What’s That You Say? Hearing Protection’s On Sale For Prime Day?

Now it’s easier than ever to protect this crucial sense.

byPeter Nelson|
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That's right: *Clears throat* hearing protection's on sale! Right now! And it won't last long! Hearing is a critical sense that those of us who are blessed to possess it ought to do our best to maintain. Life's just easier. Don't be like yours truly: I've attended many motorsports events, punk shows, and firecracker-filled Fourth of Julys without adequate hearing protection, and I'm definitely paying for it in my near-middle age.

Thankfully, low cost of entry makes protecting your hearing easier than ever. You can stock the heck up on earplugs or even invest in a normally-very-spendy set of earmuffs for the shooting range. But the sale won't last long so act fast.

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