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Dunlop Brings Full-Size Motorcycle Tire Tech to Scooter Tires

Small bikes like the Honda Grom are about to be even more fun.

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Scooters and small motorcycles are about to get the high-tech tires they deserve with the new Dunlop Scootsmart tire. The Scootsmart is basically a smaller version of a Dunlop performance touring tire like the popular Sportmax or Elite. It replaces the old SX01 which isn’t a bad tire, but these are way better.

The Scootsmart promises better responsiveness and handling compared to competing scooter tires and Dunlop’s own previous tires. They have a tread pattern you’d expect to see on a full-size bike designed for wet traction, better grip and handling in the corners, and eating up miles.

With small motorcycles getting better all the time, the needs of scooter riders are changing. Dunlop specifically mentions the Honda Grom in the press release for the new tire which is a popular bike with very small tires.

The Grom has growing competition in its specific segment of small displacement bikes that aren’t quite mopeds from the likes of the Kawasaki Z125 and Yamaha MT-125. These bikes are popular because they’re compact, affordable, and a ton of fun. They also make for sensible transportation in urban areas rather than just being toys.

Since people are putting more miles on these little bikes at higher speeds, they demand a better tire. Props to Dunlop for filling this small, but important segment of motorcycle tires with the Scootsmart.