Best Surfboard Roof Racks: Carry Your Board Safely and Conveniently

Surf without stress. Get a roof rack to protect your board and your car

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PUBLISHED ON December 5, 2019

Surfboards aren’t very portable or easy to transport. Trying to carry one in a car is inconvenient because they can block visibility or cause damage. They can also make the car messy with unwanted sand. The best surfboard roof racks can be securely mounted on your vehicle without obstructing any views or causing other issues.

  • Best Overall
    FCS Soft Surfboard Rack

    This soft rack has a single loop to easily hold the surfboards in place. It also has a 1-inch foam padding for extra cushioning.


    It is versatile and can be connected through the doors or mounted on the roof rails. It is renowned for holding the boards tightly, even at high speeds.


    The installation of this rack can be a bit difficult. There have also been complaints that the straps are too short to hold more than one board.

  • Best Value
    Curve LOCKDOWN Roof Rack

    This soft rack can fit on most cars and is made from 38mm heavy-duty webbing. It can hold between one to six shortboards and one to four longboards.


    It has a very simple and sturdy design and is very easy to install and remove. It also keeps a firm hold of the boards without movement or vibration. 


    The straps may break after long-term use. It allows rain and dust into the car because the windows have to stay open for the straps to run through.

  • Honorable Mention
    INNO Car Top Mount Roof Rack

    This hard rack has a universal mounting system to fit most cars. It is also easy to load with a free-floating strap system.


    It has ratcheting straps and hand knobs to keep the boards tightly secured. It also has the security option of locking the board to the car.


    There have been complaints about customer support. This roof rack is also very bulky for some people.

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  • Carrying a surfboard on the roof can be noisy. If you are easily irritated by noises and rattles, it’s best to get a surfboard roof rack with an aerodynamic system.
  • The height of your vehicle will increase when you have a surfboard roof rack. For safety and security, be mindful of the height increase when driving.
  • Surfboards carried on the roof are exposed to direct sunlight and flying dirt and dust. The straps and buckles on the roof rack can also scratch it. Put your board in a bag, especially on longer journeys.


Q: What’s better: a hard rack or a soft rack?

A: Hard racks are sturdier and can carry more weight, but require the car to have mounting rails. Soft racks don’t require any rails, as the straps run through the car, securing the surfboard onto the roof. Soft racks are recommended for shorter distances because the board will vibrate more and the windows of the car can’t be fully closed.

Q: What safety precautions should be taken when securing a surfboard?

A: The rack should always be checked for damage, such as sharp edges, frayed straps or broken buckles. It should be securely mounted before you add the boards and should never be overloaded.

Q: How easy are surfboard racks to install?

A: It depends on the individual roof rack and whether it’s a hard rack or soft rack. Hard racks are generally more difficult to mount and remove, while soft racks are easier to install.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for best surfboard roof rack goes to the FCS Soft Surfboard Rack for its versatility and tight grip.

For a more affordable option, consider the Curve LOCKDOWN Roof Rack.