Best 6×8 Speakers: Experience Clear, Quality Sound

Improve your daily drive with the sweet sounds of new 6x8s

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If you’re looking to up your car game music-wise, it’s time to consider replacing your factory car speakers with some new 6x8s. Their dynamic sound quality, better volume control, and overall sleek look make all the difference if you’re a music lover. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. Read on to find out everything you need to know to choose the best 6x8 speakers for your car.

  • Best Overall
    Infinity REF8622CFX 6x8 Speakers
    Some of the best full-range speakers out there, these deliver dynamic sound and look sleek while doing it. A great overall pick suitable for a lot of different needs.
    Edge-driven textile tweeters for lots of detail in your music. Power handling of up to 60 watts RMS ensures compatibility with lots of stereos. Bass blockers are already included.
    Mounting grilles not included. That means you’ll have to use your factory ones, which may clash a little in terms of their look.
  • Best Value
    Rockford R168X2 6x8 Speakers
    A bestseller with a full range of features for an affordable price. If you’re looking for great sound without breaking the bank, these might be the pick for you.
    Two-way speakers with integrated tweeter crossover for great sound. Power handling of up to 55 watts RMS. Silk dome tweeter creates a very refined and warm sound.
    Not the highest-powered speakers out there, which might be a bit disappointing to true audiophiles. Their look is also pretty basic.
  • Honorable Mention
    Pioneer TS-A6880F 6x8 Speakers
    Four-way speakers with high power, these Pioneer speakers deliver a great music listening experience in a pretty package. Great for music lovers who like extra bass.
    Power handling of 80 watts RMS. Lightweight tweeter with a multilayer mica matrix cone for improved bass and frequency range. Sleek black design with silver accents.
    Among the more difficult models to install, so it’s probably not a DIY job unless you’ve got the right skill set.

Benefits of Upgrading Your 6x8 Speakers

  • Better sound quality. A high-quality pair (or quad) of 6x8 speakers makes a huge difference in the overall sound quality you experience in your car. When compared to factory speakers, most good 6x8s fare way better.
  • Improved volume control. With factory car speakers, you never know what you’re going to get. Higher-end cars tend to have pretty good ones already installed, while mid-range cars can use a boost. The overall highs and lows you can achieve are just better with an upgraded speaker set.
  • Higher resale value. If you’re ever planning to sell or trade in your vehicle, upgraded speakers will give the value a big boost. Everyone likes a sweet sound system, and good 6x8s make or break the overall look, feel, and sound of one.
  • More fun on your commute. Are you the type of person who loves to turn the music up high when you’re commuting? If so, you’ll definitely love the better sound quality upgraded 6x8s give you.
  • Sleeker look. Factory speakers tend to look a little boring. You can add pizzazz to your car’s interior with new 6x8s, which come in a wide variety of different styles, colors, and accents.

Top Brands


Founded in 1938, Pioneer has built a global company that continues to be a world leader in electronics. From the company’s Tokyo headquarters, a number of new and innovative products are constantly hitting the market. Some of Pioneer’s bestsellers include the TS-G6845R and the TS-G6820S.

Rockford Fosgate

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Rockford has been making quality audio equipment since 1973. That gives the company over 45 years of experience in designing speakers and other car audio related electronics. Top products from Rockford include the P1683 Punch and the T1682 Power 6x8.

Infinity Harman

As a subsidiary of Samsung, you know you’re getting a quality product from Infinity Harman. The 81 years of success of this Seoul-based company is combined with the innovation of a smaller company, putting superior products on the market. Popular speakers are the REF8622CFX and the KAPPA-86CFX.

6x8 Speaker Pricing

  • Under $50: At this price point, you can find a couple of different budget picks, some of which are vastly better than others. You’ll find that quality varies a lot here, with some speakers being quite good, whereas others will sound tinny or weak. Also keep in mind that a lot of 6x8s are sold as a single unit and not in pairs, which can make the pricing a bit misleading at times.
  • $50-$100: Most speakers in the mid-range tend to be a good pick. They’ll live up to their promises in terms of sound, longevity, and volume, plus the pricing is fair enough so that you can upgrade your whole car. You’ll also start seeing sleeker designs in this category, setting it apart from the blander black-on-black designs found at the budget price point.
  • Over $100: If you want really good 6x8 speakers, this is the price range you’ll want to look at. Here, they’ll have great design, great sound, and great longevity. The price is a little steeper, but the speakers should deliver much more overall for the investment. As a music junkie, you’ll thank us later.

