Best UTV Storage Tested: Keep Your Gear Out of the Elements

Dust and rain can’t touch these. 

byJonathon Klein|
Best UTV Storage Tested: Keep Your Gear Out of the Elements


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I love the outdoors. It’s why we moved to Utah. And it’s also why we got ourselves a Can-Am Maverick X3 Max UTV. But exploring the backcountry in the Can-Am can be difficult without having access to the right gear. It’s especially true when you have three young children as I do. And the Can-Am doesn’t exactly have a trunk. That’s where UTV storage solutions come into play. 

What we have here is a pretty comprehensive test of some of the best on the market. I tortured-tested them with kid supplies, hunting and fishing gear, a blow-up kayak and stand-up paddleboard, and enough food to feed an army. Or at least my children for a day.

So if you’re in the market for some UTV storage, you can trust the products below.

Best Overall

Pelican BX140R Case

Pelican’s legendary quality offers the best storage of any brand.
  • Huge
  • Watertight
  • Did I mention huge?
  • Durable
  • Huge
  • Expensive
Best Budget

Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro

Grab a couple and set out on an adventure.
  • Durable
  • Comes as a single or multi-case system
  • Name-brand quality
  • Watertight
  • Not as easy to access from roof
Best Soft Case

Mystery Ranch High Water Duffel

When you need to shove a bunch of stuff into a smaller space, but not skimp on weatherproofing.
  • Watertight
  • Large storage capacity
  • Can also be a backpack
  • Not as durable as hard-cases

Summary List

Our Methodology

I tested the living hell out of these products. I threw them onto the ground, onto my family’s Can-Am Maverick X3 Max. And put enough gear into them, along with food and water, to supply an army. Or, you know, keep up with my three rambunctious children in the back woods of Utah. 

I drove through rainstorms, hail storms, and windstorms. And the fine northern Utah dirt got into every crevice possible to gum up their works and put them through serious hell. Only the best survived my testing. If you don’t believe me, get out of here. 

I will say, I reserve the right to reorder this list, as there are numerous new options coming onto the market soon. But I’ve yet to lay my hands on them. Stay tuned for more. 

Jonathon Klein

The Best UTV Storage Cases: Reviews & Recommendations




Multiple size options



Did I mention huge?


Pelican is known the world over for the brand’s excellent camera cases used by every professional photographer and videographer on the planet. But the company’s storage cases are just as good as its photography equipment. Case in point, the BX140R. 

This case is positively massive, measuring a whopping 41.75 in L x 19.00 in W x 8.75 in H, the case spans nearly the entire length of the Can-Am’s current Prinsu roof rack. And it fits perfectly in Can-Am’s own Adventure Rack. The case weighs an impressive 31 pounds and can store however much gear you can cram into its confines. It can also support up to 50 pounds on itself. And you have an awesome 4 cubic feet of interior volume within its confines. 

The BX140R also comes with Pelican’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, which makes it a helluva buy. It is, however, huge. I like it because I threw a stand-up paddle board and blow-up kayak, along with all their accouterments, and hunting gear, into its confines without issue. I didn’t need another storage case, as can be the case with other, well, cases. But I can see how it isn’t the best solution for everyone, which is why the different sizes Pelican offers from the same line of hard cases are so killer. 

It is expensive, as at the time of writing the BX140R costs $479.95, and that’s without the attachment hardware, which will set you back another $239.95. You can, however, just attach it to the rack with some ratchet straps. You just won’t be able to have easy access to your gear. But it works. I don't think that its price is unreasonable, however, as you get one of the strongest hard cases around and you can store a metric ton of gear in it.

It's the ultimate storage case.



Comes as a single or multi-case system

Name-brand quality



Not as easy to access gear when attached

So I’ve had these Front Runner Wolf Pack Pros for about a year now and they’re some of the best storage boxes you could ask for. These rugged little boxes are designed for all your off-road and overlanding dreams, as they’re both waterproof and shock-resistant. 

They’ve been attached to both my Can-Am’s roof rack and the back of the side-by-side through snow (seriously), rain, and was subjected to Utah’s extra-fine dirt and dust kicked up by the Can-Am’s massive BFGs. They were designed to carry whatever you need, this particular set of boxes comes in a system of four boxes total, though you can get a single box too. Front Runner also made them stackable, making them easy to store when not in use or when you’ve unloaded your campsite for the night. 

