Best Motorcycle Alarms: Protect Your Bike From Theft

Scare away potential motorcycle thieves with these top alarm systems

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON April 23, 2020

A motorcycle chain lock is a good way to safeguard your motorcycle against theft, but what’s better is adapting one with an alarm system that scares opportunistic thieves away and attracts public attention to the source of the problem. If you are a motorcycle owner and want to protect your valuable possession, consider purchasing one of the best motorcycle alarm systems featured in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
Gorilla Automotive 9000 Motorcycle Alarm  

Gorilla Automotive 9000 Motorcycle Alarm  

This alarm helps to keep your bike safe with the help of three powerful sensors, an LED warning light, and a 120 decibel siren.
A reliable audio and visual deterrent to theft. Has a compact design that doesn’t take up much space on the bike. Convenient three-button transmitter included to arm or disarm the alarm. Installs easily without any special tools.
The alarm can go off easily if you don’t adjust the sensitivity. The alarm can kill the battery even when it's not in use. Relatively costly.
Best Value

Wsdcam Motorcycle Alarm

A wireless motorcycle alarm with a vibrational–triggered system that’s sensitive to touch or a push.
Budget friendly. Features a 113-decibel alarm. Waterproof. Includes a wireless remote control and a tilt sensor. Comes with batteries included for the alarm and the remote. Can be paired with several remotes.
The package comes with unclear instructions. It gives a click warning and takes too long before it sounds. You cannot disarm the alarm without the remote control. 
Honorable Mention

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm

A compact, disc-style cylinder lock with a shock sensor, a loud anti-theft alarm, and a hard-to-pick lock.
Rust resistant. Waterproof. Hardened to resist cutting and sawing. Offers maximum motorcycle security. Almost impossible to pick the lock without setting off the alarm. Includes a motion sensor. Offers long-life use. Suitable for a wide range of applications.
The alarm may go off when no one is tampering with it. May not fit some Yamaha models. The battery compartment is not waterproof.

Why Buy A Motorcycle Alarm?

  • Prevent theft. If you own a sports bike or any type of bike that you frequently ride around your neighborhood, then you should be aware that it’s a great target for thieves. The best way to protect your bike is to buy an alarm system with high sensitivity that’s triggered by even the gentlest touch. Essentially, a bike with an alarm lock system is a theft deterrent. 
  • Protect your new bike. It goes without saying that the newer a bike is, the more valuable it is. Most bike thieves will pass over a bike with worn tires, worn grips, a rusty chain, or anything that looks cosmetically rough. Also, some brands like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, and Kawasaki are more prone to theft than others. However, most thieves won’t risk getting caught cutting through a bike with security wiring and a safety lock.
  • Security. The easiest way to steal a bike is to load it into a van. However, any movement of the motorcycle can trigger an alarm, especially a disc lock alarm placed on each wheel. In addition, some motorcycle alarm systems have GPS chip trackers that let you track the bike in case the thief manages to get away with it.

Types of Motorcycle Alarms

Brake Disc Alarm Locks

These locks clamp onto the holes in the motorcycle disc brake and immobilize the bike. They are compact and heavier than handlebar grips or ordinary chain locks. Just be careful not to ride your bike with the disc brake on or you may fall off and damage your bike. Some models come with a reminder cable, which typically runs from the lock to the accelerator and reminds you to remove the lock before you ride away.

Handlebar Grip Alarm Locks

Handlebar grip alarm locks can be fitted on either the left or right side of the handlebars and prevent you from riding away. These locks grip onto the front brake and throttle on one side and grip the clutch on the other side to prevent the bike from being put into gear. They are also constructed with tough material and cannot be cut through easily. The built-in alarm system delivers a powerful siren of 100 decibels and above.

Top Brands


Pyle is a renowned equipment manufacturer based in the United States. It was founded in 1960 exclusively as an audio equipment manufacturer, but the company ventured into the production of health and fitness equipment, car audio equipment, office tools, musical instruments, and outdoor gadgets later in the 2000s. Pyle products never compromise on quality, so consider purchasing the Pyle Watch Dog Bike Alarm if you want to try out one of its top-notch security systems. 

