Best 4×6 Speakers: Upgrade Your Car Audio System

Get an easy upgrade for your car’s audio system with our top picks for the best 4×6 speakers

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The overall car audio experience in your car depends on the quality of speakers you install. While 4×6 speakers may not deliver the best bass, they do produce clean and solid audio. We understand that finding the best 4×6 speakers may be difficult, and that’s why we are here to offer you a buying guide of some of the best 4×6 speakers available on the market today. 

  • Best Overall
    Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers
    Well-built speakers with one of the highest sensitivity ratings. It produces a detailed, clean sound at all frequencies.
    Has a sleek design with a shallow mounting depth. Easy to install. Great highs and mids. The wide frequency range of 75 to 20,000 Hertz. Can be powered by the stereo.
    Lacks a deep, punchy bass. More expensive than standard coaxial speakers.
  • Best Value
    Kenwood KFC-4675C Two Way Speaker System
    A cheaply priced coaxial speaker with a sleek design and great power handling capability.
    Compact design. The good response across frequencies. Decent enough bass. Can handle high-power head units.
    Not loud enough. May not come with the grille. Not long-lasting.
  • Honorable Mention
    Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 2-Way Full Range Speaker
    A high-quality speaker that’s easy to fit into almost any type of sound compartment. It has a well-balanced sound speaker and sturdy build.
    Decently priced. Great for heavy bass music. Well-balanced sound quality. Fits in almost all types of doors. Has a clean look with the crossover hidden inside the basket design.
    Can’t handle low frequencies. Poor-quality grilles. Doesn't always fit as expected.

Benefits of 4×6 Speakers

  • Good sound quality. Most 4×6 speakers produce a clean and natural sound. Although they can’t be depended on for great bass, they produce sound with a great frequency range, which means that you get better mids and highs. That’s ideal for listening to classical music, reggae, pop, hip-hop, and soft rock.
  • Great investment. With 4×6 full-range speakers, you can play both low and high frequencies without having to incorporate additional woofer speaker components. You can get one set of speakers that offers it all in terms of great sound quality, without having to spend a fortune on extra audio equipment for your car.
  • Enjoy your drive. Great speakers can improve the mood inside your vehicle. It’s exciting to listen to your favorite songs from a set of speakers that lets you enjoy all the depth of the music, from the highs to the lows.

Types of 4×6 Speakers

Component Speakers

Component speakers deliver the best audio experience but come with separate drivers. The drivers could be a combination of woofers, subwoofers, and tweeters, each mounted at different parts of the vehicle to improve the audio experience. Component speakers come with a crossover unit that transfers the low frequencies to the subwoofers and higher frequencies to the tweeters.

Full-Range Speakers

Full-range or coaxial speakers are the most common types of car speakers and often go with tweeters and a woofer cone. They can handle a wide range of frequencies since their drivers are close to each other. They, however, have relatively lower sound quality than component speakers but are cheaper in comparison. Moreover, each coaxial speaker is configured according to the number of drivers it has: two-way, three-way, and so on.

Top Brands

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate was founded in 1973 by Jim Fosgate and is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. The company makes audio equipment for motorcycles, motorsports, marine, and mobile equipment. One of its best-selling 4×6 two-way speakers is the Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 2-Way Full Range Speaker.


Infinity Audio is an American-based manufacturer of audio equipment and applications, including loudspeakers, in-wall home speakers, and multichannel surround home theater packages. Infinity products come as factory set audio equipment for most Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, and Chrysler vehicles. Some of Infinity’s loudest car speakers are the Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers and the Infinity REF-64222cfx Coaxial Car Speaker.

JVC Kenwood

JVC Kenwood is a Japanese designer and marketer of car audio equipment, two-way radio communication equipment, and Hi-Fi home and personal audio products. The company markets both Kenwood and JVC products under one parent company. One of its cheap 4×6 speakers is the Kenwood KFC-4675C Two Way Speaker System.

Polk Audio

From its headquarters in San Diego, Calif., Polk Audio makes some of the best home and automobile speakers. The company also makes amplifiers and FM tuners and is famous for its smart speakers powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. One of its top-rated speakers is the Polk Audio DB461P Coaxial Speakers.

Best 4×6 Speakers Pricing

  • Under $50: Budget this much for either a coaxial or component speaker that can be mounted on a car’s door. Most speakers here don’t have a great low-frequency response and are, therefore, not great for bass. However, most do deliver great mid-range frequencies. Also, most don’t come with a grille.
  • Above $50: This is the price range for high-end speakers that have a higher frequency range spectrum. Most speakers here have a commendable bass response and are built from durable materials.

Key Features

Frequency Response

Speakers radiate sound in frequency ranges of low to high. Most 4×6 speakers have a frequency range of 50 to 22,000 hertz, meaning they can produce deep bass at 50 hertz and the highest notes at 22,000 hertz. That kind of frequency range is safe for your ears, but the bass response is not that great. However, it’s good enough to give you a great listening experience, even if you don’t have a subwoofer.

Power Handling Capacity

Speakers have a peak power handling capacity denoted by the RMS power and peak power (MAX). RMS power indicates how much power the speaker can handle continuously, and the peak power rating indicates the amount of power the speaker can handle in short bursts. You should match the power level of the speakers to the output of the amplifier to avoid blowing up the speakers. 

Rating of Impedance

The rating of impedance, or ohms number, indicates the speaker’s resistance to current flow. A high ohms rating will allow lesser current to flow, and a low ohms rating allows more current to flow. The ideal rating for 4×6 speakers is 6 ohms. The impedance rating doesn’t affect the quality of sound, but it prevents damage to your speakers.

