoint Hose Clamp Pliers feature impressively easy-grip handles. Dipped twice in rubber, it lets you keep good grip while you manage the hose clamps. Useful on either ring-style or flat-band clamps, this tool makes removal and setup simpler. Opening up to 1-3/4 inches, these clamp pliers have undergone ample testing to ensure proper performance. Ideally-suited for use on both fuel and coolant spring clips, these pliers fit securely and precisely onto the clamps. Standing out for its performance value, this selection lets you gain access from any angle. It swivels easily and, paired with the firm lock, helps you get the job done quickly. Built to last, with proper care, these pliers can remain a valuable addition to your tool box for years to come. 

Coming in a set of three, the Juvale Hose Clamp Pliers are made specifically for use with low pressure lines. While you can find many selections made out of metal, polymer is harder to come by. These nylon pliers are able to perform all the tasks of metal pliers, without the risk of rust or corrosion. Each clamp is of a different size, with jaw openings ranging from three-quarters of an inch to over three inches. The result is a set of lightweight, easy-grip clamps that work on everything from brake hoses to gas lines. Sure, you can’t get enough compression for reinforced or high-pressure lines. However, this set works for most standard mechanical tasks. Since there is no metal (save the screw at the center), rust is never an issue. Versatile enough to work on most home-garage projects, these pliers are useful tools to keep on hand


  • Your hand can cramp up if you spend a long time working on your car. Choose a pair of hose clamp pliers that are flexible and ergonomically designed.
  • If you've never used hose clamp pliers, start on larger, more accessible hose clamps versus smaller ones tucked inside the engine. This will help you practice how to use the pliers before you try to tackle more difficult jobs.
  • Modern hoses are much more durable than they were in the past. While they can last as long as 10 years, experts recommend replacing your vehicle's major hoses approximately every five years. Hose clamp pliers can help you carry out this task.


Q: What are hose clamps?

A: Your vehicle has several hoses that move liquids, such as fuel, oil, and water, from one place to another. The hoses are located inside the engine, and hose clamps help keep them secure and seal them to pipes or fittings.

Q: How do I use hose clamp pliers?

A: First, make sure the hose doesn't have any pressure or fluid inside of it. Next, use the mechanism on the end of the pliers' cable and lock it onto the hose clamp. Then squeeze the pliers to unlock the clamp and twist the hose to remove it.

Q: Are hose clamp pliers necessary?

A: Hose clamp pliers perform a very specific function. While not all specialized tools are necessary, hose clamp pliers do what other pliers cannot, so they are a good addition to your toolbox.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best hose clamp pliers is the Astro Pneumatic Tool Hose Clamp Pliers

They provide excellent gripping power and have an extended, flexible cable for added reach.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Drake Off Road Hose Clamp Pliers Set.

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