Save on DeWalt’s Drum Fan and Keep out the Sun With Deals From Amazon

The best time of the year for cars is also the warmest. Protect yourself and your precious vehicle from the heat.
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We asked for it, and now it’s back. The sun is smiling on us, and we all neglected to prepare for it. While we were all busy complaining about the snow, we forgot that sunshine was on its way. Before you know it, you’ll have red shoulders, stuffy workshops, and legs grafted to leather seats. That is, unless you jump on the deals we found for you. 

ZyShade Foldable Two-Piece Car Sunshade

Let’s not forget that your car turns into an oven during this time of year. Unless you enjoy feeling like an oversized pot roast every time you hop in, you’d better address that. If you act fast, you can save a few bucks while doing it when you snag the EzyShade Foldable Two-Piece Car Sunshade for $15.97 at Amazon. 

DeWalt Fan
DeWalt High-Velocity 20-Inch Drum Fan

Speaking of hot interiors, let’s talk about that workshop. It may be a little cooler than the interior of a car left in the sun all day, but you’ll still want to pop open the doors and get the air circulating. If the old fan is due for a replacement, you ought to consider grabbing the DeWalt High-Velocity 20-Inch Drum Fan for $129.00 at Amazon. 

Instant Canopy
Ozark Trail Instant Slant-Leg Canopy

What if the work you’re doing isn’t in the shop? What if it’s in the pits during those hot July days? Still should cover yourself up. When you snag the Ozark Trail Instant Slant-Leg Canopy for $44.97 at Walmart, you give yourself some protection from the blazing ball of fire in the sky. 

All this talk about the sun has me dying to get outside, so I’m going to sneak out there myself. If these don’t cut it for you, be sure to check this list for more deals.