Pirelli Just Helped Establish Six World Speed Records—For Scooters

Imagine hitting nearly 90 mph on a moped.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Aug 31, 2017 5:38 PM
Pirelli Just Helped Establish Six World Speed Records—For Scooters

It’s not often that we talk about the shattering of world speed records in which the record-breaker in question can’t break 90 mph. However, according to Motorcycle.com, Pirelli, in partnership with Moto Club Benelli and Malossi, has just achieved several impressive scooter world speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The scooters in question are based on the Benelli 491, modified by speed shop Malossi using three different sizes of its RC-one engine. Pirelli put the rubber to the salt with their Diablo Rosso scooter tires to show off how well a scooter tire can perform.

The tests were very successful. In the 50cc category, the bike went 71.347 mph across one kilometer and 71.294 mph across one mile. That counts as two records. In 85cc form, the bike went 82.643 mph across one kilometer and 82.436 mph across one mile. Finally, the big block 100cc scooter managed to go a blistering 88.289 mph across one kilometer and 88.181 mph across one mile. The tests were conducted the routine way, meaning by calculating the average between two runs in both directions.

These numbers might not sound that impressive, but imagine going 88 mph on a moped. When you’re on a real motorcycle, you have more control over a bigger machine with more rubber to keep you planted to the road. On a moped, you’re just hanging on for dear life—and putting a lot of faith into two tiny tires.

If there was any question before about whether or not you can have a true sport tire on a moped, Pirelli just answered it.