Key Features

Sound Quality

One of the most important aspects of your new speakers is their sound. Sound quality is determined by a number of different factors, some more technical than others. We’ll keep it simple and say that manufacturing and material quality make a huge difference, as well as the R&D behind the technology. The more expensive speakers tend to have better, more balanced sound, with great highs, deep mids, driving bass, and clear vocals. Look for speakers that have these features for best results.


In a perfect world, every pair of speakers would be compatible with every in-car sound system. Unfortunately, the reality is that compatibility can be an issue, especially with lower-priced speakers that aren’t made to the same standards as their higher-priced competitors. That isn’t to say that higher price always equals better quality, but do your homework before purchasing 6x8s to make sure they work with your audio system.

Ease of Installation

If you’ve got basic electrician skills, the right tools, and a couple of hours of free time, you can definitely install your own 6x8s. Just keep in mind that some speakers are easier to install than others, which is where a lot of models can and do differ. The ease of installation depends on a couple of factors, with the most important being the included installation guide, the quality and number of pre-drilled holes, and the outer fitting of the speaker.

Other Considerations

  • Aesthetics: This is one point that speakers differ a lot on. A good chunk of speakers on the market feature a simple black-on-black design that matches the interior of a wide range of cars. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a bit more pop, some speakers also feature color variations and sleek accents for a cooler look.
  • Build Quality: The quality of the components and of the manufacturing itself makes a huge difference in how the speaker will look, sound, and feel in your car. Good-quality components equal better user experience.
  • Power Handling: A point that goes hand-in-hand with sound quality, some speakers are able to deliver a lot more power than others. Look for speakers with a higher RMS power rating, which will show you how much power the speaker can handle continuously. Peak power handling is less important for overall performance.
  • Max Volume: If you’re someone who loves cranking the music up high while driving, you’ll need to keep this point in mind. All speakers don’t have the same maximum volume.
  • Sensitivity: A measure of the amount of sound a speaker will emit from the given power, speakers with higher sensitivity are more efficient. If you’ve got a high-powered system, however, you’ll want a lower sensitivity rating for the best results.

Best 6x8 Speaker Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best 6x8 Speakers Overall: Infinity REF8622CFX 6x8 Speakers

Infinity REF8622CFX 6x8 Speakers

Edge-driven textile tweeters in these two-way speakers bring out all the details in your music without harshness. A polypropylene woofer cone with a hi-roll butyl rubber surround delivers a strong performance, packing plenty of punch and accentuating music highs. Since they handle up to 60 watts RMS, these speakers will work with virtually all car stereos, both factory, and aftermarket. Their exceptional sound quality, near-universal compatibility, and sleek build make these Infinity speakers our top pick.

Speaking of the design, these beat out the competition in terms of aesthetics, delivering an expensive, high-quality look without breaking the bank. A sleek, black design with copper accents and lacing on the cone give these speakers a great look that will add to the interior of your car. They also come with bass blockers, so you won’t have to purchase those separately if you’re so inclined to use them.

The only downside we found is that these don’t come with speaker-specific mounting grilles, so you’ll have to use what’s already in your car. This isn’t so much of a problem in terms of functionality, but it could lead to a clashing interior look. It might be worth checking out aftermarket mounts to match the design of these speakers if you’re going for a specific aesthetic in your car.

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Best Value 6x8 Speakers: Rockford R168X2 6x8 Speakers

Rockford R168X2 6x8 Speakers

A bestseller time and time again, these Rockford speakers come with a range of features at a lower cost than a lot of competing brands and models. These are two-way speakers with an integrated super-tweeter crossover and a power handling RMS of 55 watts. The dome tweeter itself is made from silk, which offers a very refined, rich, and mellow sound, making it especially great for jazzier songs.

Mounting depth of 2.54 inches ensures a fit with a wide range of vehicles, and the included mounting kit makes the job of installing the speakers as easy as possible. They work with a large number of factory sound systems, so you don’t have to break the bank upgrading everything. Make sure to properly adjust the sound settings on your head unit to ensure the best music experience possible. In terms of aesthetics, they’re pretty simple, with a clean black-on-black look and an embossed logo.

