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Drink Whatever You Want With LifeStraw’s Prime Day Deal

Maybe not whatever you want, but you get the point.
LifeStraw Prime Day Deal

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You ever get the urge to drink out of a random puddle? Yeah. Me too. The only problem is that we we’re told’ve been warned not to do that because you never know what’s lurking just beneath the surface. It’s just not worth the risk. Thankfully, LifeStraw has given us the solution we need to slurp from the forbidden oasis, just waiting to quench our thirst. 

All joking aside, a LifeStraw is a great device that you should keep in your bag whenever you go hiking and a few around the house, just in case. And with Prime Day bringing the price down to just $11.99 a pop, there’s no better time than now to stock up.

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