Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves: Prevent Your Hands from Freezing

These top heated motorcycle gloves will keep your digits warm

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PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2019

If you enjoy riding your motorcycle all-year-round (or nearly so), then you know the importance of keeping your hands warm. Heated grips are a luxury that not all bikes include, so you may want to invest in a good pair of heated motorcycle gloves. They will protect your digits from frigid temperatures so you can focus on the ride and not your hands. This buying guide includes some of the top heated gloves on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Tourmaster Synergy 7.4V Battery Heated Leather Gloves
    These Tourmaster gloves feature a four-level push-button temperature range and two batteries, which are included. The gloves are supple and abrasion-resistant.
    The leather is excellent quality and very soft. The gloves are comfortable and keep your hands warm. The battery power is also good.
    There is no battery level indicator, so you don't know how long it takes to charge. It can be tough to seal jacket cuffs over the gloves due to the battery pack location.
  • Best Value
    Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves
    These gloves heat on the backsides, not the palms, which works if you have heated grips. The outer shell is leather, and the inner layer is waterproof to keep your hands dry.
    They are very comfortable, and the gloves have five temperature settings. They also provide a nice grip.
    The gloves can get very hot, and they tend to run small. They may not provide much protection in the cold if they're not turned on.
  • Honorable Mention
    Professional Heated Motorcycle Gloves
    These gloves are made of sheep leather and are powered by two rechargeable lithium batteries. A dual charger, storage bag, and a one-year warranty is included.
    They are well-made, dexterous, comfortable, and not too hot. They also have rubber on one finger that you can use as a wiper blade when it rains.
    They may run small, and the battery life is short. The gloves have three temperature settings, which is less than some competing brands.

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  • Choose a pair that fits snugly. You don't want them to slip while you're shifting or hitting the throttle. Pay particular attention to the finger length because if the gloves are too long it will compromise your grip.
  • If your gloves get too hot, they can cause safety issues. Some allow you to control the level of heat, so you can turn the temperature down if necessary. Use the lowest setting at first and then gradually raise the level of heat.
  • Heated gloves are very versatile. In addition to using them on your bike, you can also wear them when snowmobiling, hiking, or skiing. 


Q: How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

A: Most of them are battery-powered, but some are wired to your motorcycle battery or another external battery. The heat is dissipated through the liners. Some gloves have wires that heat up your hands, while others feature a heat-conductive material.

Q: Are heated gloves bulkier than regular gloves?

A: They are not any thicker than other winter riding gloves, but they may be bulkier than summer or racing gloves. Most heated motorcycle gloves have very thin wiring and heating elements that make them comparable in density to standard winter riding gloves.

Q: Are heated motorcycle gloves expensive?

A: Heated motorcycle gloves are similar in cost to most premium-quality motorcycle gloves. While they may be pricier than thinner, less durable gloves, they provide much-needed comfort in cold conditions, so they are worth investing in.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best-heated motorcycle gloves is the Tourmaster Synergy 7.4V Battery Heated Leather Gloves. They have four temperature settings, are very soft, and provide a good amount of battery power.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves.