Get Yourself Out of Sticky Situations With Rhino USA’s Custom Recovery Kits

Because nobody feels good about buying what they didn’t need when they’re deep in a rut.
Rhino USA Kits
Rhino USA

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You’re going to get stuck off-roading. Suck it up and just admit it. The sooner you do, the easier it’s going to be for you to get unstuck because you’ll have invested in the right gear. Well, at least let’s hope that you do. Otherwise, you run the risk of crappy recovery equipment failing while you’re counting on it, making for a potentially far worse situation than you started with. 

Well, the family-owned and operated Rhino USA Superior Powersports Accessories is making it easier now more than ever with its deal on custom recovery kits. 

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Rhino USA just announced its Build Your Own Kit program. The deal is that customers can pick three or more items to build a recovery kit to their demands/wants. Shovels (which is now in managing editor Jonathon Klein’s Can-Am after a lovely adventure into many feet of snow), straps, kinetic recovery ropes, D-rings, you name it, Rhino USA’s got it. To make a long story short, you’re able to build a kit that’s actually useful to you and won’t need to replace or pay for anything you don’t need. Oh, and when you build your own kit, you get 15% off.

The company also builds its recovery equipment to last, as the folks over there know how important it is that this kind of gear is made the right way. Neither is it outsourced to some no-name manufacturer overseas but is instead made right here in the USA. It also lab tests its recovery gear to make sure it’ll do the job you need it to and is proud to stand behind its product with a lifetime warranty. 

So are you jumping on this? Do you have your own method of putting together the perfect off-road recovery kit? Be sure to let us know how you put yours together and what’s inside in the comments below.