Wrenchers Can’t Afford To Miss Amazon’s Garmin Watch Sale

Save up to 53% on smartwatches that are practically indestructible.

byRobert Bacon|
Wrenchers Can’t Afford To Miss Amazon’s Garmin Watch Sale
Robert Bacon

Smartwatches are game changers if you like to run marathons, get lost in the wilderness (and find your way back), or stay connected to the world via your wrist. But I was hesitant to get one, as I didn’t think any would stand up to the wear and tear of wrenching. That was until staff writer, Hank O’Hop, began to sing the praises of his Garmin Instinct. If a watch can stand up to the torture tests he puts it through on almost a daily basis, it’s basically indestructible.

There are tons of great Garmin watch deals on Amazon today, but one is a clear winner. The Garmin Enduro is 44% off, meaning you’ll save more than $400 if you pick it up right now. Although, that’s not the one I’d buy personally, as I think the Garmin Vivomove HR is just too cool to pass up, and it’s 30% off.

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