If you’re looking for something flashy and super high-powered, then this isn’t the pick for you. But if you want good quality sound at a really affordable price, then these Rockford speakers should do the trick. Keep in mind that, although they do fit a wide range of vehicles, the fit isn’t universal, so the installation can be a bit tricky.

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Best 6x8 Speakers Honorable Mention: Pioneer TS-A6880F 6x8 Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6880F 6x8 Speakers

These four-way coaxial speakers have a peak handling power of 350 watts per pair and an RMS of 80, making them a pretty solid choice. High sensitivity of 88 decibels and a frequency response of 34-34,000 hertz round out the technical specs of this pair. They are lightweight speakers with multilayer mica-matrix cones that offer improved bass and dynamic range. That means that a wide variety of popular music will sound great on these speakers, including bass-heavy hip-hop and dubstep.

The overall design of these speakers is sleek, with black coloring and silver accents. They’re also water-resistant, which is a great feature if you’ve got kids that might accidentally spill something on them. The good news is these will work well with most factory sound systems, so you won’t have to replace everything to get that high-quality sound you’re seeking. In terms of their overall quality, these are built well from quality materials, so you know they’ll hold up over time.

These are a great choice if you’re looking for something that offers a dynamic sound range and versatile music playback. That being said, we’ve seen some problems with the installation and mounting on a couple of different makes and models. These might not be the speakers to try a DIY install on, so take them to a professional for the best results.

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  • New 6x8 speakers will sound best with a high-quality sound system. If you’ve got an older car, you’ll want to upgrade the in-dash radio to something that drives more power. If you’re really looking to get fancy, you can overhaul the entire speaker system, subwoofers included.
  • Smart adjustments make all the difference. For example, if you want more bass, don’t just turn up the bass setting. Instead, try turning down the mid tones and the treble, then crank the overall volume up. That should improve the bass response.
  • Keep in mind that the file format of your music also affects the overall sound of the speakers. If you’ve got those ultra-compressed MP3s playing, the sound quality will be worse than if you’re using FLAC.
  • If you’re like many and love plugging in your phone for easy streaming access, consider adjusting the sound settings on your phone too. Go to your sound setting and mess around with the EQ to see what sounds best.
  • To take your in-car music experience to the next level, consider adding sound-deadening mats to strategic parts of your car. They’ll help cancel out the noise from the road, creating a much better music playing environment.


Q: Do car speakers need to be “broken in?”

A: The short answer is no. Although it’s a common misconception that car speakers need time to break in to properly work, the reality is that you don’t need to play the speakers at any specific volume for a specified amount of time. Just use them as you see fit and play them at low or high volumes to suit your tastes.

Q: Is it really worth replacing my factory speakers?

A: Definitely. With new 6x8s, you’ll find that music sounds crisper and more dynamic, mimicking the way it sounded when it was recorded. That’s a definite bonus for music lovers but can make the overall car music experience better for everyone.

Q: What’s a tweeter and how does the type my speaker has to make a difference?

A: A tweeter is an important component of a speaker that produces the highest range of frequencies. They’re critical for accurately reproducing sounds, and the type of material does make a difference in how good your speakers reproduce those tones. Paper tweeters are the most responsive, whereas composites are more durable.

Q: My new speakers don’t sound as good as I expected. What’s wrong?

A: There are a couple of things you could check and tweak to make them sound better. Most importantly, check that you’re feeding the speaker enough power. In some cases, factory sound systems don’t handle component speakers all that well, so you might have to tweak a few things. Also check the crossover setting to adjust the sound quality.

Q: Can I install 6x8s by myself?

A: In most cases, it’s a doable job. Basic electrician skills help, plus an extra hand or two. You’ll want to make sure that you correctly wire and mount everything, otherwise, you’ll have a bit of a mess on your hands. If you’re not 100 percent confident you can DIY your speaker install, then it’s a good idea to take it to a professional to have it done correctly.

Q: Is it ok to use my factory grilles for installation?

A: You can definitely use them. Just keep in mind that your new speakers probably come with a set of grilles designed to work with those speakers, which will always give you the best quality sound (in many cases, they’ll also look a lot sleeker than your factory grilles).

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best 6x8 speakers is the Infinity REF8622CFX 6x8 Speakers. They deliver a great, dynamic sound quality that is among the best out there.

If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, give the Rockford R168X2 6x8 Speakers a gander. With a full range of features, they stack up quite well.

What are your thoughts on 6x8 speakers? Have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!