Other Considerations

  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity describes how well the speakers convert electrical power from the amplifier into clean sound. You should always go for a speaker with a high sensitivity index number, as it indicates that the speaker will give quality sound even at high volumes.
  • Build Quality: Go for speakers with a sturdy build quality if you are an audiophile who likes to play music at high volumes. Your new speakers should be durable enough to last you until you either buy a new car or at least upgrade your stereo system. 
  • Additional Components: Some 4×6 speakers may need to be upgraded with extra components, like woofers and tweeters, to make them sound good. That can be an inconvenience if you don’t have space, and it’s also a pinch to your budget. Go for speakers that hold all the additional hardware in a single unit for convenience.

Best 4×6 Speaker Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best 4×6 Speakers Overall: Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers

Infinity Kappa 4

Infinity Kappa boasts about its patented Plus One+ woofer technology, which extends the cones right to the edge of the basket. That gives the speakers a larger surface area for a clean and sharp high-frequency response. They can handle 60 watts of power on a continuous basis and peak at 180 watts. The speakers also have a high sensitivity rating of 95 decibels.

The speakers are constructed with glass fiber material and are equipped with large soft dome tweeters that improve the midrange frequency response. Each tweeter has a level-control switch that lets you adjust the brightness of the highs to fit your preferences. The bottom line is that these speakers can get really loud while maintaining their clarity. The speakers have a low impedance of 2 ohms and can be powered using your stereo or amplifier. 

You, however, won’t get a deep, punchy bass from these speakers. They are also the most expensive Infinity speakers so far and even pricier than standard two-way speakers. In addition, Infinity does not have the best customer service as an industry leader in car audio equipment when issues arise.

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Best Value 4×6 Speakers: Kenwood KFC-4675C Two Way Speaker System

Kenwood KFC-4675C Two Way Speaker System

The Kenwood KFC-4675C is one of the cheapest two-way speakers systems, with an elegant design and awe-inspiring bass and sound propagation. The speaker is a woofer-and-tweeter combination with a high power handling capacity of 60 watts. It has a sensitivity of 90 decibels and gives a bass that’s as low as 50 hertz.

The speaker is constructed with a flexible, injected-molded polypropylene cone designed to produce a crisp and clean sound. It’s easy to install, highly compatible with most modern vehicle models, and an inexpensive-but-decent improvement over factory speakers. The speakers are typically mounted on a car door but still sound great when installed on the dashboard.

You may not appreciate the volume capabilities of these speakers due to their tiny profile and limited capability to move air. They’re not ideal for large trucks and RVs. Also, the sound gets distorted when the volume is turned up. Moreover, the speakers aren’t long-lasting, and they don’t come with a grille.

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Best 4×6 Speakers Honorable Mention: Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 2-Way Full Range Speaker  

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 2-Way Full Range Speaker

Our honorable mention speaker promises high-quality sound when installed in your car. It has a 25 percent larger surface area than standard 4×6 speakers and is designed to fit into almost any door in most vehicles. In addition, it comes with a 6×8-inch multi-OEM adapter plate that allows the speaker to be installed in almost all OEM openings. It also has a FlexFit basket design to make it easy to make adjustments when mounting it.

The speaker has a sturdy build made of polypropylene injection, butyl rubber, and mineral-filled cone indicators. Such a construction contributes to the speaker’s durability and ability to produce a well-balanced sound. Lastly, the speaker operates at 35 watts RMS and 79 watts MAX.

The drawbacks of this speaker are that its tolerance to low frequencies diminishes over time. You would need to pair it with a subwoofer if you wanted to enjoy frequencies under 65 hertz. The speaker also has a cheap grille that doesn’t offer much protection to the speaker. Also, the speaker doesn’t necessarily fit all vehicles as an OEM replacement. Get the measurements right before you buy them.

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  • The best way to test your 4×6 speakers is to listen to your favorite song. Listen to the musical rhythm, the bass, and vocals, and your ears will tell you whether you have a good enough speaker or not.
  • Always play high-quality music to get the best audio experience from your new speakers. You may not be able to get all the highs and lows from compressed music files, and you shouldn’t blame it on your speakers.
  • Since 4×6 speakers are not built for bass, consider pairing them with a new subwoofer with an amplifier. Install the subwoofer in your trunk so that you can get the lower frequencies from the back, and have your 4×6 speakers deliver the mids and highs from the front.


Q: Do you need an amp for 4×6 speakers?

A: Not necessarily. While some speakers do need an extra amp to power the unit, your factory stereo can power most 4×6 speakers. These speakers are not built for low frequencies, which typically demand a high power output and an extra amp. However, you can get an extra amp that matches the RMS rating of your speakers if you’re worried about your stereo damaging your speakers.

Q: Do I need to break in my new speakers?

A: A speaker’s suspension loosens with time, but that may take longer with some low-quality brands. You would have to play the speakers at half-power over an extended period to get to its optimum sound level. However, that’s not the case with products from most top brands, as you only need to pair the speaker with the right amplifier.

Q: Do I need to replace any wiring when installing aftermarket speakers?

A: Speakers with an RMS rating that’s below 50 watts work fine with factory installed wires. You should, however, consider replacing the wires for speakers with an RMS rating of 50 watts and above. Your factory wires may not be able to handle that power and will burn up with time. Consult your vehicles manual or a car audio expert to find out if your factory wires match the new speakers.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best 4×6 speaker is the Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers. It produces accurate sound with a large frequency spectrum and can be powered by a stereo or amplifier.

Our best budget pick is the Kenwood KFC-4675C Two Way Speaker System. It’s a cheaply priced speaker that produces clean sound and has a high power handling capability.

Which of the speakers in our review did you like most? Let us know what you think in the comments below.