The Best Car Shampoos: Protect Your Paint and Boost the Shine

Ensure your vehicle is its cleanest with car shampoo

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BY Norah Tarichia / LAST UPDATED ON November 6, 2020

You might not think too hard about the items you’re using to wash your car. But the product you use can make as much of a difference as the shampoo you use on your hair. After all, isn’t the product you’re shampooing with as important as how you wash? When it comes to your vehicle, you want to ensure you’re using a cleaning solution that not only gets your vehicle clean but also protects its paint job and delivers on its promises.

A car shampoo—just like any other shampoo—needs to be properly formulated and balanced to be gentle on your vehicle’s exterior. And your cleaning product shouldn’t cause scratches or leave behind new problems. A good car shampoo should be gentle enough to use regularly, cleansing enough to leave no residue, and safe enough for the paint, whether you’re washing a large SUV or a small passenger car. Check out the best car shampoos available.

Best Overall
Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo

This shampoo works to remove dirt and grime on the vehicle's body. It foams when mixed with water and doesn’t strip the car of its waxes and sealant coats.

  • Can be used in direct sunlight without spotting or staining the car’s body
  • Rinses clean with no residue
  • Safe on almost all automotive exterior parts, including trim and rubber
  • Might spot or leave a residue when rinsed with a pressure washer
  • Might stain chrome trim
  • Doesn't give the best shine on windows
Best Overall
Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo
Best Value
Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam Car Wash

This shampoo has a bubble gum fragrance and is pH balanced to prevent streaks. It won't strip away wax or sealants.

  • Comes in a large 48-ounce container, so it will last a while
  • It's designed to be used with a mitt and bucket or with a foam cannon
  • It smells nice and is affordable
  • It dries quickly in hotter climates,
  • May not include the wash mitt like the description indicates
Best Value
Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam Car Wash
Honorable Mention
Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

This shampoo cleans and conditions your vehicle with just one wash. It comes in a one-gallon bottle, and an ounce can be diluted with a gallon of water.

  • Won’t strip wax or any other coatings 
  • Effectively removes dirt and gives your paint a radiant look
  • Lubricates the surface to help keep dirt and debris at bay
  • Eco-friendly
  • Might leave a residue when used in a pressure washer
  • Leaves spot marks when used under direct sunlight
Honorable Mention
Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash
The Best Car Shampoo

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Benefits of Car Shampoos

  • Remove dirt and contaminants. Road grime, dust, salt, bug stains, and bird droppings are just a few of the contaminants that pile on your vehicle after driving. Most car shampoos are designed to lift the contaminants that are stuck on your paintwork without damaging it. 
  • Better than ordinary cleaners. Dish soap and laundry detergents can help remove dirt, but most can bleach or stain the paintwork. Car shampoo is more aggressive at removing contaminants from your vehicle than regular home detergents, but won’t damage the paintwork. Instead, most will leave a protective barrier so that contaminants don't stick on the paint. 
  • Enhance aesthetics. A dirty vehicle can be quite unsightly. Washing your vehicle with car shampoo is the best way to get rid of the stains, and it will make your paintwork look more radiant.
  • Gently clean your vehicle. Washing a car with shampoo is simple and can be a fun exercise if you have the time to give it a thorough wash. You will take better care of your paintwork and can focus on the stained areas. Taking it through an automated car wash is fast, but you may end up with spots or streaks on your vehicle from the spinning brushes. 

Types of Car Shampoos


As the name suggests, waterless or dry wash shampoos don’t have to be rinsed after you use them to wash your vehicle. Some waterless shampoos need to be mixed with only a little water to get the job done. Dry wash needs to be sprayed on the vehicle’s surface to dissolve or loosen dirt particles and is then wiped off with a towel. It helps save water and is an eco-friendly option if you don’t want to wash harsh chemicals down the drain. 


Most car shampoos on the market are concentrated formulas that need to be mixed with water before you can use them. They typically come with instructions on how you need to dilute the solution. You can prepare it in a bucket, and wash your vehicle directly with a foam pad, or load it into a pressure washer or foam gun. You have to rinse away the solution after a few minutes so that the shampoo doesn’t leave behind a residue. 

