Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps: Make Bike Storage and Transportation Easy

Check out some of the best heavy-duty straps available

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BY Austin Fracchia , Linsay Thomas / LAST UPDATED ON April 22, 2021

When it comes to transporting your motorcycle long distances without riding it, a simple trailer and tie down setup is a good solution. Most tie downs are simple to use, but not all are created equally. Check out our guide on some of the best tie downs you should consider before moving your motorcycle.

Best Overall
RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Kit

The gold standard in motorcycle tie down straps. Kit comes with two heavy-duty straps with a 5,208-pound breaking strength.

  • Heavy-duty strap materials have a little bit of stretch and give when tightening down the straps
  •  Good in bad weather
  • Expensive. 
  • The   ends can start to deteriorate after some use
Best Overall
RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Kit
Best Value
RHINO USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

The best budget-friendly tie down kit that offers good performance and a lot of value with four straps.

  • The total kit offers around 10,478 pounds of breaking strength
  • Can be used for other vehicles like ATVs and UTVs
  • Given the budget nature of the straps, the materials can sometimes start to deteriorate quickly after heavy use or a long road trip
Best Value
RHINO USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps
Honorable Mention
Pro Taper Standard Universal Tiedown

One of the more user-friendly tie down strap designs that comes with a unique carabiner hook for locking the straps down quickly.

  • Comes in different colors
  • The black tie downs stand up well to UV damage and bad weather
  •  Carabiner design makes setup quick
  • Other colors can start to fade quickly in direct sunlight
  • The carabineers can damage the surface of a bike if placed on a fragile surface
Honorable Mention
Pro Taper Standard Universal Tiedown

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Benefits of Motorcycle Tie Downs

  • Increased stability. Tie downs are designed to be the anchor for motorcycles when traveling on a trailer. As a result, they’re designed to secure the motorcycle to the moving platform to avoid any unnecessary motion. 
  • Increased safety. Since motorcycle tie downs keep the motorcycle secured to the trailer, safety is naturally enhanced when moving the bike. This setup can prevent the bike from falling off or shifting to the point of causing a dangerous situation.
  • Other uses. If you want to tie and secure something else besides just a motorcycle, tie downs make it easy to do just this. In fact, you can secure almost anything with a standard set of tie downs.

Type of Motorcycle Tie Downs

Cam Buckle

Cam buckle straps are a basic type of motorcycle tie down that relies on a basic tensioning system. They tend to be more affordable and easy to use for most motorcycle tie down setups, but they do have some limitations in terms of the amount of tension they can safely hold before breaking. 


Often more expensive but useful than cam buckles, ratchet straps use a ratcheting device to coil up the strap. This provides extra tension without having the rely on the sheer strength that cam buckles require to get the strap secure. Most ratchet straps are more efficient and quicker to set up because of this design. 

Top Brands

Rhino USA

One of the most well-known names in the security strap industry, Rhino USA specializes in creating outdoor products used for hauling an assortment of gear without worrying about safety. Based in Temecula, California, the company offers a number of different security straps made for motorcycles, ATVs, and other large equipment that requires some proper preparation before transportation. Check out the RHINO USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps for a sample of the company’s quality. 


ProTaper is a components manufacturer that offers a wide variety of different parts and accessories in the motorcycle space. In addition to straps and other security accessories, the company has a complete line of sprockets, handlebars, controls, and apparel for riders of all walks of life. For a good loading strap option, we recommend the Pro Taper Standard Universal Tiedown

Motorcycle Tie Down Pricing

  • Under $10: Strap pairs and small sets are the most common motorcycle tie downs you’ll find in this price range. For the most part, these straps are the exact same models as the tie downs that come in larger kits. 
  • $10 to $50: In this price range, larger sets of tie downs are more common. These are a good option to consider if you are looking for a complete set to handle almost everything you made need in terms of securing the weight of a full-size motorcycle.

Key Features


The hook is the main part that actually connects the tie downs to the bike and trailer. Since direct contact is made, the design of the hook is important to avoid any scratches or other surface damage while the strap is in use. Rubber coated hooks are the most popular type to avoid this type of damage. 


The main bulk of a tie down comes in the form of the strap. Coming in different lengths, different strap materials are often used to hold different weights. It’s important to get the right length of strap to make sure you have enough to work with when securing your motorcycle to your trailer. 


A tie down won’t work unless there is some way to actually tension it. The tensioner is where cam buckle or ratchet designs are used. The basic buckle relies on physical strength, while the ratchet holds the tension with each turn for a more complete hold. 

Other Considerations

  • Strap Length: The strap needs to be long enough to bridge the distance between a part of the motorcycle and the trailer. Extra length is also usually required to have enough for securing the strap through tension. Most straps are two to eight feet in length, but longer verions are also available for larger trailers. 
  • Weight Limit: All straps have a certain limit of weight before they are no longer safe to use. It’s important to stay within this weight limit for safe use. Otherwise, the tie down may break or otherwise fail during transport.

