Best Motorcycle Waxes: Add Some Shine and Protection to Your Ride

High-quality waxes for your ride

byAustin Fracchia, Linsay Thomas| UPDATED May 19, 2021 8:10 AM
Best Motorcycle Waxes: Add Some Shine and Protection to Your Ride

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BYAustin Fracchia, Linsay Thomas/ LAST UPDATED ON May 19, 2021

Motorcycles are just like cars when it comes to the exterior: they get dirty, they can be cleaned, and you have a lot of control over the finished look with the right products. A good wax, for example, can give your bike the same type of deep, wet shine that cars enjoy. If you want to explore the high-gloss potential of your ride, check out these top motorcycle waxes.

Best Overall
Wash Wax ALL Wax

Wash Wax ALL Wax


A near do-it-all type of wash and wax combo that is equally at home on motorcycles as well as other vehicles.

  • Easy spray-on design offers a quick and simple solution to protecting a motorcycle without a lot of work
  • Wax formula is friendly to many types of materials
  • Versatile design leaves something to be desired in terms of final results
  • Protective coating doesn't last as long as other options
Best Value

MEGUIAR'S Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look


This liquid wax removes blemishes and surface contaminants and works on chrome, body work, and glossy paint.

  • Product is easy to use, smells nice, and produces a nice shiny finish
  • Has good protective properties
  • 6-ounce container is rather small, so you'll go through it quickly
  • A little expensive for what you get
Honorable Mention

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax


This wax is made of Graphene and can be used after a paint correction, as a standalone protective coating, and in other instances.

  • Produces a water-repellent and glossy finish
  • You can apply it in sunlight and on a variety of exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic, rubber, and on wheels
  • When used as a coating it requires 24 hours to cure, which can be inconvenient
  • Can streak if you apply too much

Why Buy a Motorcycle Wax

  • Give your bike a nice shine. Like any other vehicle, motorcycles can benefit from a fresh coat of wax when it comes to looking good. Waxes do a good job of bouncing light off of the surface, creating a deep shine that is sure to catch some passing eyes.
  • Protect the exterior. A good wax about more than just the looks it provides to a motorcycle. The protective layer can help protect the paintwork from UV and water damage, especially if you leave it outside for long periods of time. Combined with other cleaners and treatment solutions, you can give your bike better exterior protection.
  • Extend the paint's life. A protective coat of wax benefits the paintwork in the short and long term. Wax layers combat oxidation and general surface degradation. The more you wax a bike regularly, the more the paintwork will stay fresh and healthy. 

Types of Motorcycle Waxes

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All-natural wax tends to be made with carnauba, a hard substance derived from plant leaves found in northeastern Brazil. For some purists, this is the only type of wax worth checking out if you want the ultimate look and durability. While others may disagree with the magical properties of carnauba, this is a good type of wax to check out if you want a high degree of durability and protection.


Synthetic waxes, also known as paint sealants, use man-made substances like resins and polymers. Much like home paint sealants, these waxes are designed to create a uniform barrier over the paintwork that's easier to apply than many natural waxes. Most budget-friendly options use a synthetic formula or some kind of blend with carnauba to save money on ingredients.

Top Brands of Motorcycle Waxes

Turtle Wax

Started in 1944, Turtle Wax's claim to fame is producing one of the first (if not the first) bottled car waxes. Since that time, the company has continued to focus on offering high-quality automotive car care products. As a result, the company's lineup includes a number of wax types meant for different applications. For motorcycle use, check out the Turtle Wax 50751 Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit for a complete bike care kit.


With a history spanning back over 110 years, Meguiar's knows a thing or two about proper car care and quality cleaning products. Back in the day, the company got its start making furniture polish under the direction of Frank Meguiar, Jr. Over time, the company expanded into the automotive market, where it now dominates as one of the most recognized brand names. Check out the Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit to see what the company makes for motorcycles.

Motorcycle Wax Pricing

  • $25 and under: Dedicated motorcycle waxes can be difficult to find in this price range. Most options are for general use (i.e. with cars), but can still produce great results on a motorcycle's finish.
  • $25-$50: There are plenty of high-quality motorcycle waxes in this range. Some higher-end options come in a single bottle or jar, while others come in entire kits that include other cleaning products for different parts of a motorcycle.
  • $50 and above: If you want a complete kit to get your motorcycle looking good again, this is the price range to start with first. Singular waxes aren't too common here, but there are plenty of motorcycle care kits that include nearly everything you need to clean, polish, and wax the bike to your liking.