Gorilla Automotive 

From its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Gorilla Automotive manufactures and designs some of the best automotive products aimed at making every car owner's life better and more comfortable. Gorilla specializes in a wide line of products, including wheel locks, automotive tools and gauges, lug nuts, replacement keys, and security alarms. One of its best-rated products is the Gorilla Automotive Motorcycle Alarm.

Motorcycle Alarm Pricing

  • Below $50: Motorcycle alarms within this price range are either disc brake alarms or alarms with adhesive tapes that attach to the bike. Most have a motion-sensing feature, can be controlled with a wireless remote, and produce a sharp sounding alarm that’s a bit over 100 decibels.
  • $50 to $100: Alarms within this price range are either built in the disc brakes or handlebars. Most have a GPS tracking system, perimeter sensor, and a loud siren of over 150 decibels. Additionally, the locks are designed with durable material, are compatible with your smartphone, and can be operated with wireless remote control.
  • Over $100: Security costs you money. If you want a 100-percent guarantee that your bike is safe, you have to invest in the products within this price range. The locks are hardened and even if they can be cut, it’s a time-consuming process that will deter most criminals.

Key Features

Decibel Rating

An alarm’s power and volume is measured in decibels, which tells you how loud the alarm can be. What type you choose will largely depend on where you park your bike. For instance, if you plan on parking outside loud establishments or leaving it parked at a large distance from where you’ll be located, then you need an alarm system with a high decibel rating. Anything over 150 decibels will do. Anything below that will deliver a lower sound level.


It’s just not enough to have a loud alarm system. You also need something that’s strong enough to latch onto your bike in case the alarm is cut off. The material should be made of durable and weather-proof stainless steel or any other hardened metal that will stay intact no matter how hard the thief tries to saw through it.

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Use: The alarm system should be user-friendly from its installation to its operation. A model that comes with a wireless remote or Bluetooth compatibility is helpful when it comes to activating the alarm, setting the parameters, choosing the alarm ringtone, and adjusting the volume and the sensitivity of the unit.
  • Battery Life: Look for a reliable unit that will offer hours of service before its battery drains. Consider how long you typically leave your bike unattended and look for a unit with the battery life that matches. The best units use dry cell batteries, which may take months before they drain. 

Best Motorcycle Alarm Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Using three powerful sensors, the Gorilla Automotive 9000 series is one of the best solutions for keeping your bike safe. First, it has a tilt sensor which triggers an alarm in case the bike is moved from its stand. Second, it includes a current sensor that triggers an alarm once it detects changes in the battery voltage. Lastly, it has an innovative two-stage shock sensor that’s adjustable to seven levels of sensitivity and triggers the alarm on impact. On light contact, you will get a warning chirp, then a full siren on heavy impact. 

The siren is rated at 120 decibels and is accompanied by an LED warning light to help scare off bike thieves. In addition, the alarm is very compact, and is only 2.75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick. It can go unnoticed by anyone looking to disarm any alarm system on your bike. You can install it in less than 30 minutes and only a single nonstandard battery is required to power it.  

However, there are a few nagging issues with this model. One is that the alarm may go off easily with a gust of wind if you forget to adjust the sensitivity. In addition, the alarm constantly drains the battery even when it’s not hooked to your bike. You have to remove the batteries to preserve them. Also, this alarm system is a bit on the expensive side.

The Wsdcam is a vibrational-triggered alarm system with seven sensitivity levels from a gentle touch to a hard push. It also includes a search bell that lets you find your bike if you forget where you parked it. The alarm is reinforced with an IP55 waterproof PC material shell and includes a double-sided sticker for easy attachment on the bike. It uses 3AA alkaline batteries, and the remote control uses 12V/12A alkaline batteries. The unit can be operated with a wireless remote at a range of 30 to 40 feet and can use up to eight remotes.

