Welcome Boost Season With The Drive and Blipshift’s ‘Stay in Spool’ Gear

What good is a turbo if it’s not spinnin’?

byCaleb Jacobs|
Welcome Boost Season With <em>The Drive</em> and Blipshift&#8217;s &#8216;Stay in Spool&#8217; Gear


In high school, I drove a Mk4 Volkswagen GTI. It had the 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder with a Forge diverter valve, which made a whooshing noise every time you let off the throttle. It was great fun for 17-year-old Caleb, who was all about forced induction and the endless possibilities of German car tuning. If Blipshift had this gear in its store way back when, I definitely would've bought some—or asked my mom to order it for me.

"Stay in Spool" is The Drive's latest collab with Blipshift, purveyor of car enthusiast apparel galore. It shares a message that's important for anyone who wants to go fast, as a turbo's no good if it's not spinning way up and making more boost. For some, that means single-digit psi; for those that like to go real fast, it might mean triple digits. Either way, we don't judge.


The fitted tee costs just $20 plus $3.80 for shipping, which is pretty fair if you ask me. Pricing varies a little when you move on to items like the heavy-duty tee, premium tri-blend, or the hoodie, but you'll be getting a limited-run design that lets everyone at Cars and Coffee know how much you love speed. 

Just make sure you place your order by the end-of-day Sunday, Sept. 19.

The Drive's own merch store is also re-launching today, so take a peek around and see what you like there. Don't be surprised if you see me driving around some rustbucket with a slick hat sporting our signature slash.