Key Features


Most motorcycle waxes match the form of normal automotive products: spray-on, liquid, and paste. Spray-on waxes tend to be easy to apply quickly without a lot of skill or equipment needed for a decent shine. Unfortunately, quantity can be an issue depending on the bottle size. Liquids, on the other hand, take more time to apply and can be more difficult to spread evenly. Durability, however, is top notch. Pastes are a good compromise between the two since they are easier to apply than liquids but last longer than spray-on waxes.

Safe Ingredients

The specific ingredients that go into a wax's formula are generally safe. With that said, some manufacturers use toxic ingredients that can either harm you or the bike. As a result, it's good to check the ingredients list and compatibility of the wax for different bike components and materials. If you have an allergy to an ingredient, stay away from it. If an ingredient can harm a specific part of your bike, take care to avoid getting it on that part when waxing the bike overall.

Other Considerations

  • Application: Once you have a good wax to apply to your bike, the next step is to actually apply it. The wax application can be done by hand with a microfiber towel or with a power applicator. The best choice is often a personal preference that depends on your skill and available equipment, but make sure the wax you choose can be applied with your chosen method to get the best results.
  • Frequency of Use: How often you wax your bike depends on the longevity of the wax you choose and your personal preference for a waxing schedule. Some waxes can last up to six months or a year, so you don't need a large supply hanging around your garage. Most waxes, however, have a shorter lifespan (some down to a month or a few weeks), meaning you should opt for a larger supply in a bigger container or larger number of containers.

Best Motorcycle Wax Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Wash Wax ALL combination wash and wax represents a great, versatile purchase that is as close as a do-it-all type of cleaning product as you can get for the price. Coming in a handy 32-ounce spray bottle, the wash and wax combo offers a large amount of cleaning solution, especially when applied to a motorcycle you want to touch up without spending a lot of money.

This combo is designed as a wet or waterless wash kit that can be applied to vehicles, boats, RVs, and of course, motorcycles. The spray bottle has a nice, controllable spray pattern that isn't too weak or forceful, providing an even coverage over a decent surface area. The solution wipes off easily, and the wax leaves a UV-protective coating that should last for at least a month. 

The wax's real draw is also a major drawback: versatility. Compatible with many types of materials, it's easy to use the spray on a motorcycle without worrying about getting it on parts that may get damaged. Unfortunately, this versatility also detracts from the quality of the wax coat itself. Dedicated motorcycle waxes will offer better durability and protection.

We like the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax because it's easy to apply and buff off with very little effort. It emits a fine mist, a little bit goes a long way, and it leaves that desirable slick feeling on your bike's paint. The product is made of graphene, which is durable, water-repellent, and glossy. It can be applied on top of a paint correction, over wax, after washing, or as a standalone protective coating.

You can apply the Flex Wax in direct sunlight on a variety of surfaces, including glass, headlights, trim, rubber, plastic, and wheels. It is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and other elements. Users report that the product produces an eye-popping shine, and the protection and gloss seems to be better than a regular hand wax.

However, it takes time to cure. When used as a coating, you need to allow it to cure for 24 hours. It can also create a lot of streaks if you apply too much.

This wax is 100-percent carnauba based and is blended into a smooth, liquid formula to create a deep and wet look. You can apply the wax by hand or with a machine, even in direct sunlight. It's safe for metallic, ceramic, and clear coat finishes and is easy to apply, even when the paint is still wet following a cleaning.

The depth, shine, and gloss are excellent for such an easy-to-apply product. The wax leaves behind a really smooth surface, it smells good, and it works exactly as it's advertised. Also, it doesn't leave behind residue or dust and doesn't streak. When used with a proper sealant, it provides great protection as well.

However, it may make fine surface scratches more noticeable. Also, it doesn't have the longest lifespan and wears off quickly when the paint is washed or exposed to rain. In addition, the shine may not be as eye-catching as some competitor brands.

This one gallon of spray sealant is infused with carnauba wax. It's safe for all surfaces and won't leave behind streaks or white residue. It's a quick detailer that's designed to create a showroom shine within 15 minutes. Simply spray it on, and wipe it off. It's easy to apply and much faster to apply than many competitor products.

It's really easy to clean your bike using this hybrid wax because it wipes on and off without any hassle. A little bit goes a long way, and if your paint is a metallic flake, it really pops after using this product. It produces a smooth, shiny, swirl-free surface, and water beads off of it in the rain. The company also provides a 100 percent risk-free refund anytime after purchase.

One problem with this product is if you don't shake it well, you may have some streaking when removing the residue. Also, your bike should be cool-to-the-touch when you apply the wax or it may get a little gooey. In addition, it may not provide long-lasting protection or shine.