Its 113-decibel alarm system allows you to change the ringtone to suit your preference. It also includes an SOS function that allows you to call for help in case the battery tilts by more than 45 degrees. The alarm kit comes with batteries for the alarm and remote, plus it includes a low-battery indicator that alerts you when it’s time to change the battery. It’s ideal for use on electric bikes and motorcycles as well as doors and windows.

One drawback with this model is that it comes with unclear instructions on how to activate the keyless alarm system. It also gives a click warning when it senses motion, which may give someone tampering with the unit enough time to muffle and deactivate it before it alerts anyone. Moreover, you cannot disarm the alarm without the remote control. 

This anti-theft, motorcycle security alarm system is strong and durable. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t rust even when left outside during a heavy downpour. The unit features a quarter-inch pin diameter that fits small vent holes and a 110-decibel alarm. The disc lock is well-protected with a high-security, anti-drill lock core and will sound an alarm if the key doesn’t match. It will only stop making noise once the right key is inserted. It’s also resistant to cutting, chisel attacks, and sawing.

The alarm kit comes pre-fitted with six LR44 batteries and also includes six extra batteries and three brass security keys. It contains a bright-colored, five-foot reminder cable that will remind you to remove the alarm clock when you want to go for a ride. Overall, it’s a small-size lock with a loud volume and is suitable for scooters, choppers, sports bikes, cruisers, racing bikes, and most other motorcycles.

However, there are some manufacturing and design flaws with this alarm system. First, the alarm is highly motioned sensitive and may go off even if someone walks too closely near your bike. Also, the battery compartment isn’t waterproof, and you may have to reinforce it with tape to protect the batteries from a heavy downpour. This lock may not fit on some Yamaha models.


  • The best place to lock an alarm is on the frame and not the wheels. It’s not too difficult to remove the wheels without triggering the alarm, especially if the alarm’s battery level is low or if it has a low ringtone. If you have to attach it on a wheel, lock it on the rear wheel as it will take longer to remove the lock-in that location.
  • If the lock comes with a chain, be sure to lock it tightly on the bike. If it hangs off loosely, it will be more susceptible to bolt cutters, freeze attacks, sledgehammer attacks, and wedge attacks.
  • Never leave your spare key in the trunk or forget to lock your steering wheel. That just makes it easy for anyone to steal your bike. It’s not that easy for anyone to bypass a steering wheel lock, and the trunk is easy to open with a penknife.
  • Even the best motorcycle alarms won’t protect your bike if it's parked in a secluded place. Criminals will only have to muffle the sound and can easily steak the bike unnoticed. Ensure that you always park in a public place.


Q: Will wheel locks prevent my bike from being carried away by thieves?

A: Not really. If there are three to four people with a trailer they may manage to pick it up and disable the alarm before it goes off. The only way to outsmart them is to get a GPS motorcycle alarm lock with a motion sensor and a loud ringing volume with anything over 100 decibels. It will alert the people nearby when the motorcycle is lifted off the ground. Also, bike thieves tend to avoid bikes with advanced security systems and a motorcycle lock that anchors the bike to the ground.

Q: Will a disc alarm lock work in any kind of weather?

A: It depends on the quality of the device. Some units are made with hardened stainless steel that resists damage by rust and water. The unit also protects the built-in alarm system from weather and environmental elements that may damage the system. You need a higher-end model if you plan on riding in winter as a cheap model may freeze up and the alarm won’t work.

Q: Can I use two-disc alarm locks on my motorcycle?

A: Your bike has two discs, so it is possible to attach an alarm on the front and rear disc for optimal security. You could also use disc locks from different brands to test how effective each one is before you settle on a brand. However, ensure that each disc lock has a reminder cable in case you forget to unlock one of the disc locks. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a durable alarm lock system to keep your motorcycle safe, then consider the Gorilla Automotive 9000 Motorcycle Alarm.

If you are on a tight budget but need something to deter thieves when you leave your bike for a short time, then consider purchasing the Wsdcam Motorcycle Alarm. It allows you to tune the sensitivity level, and you can customize the alarm tone to your preference.

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