Top Brands

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys was founded in 1968 and specializes in producing a broad line of car cleaning and detailing products. From its base in California, Chemical Guys has come up with innovative products, including car polishes, trim restorers, ceramic waxes, and car washes. If you are looking for a car shampoo that's safe on almost all your vehicle's exterior surfaces, try out the Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo.


Mothers is a California-based manufacturer of waxes, polishes, ceramic coatings, and car cleaners. It has more than 100 products tailored for car care and detailing projects, aiming to bring out the best look out of almost any vehicle. If you are looking for an eco-friendly shampoo that will make your car look as good as new, check out Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax.


Rain-X has more than 40 years of experience in making car care products and aftermarket automotive replacement parts. It’s based in Texas, and most of its products are produced under the Ecolab Vehicle Care Division. The Rain-X Wash and Wax and the Rain-X Spot Free Car are some of its best-rated car cleaners. 

Turtle Wax 

Turtle Wax is a multinational manufacturer of automotive cleaning and polishing products headquartered in Illinois. The company was founded by Benjamin Hirsch in 1941, and its products are sold in over 90 countries. For an effective car shampoo, check out the Turtle Wax Carnauba Wash & Wax.

Car Shampoo Pricing

  • Under $20: Car shampoos are mostly priced according to the bottle’s size, so expect to find mostly 16 to 32 ounces shampoos within this price range. You can get both concentrated and waterless shampoos that even have waxing agents in the formulation. 
  • $20 and up: This higher price range is mostly for one-gallon bottles and complete car wash kits. You can also find high-quality cleaners that add a super-slick shine to your vehicle and offer long-lasting protection. 

Key Features


Check the ingredients used to make the shampoo to ensure that they won’t damage your paintwork or any other exterior parts of your vehicle. Also, you can buy a standalone shampoo or a wash-and-wax. The benefit of using the latter is that wax will form a protective film that adds extra shine to the paintwork. Also, wax makes water beads run off quickly, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time rinsing it. 

pH Level

pH is the measure of a solution’s level of acidity or alkalinity. You want to go for a pH-neutral or pH-balanced cleaner, meaning that it’s slightly alkaline and not too acidic. You run the risk of damaging your paintwork or irritating your hands if you get a product that falls at either extreme. Most manufacturers will indicate if it's a pH-neutral formula on the bottle, so finding the right cleaner will be easy with that respect. 

Other Considerations

  • Protection Level. On top of cleaning your vehicle, ensure that the cleaner can offer prolonged protection from dirt, water spots, and other contaminants that make your paintwork look unappealing. You can get this by choosing a shampoo that forms a thin barrier against contaminants so that they can slide off or can be easily wiped away with a wet cloth. 
  • Container Design. If you are going for a waterless shampoo, ensure that it comes in a spray bottle for easy application. If you choose a concentrated shampoo, ensure that you are comfortable with the bottle’s design; it should allow you to easily tilt it into a measuring cup.
  • Scent. The last thing you want is a strong smell that lingers on your vehicle for weeks. Therefore, choose a cleaner with a smell that you like. The shampoos on the market have different scents such as citrus, lemon, or cherries.

Best Car Shampoo Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall 
Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo

This car shampoo from Chemical Guys is our top all-around pick. Mr. Pink foaming car wash is specially formulated by a company that uses advanced technology to help both expert detailers and car enthusiasts make their cars shine and glisten. Featuring a pH-neutral formula that delivers a gentle wash, this car shampoo is safe to use every week for regular maintenance. 

However, that doesn’t mean it’s too soft—this car shampoo can remove grime, build-up, and dirt with its premium super polymers inside the soapy bubbles. It’s also incredibly slick, which ensures you’ll enjoy a scratch-free washing experience and keep your car in its best possible shape. Though it doesn’t give your windows a brilliant shine, this shampoo rinses clean and rarely leaves a residue behind.