Collinite's insulator wax is renowned for its durability, versatility, and easy application. It can be used on both large and small surface areas and produces a shiny, long-lasting coating that repels UV rays, salt, dust, dirt, bugs, and more. The product is made in America and produces a showroom shine.

The wax is so shiny it may make your bike look like the paint is wet. A little bit goes a long way, and it's extremely easy to wipe on and off, even in colder temperatures as long as you do the proper prep. It will make your paint super slick and soft, and on your following wash, it will be easy to dry. It's very durable, and the shine will last for several months.

However, for the best results, you should heat up the container in warm water so it's thinner and easier to apply. This can be a little inconvenient. Also, it may leave swirls behind on black and darker-colored bikes. There have also been some complaints that the product is a little watery.

This spray-on synthetic wax is quick to apply: Just mist it on and wipe it off. It features polymer technology to create a deep, dark, and wet-looking shine. You can use this wax in direct sunlight, on a wet or dry bike, and it doesn't leave behind residue on rubber or trim pieces like a paste and traditional liquid waxes do.

It comes in a gallon-sized jug, so it lasts a while. It's excellent on chrome, and it's easy to wipe off and buff to create a streak-free shine. It creates a nice shine and a smooth finish and smells good without being overpowering. After several weeks and a little bit of rain, your bike will still look clean and shiny.

Unfortunately, after using this product, dust may still stick to your bike. And while it's advertised to work well on all surface areas, it doesn't do a good job on the glass and takes a lot of effort to remove. It may also leave streaks on dark-colored finishes. The wax is also a little thinner and runnier than some other products.

This wash and wax kit includes 32 ounces of no-rinse wash and wax solution, a large chenille wash mitt, and three 16- by 16-inch towels. The product features lubricating polymers that remove grime and also provides protection and shine. It's designed for use on bikes, cars, trucks, RVs, and more.

If you're one of those people who doesn't like cleaning his or her motorcycle, this kit provides a painless method that produces a smooth and shiny finish. You don't need extra water to use this product. It cleans well, it doesn’t need to be rinsed off, and it creates a protective layer. For a wash and wax combo, it leaves behind a pretty good shine.

One drawback is that not all users like its smell. Also, it's a waterless product, which is something that traditionalists may not like. It may also leave behind streaks, and some users complain that it's shipped without a cap.

This waterless wash and wax has enough solution to clean a standard-sized vehicle 40 times, so you know it will last a long time for motorcycle owners. It's designed to remove dirt and grime without scratching the finish and produces a protective coat that blocks harmful UV rays. It also repels water.

To use this product, you simply spray it on and wipe it off. It's very easy to use and is safe on all surfaces, including chrome. It makes your finish feel super slick, and the trigger on the spray bottle is light and works seamlessly. Overall, it improves the look on the areas of your bike that can get bleached by the sun.

However, if you have a dark-colored bike, it may leave behind some minor residual streaks. Also, many people use it between regular washes, not instead of them. You may also have to scrub a little hard to remove some dirt and grease.


  • Wash (you can use the various bike and car wash soaps) and dry your bike before waxing it. A good polish and leather cleaner doesn't hurt either if it's extra dirty.
  • Don't use the same water you wash your bike with to clean off your wax applicator. This can lead to dirt getting back onto the finish of the motorcycle.
  • Choose a soft applicator like a microfiber cloth to apply wax. This will help prevent scratches on the surface. 
  • Divide your bike up into sections when waxing it. Focusing on one section at a time will allow you to get an even coat.
  • Avoid applying wax in direct sunlight if possible.


Q: Do I really need carnauba wax for my motorcycle?

A: It's not required to get a good finish or protective coating, but it is a great all-natural solution to do so. Any high-quality wax will do, it usually just comes down to individual preference.

Q: How can I tell if a wax will be harmful on my motorcycle or not?

A: You can try wax on something made with similar materials as your bike to get an idea of the final results. Certain tools, for example, have the same materials as most bikes you can use as a testbed for plastic and metal polishes

Q: How do I get a deep shine on the bike?

A: The finished look partly depends on the wax itself. Many liquid and paste waxes offer a better shine than budget spray-on. A good polish before the wax also helps start the shine. Since waxes are primarily for protection, look at other steps to enhance the painted surface's look before applying the protective coat.

Final Thoughts

As a top-performing wax, we selected the Wash Wax ALL Wax as the best motorcycle wax for its all-around look and protective results.

If you'd like to save a few dollars, check out the Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit instead.