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BYJonathon Klein/ LAST UPDATED ON May 26, 2023

Motorcycle riding season is upon us, but that also means your pride and joy is about to be attacked by the elements. Dirt, dust, grime, new pavement, and all manner of weather brutalizes your motorcycle each and every time you head out on a ride. But it doesn’t have to lead to destruction if you have the right motorcycle wax. 

Like car wax, motorcycle wax ensures that you have a layer of protection between your motorcycle’s paint and bodywork and those nasty elements that want to ruin your paint and metal. But with so many on the market, where do you start in choosing the right one for your bike? You start here with The Drive.

Best Overall
Turtle Wax 1-Step Wax & Dry-26 oz. Double Pack

Turtle Wax 1-Step Wax & Dry-26 oz. Double Pack

One of the best in the business offers the best product for the money.
  • Two pack
  • Inexpensive
  • Name brand quality
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • None
Best Value

Armor All Ultra Shine Car Wash and Wax

A value proposition that doesn’t skimp on performance.
  • Inexpensive
  • Carnuba-based
  • Safe on host of materials
  • Not a lot
  • No towel included
Best Ceramic Coat

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray

The new wax hotness from one of the best in the business offers serious specs.
  • Ceramic coating
  • Name brand quality
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Application can be finicky at first

Summary List

Our Methodology

I’ve been riding motorcycles nearly my entire adult life, starting way back with a 1987 Kawasaki Ninja 600 when I was 17. However, I wasn’t always as meticulous with the appearance of my motorcycles as I am today. I’ve learned a lot about maintenance and why keeping my bike’s exterior clean is incredibly important. Since those early days of riding hard and putting away wet, I’ve developed a far more instructive methodology of cleaning which includes a quick wax to keep everything looking pretty. And I used that knowledge to recommend the products below. 

Best Motorcycle Wax Reviews & Recommendations

Turtle Wax is one of the most well-known, well-respected brands in the business. I’ve used the company’s products a ton, whether it’s on motorcycles, cars, or even my family’s side-by-side. I trust the brand and can attest to the performance of the company’s products. But this wax takes the cake. Turtle Wax’s 1-Step Wax & Dry kit is a home run for getting your motorcycle looking new and staying protected. The kit, which comes in a two-pack, along with a microfiber towel, is easy to use, inexpensive, and works like a charm. The formula is one based on a combination of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers that are designed to both protect your motorcycle’s paint and make it absolutely shine. And just one bottle can wax up to 17 cars, which is like 400 motorcycles. Don’t quote me on that, math was never my strong suit… And here’s where I usually talk about the downsides of a product, as every product has something to know that potential customers should be aware of. However, this one doesn’t. It’s great. It’s the best of the best. Just buy it!


Two pack


Name brand quality

Microfiber Cloth



If the Turtle Wax best overall isn’t available, out of stock, or you’re an Armor All family, then this Ultra Shine Car Wash and Wax is right for you. The Armor All takes our best value award because it’s pretty damn inexpensive. At the time of writing, it’s just $9, which is a helluva value proposition. But it doesn’t skimp on performance due to its low-cost pricing. Armor All, like Turtle Wax, is a leading company within the detailing space and I have no qualms recommending the brand here to protect your motorcycle. The Ultra Shine is designed to be both a wash and wax product, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate motorcycle wash, and is a “blend of cleaning agents, surface lubricants and real carnauba wax.” A perfect all-in-one product that’ll get you out riding faster than other dual products. But while you don’t get a lot for that money—just 16oz per bottle—you’re only waxing a small motorcycle and not a fleet of RVs. You’re also getting a wash AND wax, meaning it’ll be faster overall. It’s a solid product and one worthy of your garage.




Safe on host of materials


Not a lot

No towel included

Ceramic coatings are all the rage right now, as it’s one of the newest products in the detailing world. But no matter the hype a product has, it has to perform, and Turtle Wax’s Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray easily achieves that goal. While most standard waxes only last between two and three months, ceramic coatings are designed to last and last. According to Turtle Wax, the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray have “Super hydrophobic and SiO2 polymers that deliver water repelling, water sheeting, and chemical resistant protection that can last up to 12 months.” That’s a helluva long time between applications. And though it’s still a new detailing tech, this is from Turtle Wax, so you can absolutely trust it. However, unlike our best overall pick, this has one downside and that’s its application. Because folks aren’t yet used to ceramic coatings, that first application can be finicky until you figure it out, so you may need to redo it once or twice.


Ceramic coating

Name brand quality

Super hydrophobic


Application can be finicky at first

Last, but certainly not least, is Chemical Guys’ Banana Spray Wax kit. Another favorite brand here at The Drive, Chemical Guys makes some seriously impressive detailing products across the entire spectrum. And this specific kit was in contention—and should still be in your mind—for our best overall. This kit includes a spray wax, along with a 3-pack of microfiber towels, as anyone who’s detailed a car can attest, the more the better. It uses Grade A carnauba wax, along with specific polymers to brighten your motorcycle’s exterior paint and aesthetics, and offers an incredibly durable, high-gloss shine after application. The only reason that this kit didn’t take our top spot, however, is the price. It’s expensive, as at the time of writing, it’ll set you back $27. Compared to the others on this list, that’s a stretch. However, Chemical Guys’ products are some of the best around and you can’t beat those three extra microfiber towels that’ll make your life way easier in the long run.



3-pack of microfiber towels

Quality product



Our Verdict

Turtle Wax is one of the most well-known, well-respected brands in the game, which is why it shows up twice on this list. But the company’s 1-Step Wax & Dry double pack takes our top spot because of how much wax you get and how easy it is to use. A close runner-up was the Chemical Guys’ wax kit, but the Turtle Wax just edged it out due to price. 

Types of Motorcycle Waxes


All-natural wax tends to be made with carnauba, a hard substance derived from plant leaves found in northeastern Brazil. For some purists, this is the only type of wax worth checking out if you want the ultimate look and durability. While others may disagree with the magical properties of carnauba, this is a good type of wax to check out if you want a high degree of durability and protection.


Synthetic waxes, also known as paint sealants, use man-made substances like resins and polymers. Much like home paint sealants, these waxes are designed to create a uniform barrier over the paintwork that's easier to apply than many natural waxes. Most budget-friendly options use a synthetic formula or some kind of blend with carnauba to save money on ingredients.

Ceramic Coating

Per our own story, “True ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic exterior automotive paint treatment and protectant that is applied in a liquid form and cures to form a hard layer on top of the paint. Essentially, it's the candy shell that protects the paint's delicious chocolate center.”

Motorcycle Wax Pricing

You won’t have to spend more than $25. And at that price, you’ll get more of a kit than just the wax. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

How do I wax my motorcycle?

Honestly, it’s the same methodology as you’d have with a car. Here’s our breakdown of how you can do just that.

Do you buff or wax first?

Buff first, then wax.

How long does motorcycle wax last?

That’ll depend on a host of variables, including how often you ride, how you store your motorcycle, and if you ride through inclement weather. But if you keep it looking pretty and store it in a garage or something, it should last between two and three months.

Can you ceramic coat your motorcycle?

You sure can!

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