Best Value
Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam Car Wash

The Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam Car Wash comes in a 48-ounce container, so there is plenty of shampoo to last through multiple cleanings. It features a pleasant bubble gum-scented fragrance and is designed to clean and preserve your vehicle's finish. The formula is pH balanced, so it won't strip away wax and sealants and will provide a streak-free look.

The shampoo uses hybrid technology with foam conditioners and detergents. You can apply the cleanser by hand with the included premium wash mitt or use a foam cannon sprayer. Users report that it provides a lot of thick foam when using it with a foam cannon, and it also mixes well with water in a bucket. It smells good and is a great value overall. However, it can dry quickly in hotter climates, and it may not include the wash mitt as promised in the description.

Best Conditioning
Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

If you’re looking for a car shampoo that’ll also condition while it washes, you need Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash. In just one single and efficient step you can both clean and condition the exterior of your vehicle. Because it’s specially formulated, this shampoo won’t strip away wax protection. This car shampoo is made with ultra-rich conditioners that help your car’s paint look vibrant.

As it foams, it gets rid of tough dirt and grime from the road and any contaminants you might’ve picked up along the way. Though it’s effective, it’s a gentle formula so you can safely clean debris without any damage. It may not give the best results when used with a pressure washer, but you can apply it either via the traditional bucket method or with a foam cannon. Your car will really shine once this no-residue premium formula is rinsed away.

Best with Wax
Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax

Waxing your car usually requires an additional step after washing. However, Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax helps you combine the two steps. While it won’t completely eliminate your need to wax your vehicle, it can help you stay on top of maintenance in an efficient, easy way. This car shampoo cleans your car, shines its surface, and protects paint while it works.

Its unique formula easily dissolves even the most stubborn road grime and dirt. And each time it’s applied, this shampoo will boost the existing wax on your car. When you wash with this car shampoo, you’ll discover that it’s powerful, extra sudsy, and pH balanced for a well-rounded wash. It’s also biodegradable. Once your car is soaped and rinsed, you won’t have to worry about spots or streaks—it leaves behind only a spot-free shiny finish.

Honorable Mention
Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

If you’re looking for a foamy car shampoo, give Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo a try. This sudsy, soapy formula is pH neutral and ideal for washing your car every week. It’s created with a state-of-the-art chemical technology that allows you to wash your car in full sunlight—an unusual perk. With a mixture of advanced cleaners and polymers, the shampoo turns into a rich, thick foam when mixed with water. 

This shampoo will also suspend all harmful mineral content in your water, so you don’t have to worry if you’re washing with hard water. This car shampoo is slick and lubricating for the exterior of your car, lifts dirt away from the surface safely, and won’t damage your car’s clear coat. Though it’s a bit expensive, it’s safe to use on all of your vehicle’s surfaces, including rubber, vinyl, windows, and even plastic.

Honorable Mention
Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate

Featuring a combination of mild surfactants and pH-balanced cleaners, the Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate is something you want in your corner if you’re going to preserve the wax or polish on your vehicle. Surfactants help to loosen dirt particles so that they can be easily rinsed off. 

The formula produces plenty of foam when diluted in water and doesn’t streak the surface when rinsed off.  What’s more, the cleaner is designed to encourage sheeting of water particles so that they can roll away faster. This means that you won’t spend a lot of time drying it. The cleaner also contains lubricants and suds that help to protect your paint from scratching or chipping as you wash it. It may leave your hands dry, but you will have a clean and shiny vehicle in the end.

Honorable Mention
Rain-X Wash and Wax

This car wash and wax from Rain-X is a concentrated formula that turns into deep cleaning foam when diluted with water. The foam works by loosening and dissolving dirt and road grime. Since it’s a pH-balanced and biodegradable formula, it won’t damage the paint or any other exterior parts of your vehicle. You can prepare it in a bucket or use it with a foam gun. 

It also contains soft gel carnauba wax beads that leave a thin layer on the paintwork to protect it from the elements and harsh environmental conditions. However, it may stain your vehicle when used in direct sunlight, so you should use it in a cool environment instead to give your vehicle a radiant look.