There’s also a great number of accessories for the Wolf Pack Pro boxes, including tie-downs and interior dividers made of foam. But what I like about them the most is that they’re super affordable as, at the time of writing, these boxes cost just $319 for a set of four, or $80 for one. When it comes to hard cases that are waterproof, that’s a screaming deal for that much storage space.



Large storage capacity

Can also be a backpack


Not as durable as hard cases

While there are a host of soft bags you can get to carry all your cargo on your roof, what I’ve loved about this Mystery Ranch High Water Duffel is it’s the only one where you don’t have to add an extra layer over it, or within, as it’s fully waterproof. 

Designed for all sorts of outdoor activities, including rafting, the Mystery Ranch High Water Duffel is exactly that, a duffel bag. But unlike other duffels or storage containers on the market, this bag is massive. It comes in two colorways—forest and foliage—and the 50-liter duffel has enough space to pack a ton of gear, as I’ve personally been testing this specific duffel for the last six months and have stuffed clothes, camping gear, laptops, and more into its confines and still had room for more. A host of hunting gear has also been crammed in there, including two fake turkeys. 

It’s come out of all that testing, including the times I’ve used it as a backpack and strapped to my Can-Am’s roof, without issue or damage. It looks just as good as the day it arrived in the mail. 

What’s cool is that it’s such a burly thing, something you wouldn’t think a soft pack could be given most are made of limp fabric. That said, because of the quality of the bag and its capabilities, it is expensive. At the time of writing, it’ll set you back solid $329. What you’re getting, however, is something that will stand the test of time, weather, and abuse. 


Incredibly easy install

Comes with water-tight inner pouch

Comes with case dividers and dividing zippers

Big enough for a full-size hunting bow


Not as durable as a hard case

Relatively expensive

I’ve trusted Kemimoto’s stuff for a while now, including the Can-Am’s windshield and its fender flares after I installed the new wheels from Black Rhino and tires from BFGoodrich. And so far, nothing has let me down. Neither has the brand’s Can-Am rear storage bag. 

This soft bag intrigued me the first time I saw it, as it has the ability to be both a cooler of sorts and regular storage bag thanks to a drop-in waterproof liner. It also has the ability to be divided into sections, along with top-mounted zippers that allow anyone to access just the space they want within. I’ve now used both repeatedly, and they all work really well. I’ve even stuffed my Bear Archery Species bow into it without issue, along with my arrows, release, and more. 

However, the Kemimoto’s best aspect is how easy it is to install on your Can-Am—a Polaris version is available too—as the straps literally just pulled tight on the rear deck. It took me maybe two minutes total from start to finish. That can’t be said when you’re ratchet strapping anything else down to your roof rack. 

At the time of writing, the Kemimoto bag is priced at $229. That’s a solid deal, however, I’ve seen it go on sale a handful of times over the last year. You can wait and get a better price. 

Jonathon Klein

Our Verdict

With multiple sizes available in Pelican’s hard-case lineup, the BX140R works for nearly all applications and will swallow tents to hunting gear and so much more. But if you need something smaller, or are on a budget, check out Front Runner’s Wolf Pack Pros. 

What to Look For 

Here’s what you need to know.

Hard or Soft Exterior

Because of the variety of spots you can throw your storage cases onto or into, you have the choice between hard or soft exteriors for said storage. Some are bags like Mystery Ranch, while others are hard like Pelican or Front Runner. Grab the one that best suits your needs and fits your rig. 

Weather Resistance

UTVs aren’t cars. They don’t have trunks or hatches. And the weather can turn on a dime, especially in our current climatic conditions. So you want something that’ll be able to shed water fast and protect your valuables. Pay attention to whether or not your storage is weather-resistant or weather-proof. 


UTV storage ranges in price from the inexpensive to the very pricey. Depending on the features you want, i.e. hard-case storage and fully weather-proof, you may spend between $50 and $500. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers. 

Can overloading your UTV’s roof make it more prone to tipping?

Absolutely. Any weight up top should be balanced out below so that you don’t just flip the UTV. 

Are all UTV storage cases waterproof?

Nope, you have to pay special attention to whether or not they can survive and keep your gear clean and safe. 

Can I go with you on an adventure?


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