Best Car Vinyl Wraps: Wrap Your Car in Style

Upgrade your ride with a custom vinyl wrap for the inside and out

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PUBLISHED ON February 4, 2020

Not happy with the appearance of your car? You can change the look of your vehicle with a vinyl car wrap and a few hours’ worth of work. All you need is a high-quality car wrap vinyl. You carefully wrap the parts you want to change, or you can opt to wrap your entire car. It’s important to choose a high-quality wrap so that the vinyl will last. We’ve found three that are sure to please and will leave your car looking great.

  • Best Overall
    3M Carbon Fibre Black Vinyl Wrap

    This long-lasting film is removable for a custom look that you can change. The kit comes with the vinyl and an installation toolkit that includes a squeegee, detailer squeegee, and felt squeegee edgers. The vinyl is black and features a carbon fiber pattern. 


    The adhesive is pressure-activated, so you can lay the vinyl on your car and adjust it for a perfect application. It also has acrylic-based air release channels for a bubble-free finish. 

    Sometimes the sheets are too short, so you need to measure carefully. You may also find it challenging to get the adhesive to fully stick.
  • Best Value
    VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber Car Wrap Vinyl
    This black carbon fiber printed vinyl is 3.9 mm thick. You can order a wide range of sizes so you only purchase what you need. It has built-in air-release, resist, and heat fuse technologies. 


    This vinyl is repositionable, so it’s OK if you mess it up the first time. This vinyl has a textured feel to give it a more realistic finish. 


    You’ll need to purchase additional products if you want a professional-looking installation. While they aren’t required, primer and edge sealer will improve adhesion. The air release feature doesn’t always work well and you risk creating creases when removing the bubbles. 

  • Honorable Mention
    VINYL FROG Matte Metallic Chameleon Car Vinyl

    Wrap your car in a chameleon blue and purple wrap. You have the option of a glossy or matte finish. There are several size options to choose from. The PVC material is treated to ensure the color lasts 3-5 years indoors or 1-7 years outdoors. 

    Micro air channels make it easy to remove any air bubbles. This wrap is also highly flexible, making it easier to install.

    You’ll need a heat gun to install this vinyl. Otherwise, you won’t get it warm enough to have it get supple and conform to curves and edges. It also doesn’t actually have a true chameleon effect; it’s more of a metallic blue look with hints of purple in just the right light. 

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  • Take the time to measure the surface area that you want to cover. This will ensure you buy the right square footage. It’s also smart to add 20 percent to your total measurement. This will ensure you have enough to completely cover everything in a single perfect sheet. 
  • Pay attention to the thickness of the vinyl. Thicker vinyl may be sturdier and more durable, but it is also stiffer and harder to work with. You can heat the vinyl to soften and stretch it. However, if you stretch it too thin, you compromise its integrity. 
  • Look for vinyl that has a UV rating. Since you plan to put it on or in your car, it will fade quickly without some sort of protection from the sun’s UV rays. Even with the UV protection, it’s best to keep your car out of the sun as much as possible. 


Q: What can I wrap with vinyl? 

A: You can wrap almost anything you want. All you need is a clean flat surface. Avoid wrapping parts that get very hot, such as the engine and exhaust. You can wrap the entire exterior of the car and several of the interior pieces. Many people choose to wrap the trim pieces in their dash for a custom look. 

Q: Is this a DIY project?

A: Wrapping your car can be a complicated and time-intensive project. However, it’s a project you can do yourself. Look for a repositionable wrap to make the installation process easier. You also want to plan on having patience to remove all of the air bubbles for a smooth finish. It’s also best to have someone help you when you’re wrapping large car body parts. 

Q: How do I prep my car for wrapping?

A: You need to thoroughly clean the surface of your car. You could wash the car yourself or take it to a professional cleaner. Be sure to not apply any wax after washing, as this will hinder the vinyl’s adherence. Pay attention to areas where you have pits or chips in your paint. These will become amplified when wrapped. Before you apply the wrap, you can wipe down your surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove all residue. 

Final Thoughts

Choose the 3M Carbon Fibre Black Vinyl Wrap for a high-quality wrap that’s durable and beautiful. 

The VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber Car Wrap Vinyl is a nice-looking and affordable alternative.