Honorable Mention
Griot’s Garage Car Wash

If you have never used car shampoo, consider using Griot’s Garage Car Wash as your starter product. It comes as a concentrated solution that’s rich in slippery suds, which improves the lubricity of the cleaner so that it can safely lift dirt and road grime from the vehicle’s surface.

In addition, it provides excellent value for the money since you only need to dilute one ounce in a gallon of water. This means that you can use a one-gallon battle for months. It turns foamy when agitated in water so that it can better clean the surface. Aside from that, it’s a pH-balanced formula that won’t strip off existing waxes or sealants on your paintwork. While it doesn’t leave a protective coat like most car shampoos, it does leave your vehicle with a streak-free shine.

Honorable Mention
Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash and Wax

The Extreme Bodywash is another powerful cleaner from Chemical Guys that helps bring out the best from your paint. It’s an ultra-concentrated shampoo featuring a synthetic wax formula that helps to protect your vehicle’s paintwork and adds extra gloss to it. One ounce mixes with five gallons of water and can help remove dirt, road grime, and brake dust once rinsed with clean water. It also leaves a thin coat that forms a barrier against dirt, dust, and rainwater. 

Not only is it good for the paintwork, but you can also use it to wash your wheels, undercarriage, and plastic parts. It's also a pH-balanced formula that won't stain or spot your vehicle if mixed in the recommended portions and can be safely used in direct sunlight. It might leave a residue on windows, but it will give your vehicle a sleek finish.

Honorable Mention
Armor All Car Wash

Armor All offers a versatile cleaner that can be used on cars, motorcycles, boats, and trucks. It’s a concentrated shampoo that helps lift dirt, bug stains, tar, and road grime from the vehicle’s surface without stripping the existing wax. 

One ounce of this cleaner mixes with one gallon of water and needs to be rubbed in with a sponge to loosen the dirt. The diluted mixture can be used on almost all automotive finishes, including clear and chrome coats. It doesn’t leave behind a residue even when allowed to soak in for a bit, and the surface will be almost spotless when it’s rinsed off with clean water. 

However, it may stain the surface or leave spots when applied in direct sunlight, but offers a streak-free clean when applied on a cool vehicle.


  • Before using the shampoo, start by rinsing your car thoroughly to remove loose debris that can scratch your car when you begin using a washing mitt. Wash your car from top to bottom, and clean the wheels last. 
  • Even if your shampoo contains wax, it’s best to wax it with dedicated car wax for better protection from the elements. Car wax can prevent damages to the paintwork caused by exposure to direct sunlight or acid rain. 
  • If you are looking to save money, use a concentrated shampoo that requires only a little solution to be added to a large amount of water. Using waterless shampoos means that you will spend more money in the long run since you have to replace them faster. 
  • Wash your vehicle as frequently as possible to prolong the paintwork. Also, clean bird droppings as soon as you can so that it doesn’t stick to the paint. 


Q. What is the best shampoo for cars?

A: Getting the best shampoo depends on what you are looking for in a cleaner, but any one of the car shampoos on our review could work for you. However, Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo stood out for us as a gentle yet effective cleaner. 

Q. What can I use instead of car shampoo?

A: We don’t recommend using conventional home detergents to wash your car since most feature grease-removing ingredients that can damage your paintwork. Car shampoo is the safest way to clean your vehicle. 

Q. How much is the most expensive car shampoo?

A: Expensive shampoos are usually priced between $20 to $50, and that’s because they come as car wash kits or large 1-gallon bottles. It’s possible to get the same product for a more affordable price but in a smaller size of up to 32 ounces. 

Q. How can I use car shampoo?

A: If it’s a concentrated shampoo, you need to dilute it in a bucket of water and use a car washing tool such as a wash mitt to scrub off dirt particles. Then you have to rinse the solution with clean water thoroughly. Waterless shampoos only need to be sprayed on the surface and wiped off. 

Final Thoughts

We chose Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo as the best car shampoo because it’s safe for all exterior and interior parts of your vehicle. It’s also a great car shampoo for weekly car maintenance. The Turtle Wax ICE Snow Foam Car Wash is worth considering if you are looking for an affordable car shampoo that can last through several car washes.