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Treat Yourself or a Loved One This Father’s Day With RhinoUSA’s Killer Gear

Rhino USA is like a toy shop for adventurous gearheads.
Robert Bacon

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You’ve got less than a week to choose the perfect Father’s Day gift. Thankfully, RhinoUSA has everything the father in your life could want, and it’s all on sale, that’s sure to appeal to any gearhead, particularly those who like to get adventurous off-road. Whether it’s overlanding, camping, trail riding, mountain biking, or just making sure you’re prepared for a puncture, there’s something at RhinoUSA for you.

RhinoUSA is one of our favorites, and managing editor Jonathon Klein swears by both the tire repair kit that helped him along a last-minute 1,000-mile road trip, as well as the shovel which is now in his Can-Am. And the Murrieta, California-based company has everything, including tie-downs, recovery ropes, drop-hitches, the aforementioned tire repair kits and recovery shovels, and more that’d be perfect this Father’s Day. Don’t believe us, just take a look at some of the highlighted items below that’d make excellent gifts this weekend.

Whether it’s a project car, UTV, ATV, or dirt bike, this Vehicle Ratchet Tie-Down Kit will keep it in place. This product offers the biggest saving of the day, as you’ll keep $72.55 in your back pocket.

Kinetic recovery rope is far superior to tow straps in terms of vehicle recovery. So when you have the chance to save $30.73 on 20 feet of it, you take it.

The Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit is the best tire repair kit on the market, bar none. So the fact that you can save $10 and get it for $29.90 makes it a no-brainer purchase.

If those don’t strike your fancy, here’s a host more of our favorite items. All of which are also on sale. Your fathers would approve you saving money on them.

You can save an additional 15% off some products by using this code: FATHERSDAY23. I’ve applied this discount to any applicable products on the list above, but you’ll need to manually enter it before checkout. There’s free shipping on orders over $50, which shouldn’t be hard to achieve considering the quality of the deals on offer.

Happy hunting and happy Father’s Day!