Best Motorcycle Tie Down Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Rhino USA Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Kit

Rhino USA’s basic tie down kit is a trusted and well-known kit that many motorcyclists turn to when it comes to hauling their rides long distances. The kit includes two heavy-duty straps that are both rated for 5,208 pounds of breaking strength. The design of the straps is meant to connect to a motorcycle and trailer securely without using too much tension along the length of the tie down. The strap material is stretchy enough to absorb some tension as you ratchet, so there is less of a chance of a snap or clean tear while the strap is in use. The hook design also uses a built-in latch to prevent the tip from slipping out under heavy loads.

The major downside to the strap kit is the price for the pair. The price point itself isn’t bad for larger kits, but the fact that you only get two for the same price may hurt the wallet a bit more. The rubber ends of the strap can also start to deteriorate after some use.

Best Value
RHINO USA Soft Loops Motorcycle Tie Down Straps 

One of the best budget options available, Rhino’s Soft Loop set is also one of the strongest with a breaking strength of 10,427 pounds. Because of the higher tension strength rating, this is a go-to tie down option for vehicles that may be heavier or more awkward to secure with typical motorcycle tie down kits. The soft strap design maximizes the protection of the motorcycle while the strap is touching the surface. Since there is no rigid surface on the strap, the soft material lowers the risk of any surface marks happening if the tie down slides around or shift while under tension and connected to the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the soft loop design also increases the likelihood that the strap will deteriorate over time with use. More substantial tie downs with metal or rubber-coated hooks offer more rigidity and impact resistance to last longer. The soft loop design is more susceptible to tearing or snapping, especially if proper use isn’t maintained. 

Premium Pick
Pro Taper Tie Downs

Sporting a unique carabiner design on one end of the hooks, ProTaper’s standard universal tie down is a good option for a security strap that can be used on nearly any small vehicle beyond motorcycles. The basic strap has a 1,200-pound straight tension strength, making it ideal for taking on a variety of weights and loads that different small vehicles can present during transport. The major highlight of the strap design, beyond the soft, flexible nylon webbing, is the carabiner base hook. Unlike traditional open hooks, this carabiner design offers a more secure hold by closing the loop. This prevents the hook from detaching and can minimize the amount of slippage on long, narrow surfaces around the trailer.

Unfortunately, the carabiner is only on one end of the strap. The other end that attaches to a motorcycle uses a traditional open hook design that’s coated in rubber. While the rubber surface protects the motorcycle surface from scratches, the open design is more susceptible to detaching.


Best Heavy Duty
Everest Premium Ratchet Tie Down

The Everest Premium Ratchet Tie Down is a great option for securing cargo, including motorcycles, home appliances, lawn equipment, and more. These double J hook straps have a 10,000-pound breaking strength and are designed for heavy-duty application. A purchase includes a tie down that's two inches wide and 27-feet long with a working load of 3,333 pounds. Made of premium materials, these high-quality, industrial-grade straps will get the job done.  Users report that they provide good leverage and do not tangle in the ratchet mechanism. Plus, the webbing feels smooth and durable enough for frequent use. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 100-percent, money-back guarantee should you experience any issues.

One downside is that they may be a little stiffer than some other brands. Also, if you strap it around items with an edge on them, the strap may wear down a bit.

Honorable Mention
Progrip Powersports Motorcycle Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

The Progrip Powersports Motorcycle Soft Loop Tie Down Straps are available in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, and green. These heavy-duty straps have a 367-pound working load per strap and are constructed of 4,400-pound rated, high-tenacity nylon. They have a 3/8-inch diameter and include coated 1045 steel S hooks. The straps provide 5.5 feet of working length and feature push-button zinc steel cam buckles. These straps are designed to quickly and easily tie down your bike. Users report that they are well-made, simple to tighten, provide excellent grip, and are thick and soft.  

Some users have complained that they're not long enough, while others report the length is just right. They may also be a challenge to release when they're tight.


  • Balancing a motorcycle with tie-downs requires the bike to be secured on all sides. You can use wheel stands to help with this for heavier bikes if necessary.
  • Pay attention to the recommended weight capacities, which are often lower than the max break strength to offer a buffer.
  • Soft tie-downs are preferable for areas of a bike that can easily get marked or damaged with harder attachments.


Q. How do tie downs work?

A. Basically, you connect one end to the bike and the other to an anchor point on a trailer, then tighten until there is good tension.

Q. How many tie-downs are required to secure a bike?

A. You need enough to keep the bike properly balanced and immobilized. Four tends to be the most common number since you can get each corner of the bike secured.

Q. Can tie downs be used for other vehicles?

A. As long as the weight of the vehicle is below the maximum weight capacity of the straps, yes.

Final Thoughts

We chose the RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Kit as the perfect tie down kit to choose when you want high-quality straps.

The RHINO USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps is our budget pick because it's a kit that doesn't skimp out on the performance.