Best Electronic Hearing Protection: Hear Clearly and Don’t Damage Your Ears

Prevent blowing out your hearing with these electronic headphones

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Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector

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Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff

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Walker’s Game Ear Alpha 360 Quad

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If you’re on active duty, go to the shooting range, perform in rifle or pistol shooting competitions, or work in construction, you need hearing protection. Guns are loud and can damage your ears and lead to hearing loss if used without ear protection or headphones. The same is true for construction equipment like nail guns and chainsaws. To save your ears some trouble, we put together a list of the best electronic hearing protection on the market.

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Best Electronic Hearing Protection: Reviews & Recommendations


  • Many electronic earmuffs or headphones come with the ability to play music through a built-in audio jack or audio input. They may also be able to stream through Bluetooth. This can help reduce loud noises even more.
  • Consider headphones that are brightly colored or stand out so you are more visible. This is preferable at construction sites. Camouflaged headphones are more useful for hunters or members of the military on active duty.
  • If you shoot guns for competition or indoors, choose headphones with slim or beveled ear cups to minimize interference with the weapons.
  • If you have sensitive ears, you can find headphones with independent volume control on each ear. This way you can control the noise levels on each side.
  • To help prevent hearing damage, you can also double up on protection by using foam earplugs underneath the headphones. Foam plugs are small, lightweight and fit directly into your ear canal.
  • Consider wearing a pair of safety glasses as well to protect your eyes. The rims should fit comfortably underneath the headphones without hurting your ears.


Q: Why are premium electronic earmuffs so expensive?

A: Electronic earmuffs feature enhanced technology that automatically adjusts volume levels that reach your ears. They are also a bit bulkier and heavier than passive muffs. Naturally, this makes them significantly more expensive—in the range of $100 to $300, compared with $10 to $50 for passive earmuffs. They also come with either rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries to power them.

Q: What is the purpose of electronic hearing protection?

A: Electronic ear protection headsets can be used for a variety of things but are especially useful for hunters or members of the military. You may also need them if you compete in shooting sports or go to the shooting range. Contractors and construction workers can use them if they operate heavy machinery. They protect your ears from being blown out by loud noises by reducing and muffling the sound.

Q: How does electronic hearing protection work?

A: Like passive earmuffs, they reduce the amount of noise that reaches your eardrums. Where they differ is in how they function. Electronic muffs include technology that instantly lowers loud noises around you. This can reduce the sound of a gunshot or machinery so that it doesn’t blow out your ear. They also increase ambient sounds, so you can talk and hear people around you without taking them off.

Q: Is electronic hearing protection safe?

A: Make sure you get an NRR rating high enough to provide the protection you need. Small caliber weapons call for a minimum NRR 20. For shooting ear protection, larger bore hand and long guns call for NRR 25 or better. For large caliber and magnum handguns, long guns, and shotguns, the highest rating you can get (NRR 33) is appropriate. You can also double up on protection by wearing earplugs under your electronic earmuffs.