Be Someone’s Hero With One of These Winches on Sale at Amazon

Pull yourself up by your own tow straps

byPeter Nelson|
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There are fewer forms of off-road gear that expand one's capability on the trail more than a good winch. But the thing is, and as the ol' saying goes, you usually end up winching other people out more than yourself. Which is cool too; who doesn't enjoy being a hero? Amazon's got a lot of fine, quality-made winches on sale for Prime Day, so now's the time to add one to your cart and not only cover your rear-end (er, actually front-end when you think about it) but your fellow offroaders', too.

A quality winch will motivate you to hit the trails more, too. Who knows, maybe you'll achieve legend status at your favorite haunt for helping so many folks out that the locals will start referring to you as the Wicked Winch of the West. Could be the West Coast, West of the Mississippi, or West of the Atlantic Ocean—who cares—it'd be a fun nickname to claim.

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