Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves: Prevent Your Hands from Freezing

Wear a pair of heated motorcycle gloves and your fingers will thank you.

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BY Andra DelMonico / LAST UPDATED ON July 22, 2021

It's 55 degrees outside, but once you get on your bike riding, it feels more like negative 50 degrees. Thanks to the self-created wind chill factor, riding a motorcycle feels colder than the temperature outside. For many riders, the dropping temperatures are a sign that it's time to hang up their jacket and winterize their bike for storage until the next riding season. 


This doesn't have to be you, though. What you need is motorcycle gear that's designed for the cold weather—it could have extra insulation, wind-blocking materials, or even heaters. The best place to start is with your gloves: heated motorcycle gloves will keep your fingers toasty but not sweaty. This guide will show you what to look for and the best heated motorcycle gloves available.

Best Overall
Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

This genuine leather glove is waterproof, durable, windproof, and has a breathable Hipora liner. A lithium battery-powered heater has three heat settings to choose from.

  • 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation 
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Thin fingertips 
  • Short battery life
Best Overall
Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves
Best Value
Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

You’ll get the complete package with this leather and textile waterproof and heated glove. The inside is brushed fabric for maximum comfort.

  • 600D abrasion resistant fabric 
  • Pre-installed wiring system
  • Three push button settings
  • Hottest setting is too hot
  • Lining pulls out when removing the glove
Best Value
Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves
Honorable Mention
Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Heated Gloves

The stainless core heating technology in this glove will give you superior and even heating. There are three heat levels to choose from. The genuine leather palm provides a secure grip. 

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Hipora liner
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Bulky 
  • Not waterproof
Honorable Mention
Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Heated Gloves

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Benefits of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

  • Added warmth. The number-one reason for buying heated motorcycle gloves is that they make riding in cooler temperatures much more comfortable. Insulation retains heat but adds bulk, while heated gloves can get hotter and allow you to maintain dexterity. 
  • Better circulation. The increased warmth on your hands helps keep your blood flowing, preventing your hands from going numb. This is vital for maintaining control of your motorcycle. 
  • Waterproof. Heated gloves tend to also be waterproof. This helps to keep your hands dry, which keeps you feeling warmer. It’s also helpful when the cold weather is combined with rain or snow. 

Types of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Plug In

Usually, 12V and 7V heated motorcycle gloves are attached to a wiring harness that runs off the motorcycle's electrical system. The connecting wires produce the heat that warms your hands. The advantage when using this type of glove is that it produces a large amount of energy and a really high heat output. The downside is you are tethered to the bike, and they're not very portable.


Battery-heated motorcycle gloves are convenient if you want to wear the gloves both on and off your bike. Some are designed with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides several hours of warmth before recharging is necessary. Many of these gloves are also waterproof and windproof. However, they typically aren't as warm as plug-in gloves.


This third type of glove isn’t a type that you can wear on its own. Heated glove liners are designed to be worn inside another pair of gloves. This is nice because you can wear them with any glove you want, letting you take them on and off as you need them with the changing weather. Their downside is that now you have two layers of gloves on your hands, which can be dangerous if they move around while riding. 

Top Brands


Motorcycle apparel company Tourmaster was founded in 1979 and has been making gear for long-distance riders ever since. In addition to luggage solutions, the company produces jackets, pants, suits, boots, and gloves, such as the Tour Master 12V Synergy 2.0 Heated Textile Glove, a wired glove that’s durable and warm. 


Based in Irvine, Calif, Firstgear has been producing rider gear for over two decades. Its apparel is designed to work in all types of weather and conditions. The company designs jackets, pants, suits, boots, and gloves, such as the Firstgear 12V Heated Carbon Glove.


Founded in 1976, people have trusted Gerbing’s heated clothing for decades. The company is known for producing the highest quality and warmest heated gear on the market. Its products are manufactured in the US in the Pacific Northwest. The Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Gloves are a perfect example of the company’s commitment to quality. 

Heated Motorcycle Gloves Pricing

  • Under $100: In this range, you will find heated motorcycle glove liners and less-expensive heated motorcycle gloves. You need to purchase gloves separately if you choose to buy just heated liners.
  • $100 to $200: The majority of heated motorcycle gloves are in this price range. They can be either wired or battery powered. You’ll also find a range of insulation quality and volume. 
  • $200 and up: If you want a pair of high-quality, waterproof heated gloves, expect to pay a bit of money for them. Gloves in this range should last a long time and will keep your hands warm when the mercury drops.

Key Features


It's vital that you purchase a pair of gloves that fits correctly. You don't want the gloves or the liner to be too constricting or to slip, which can cause safety issues. Measure your hand around the palm with a soft tape measure, then measure the length of your hand from wrist to fingertip. Follow each manufacturer’s size chart because they are all different—size up if you have particularly long fingers. 


The most important thing to consider when purchasing motorcycle heated gloves is their ability to protect your hands during an impact. The best heated gloves for motorcycles have integrated armor, including extra padding around the knuckles. They will also have reinforcement at stress points. The palm should have an abrasion-resistant material like leather. 

Battery Life

If you decide to buy battery-powered gloves, look for ones with the longest useful life between charges. They should also have a short recharge time. When it's really cold outside, the conditions can cause the battery to have a shorter lifespan. Read reviews to see how long the product typically holds a charge, and make sure to carry an extra set of batteries with you just in case.

Other Considerations

  • Temperature Controls. Most heated gloves have at least three heat settings: low, medium, and high. This is particularly important if you're using battery-operated gloves, because you can save power by using the low setting. When it comes to gloves that plug into your bike, you can usually find the controls on the gloves themselves or on the wiring.
  • Touchscreen Capable. If you are the type of person who likes to operate a smartphone or other electronic device while you're wearing gloves, then this is important. Some gloves have a fingertip that works with touchscreens, which makes using a phone or music player much more convenient. It also eliminates the need to remove your gloves in cold weather while using your smartphone. 
  • Heating Element. The heating element in motorcycle gloves can be placed in a variety of areas. Look for gloves that heat up each one of your fingers as well as the back of your hands. These areas are the most exposed when you ride. Some gloves also have heated palms, which are nice for long-distance rides but may not be necessary if you have heated grips.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

These durable winter gloves have genuine leather construction with a waterproof, windproof, and breathable Hipora liner. To keep your hands even warmer, they have 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation. You’ll like the touch screen compatible fingertips, so you won’t have to take the gloves off while using your phone. The pre-curved fingers help to make the gloves more comfortable and reduce finger fatigue. A lithium-ion battery powers the gloves, and there’s a controller with three heat settings for adjusting how warm they get. The gloves stand out with their four-hour battery life on the low setting, three hours on the medium setting, and 2.5 hours on the high heat setting.

Unfortunately, these gloves lack moisture-wicking abilities, meaning your hands can still get wet from sweating while wearing them.

Best Value
Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

Stay toasty warm in these waterproof and heated gloves that are made from a combination of leather and 600 denier textile fabric. The outside shell is abrasion-resistant and durable, while the interior is a super soft brushed fabric lining—sandwiched in the middle is a waterproof and breathable membrane. You can use the gloves independently or as a part of your Hotwired jacket liner. There’s an included push-button controller for three heat level options. For safety, there’s an automatic temperature cut-off feature. 

One drawback of these gloves is that the hottest heat setting is very hot—too hot for some people. The gauntlet also isn’t very big or long, and you may struggle to fit it over your jacket sleeve.

Best Premium
Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Heated Gloves

These winter weather gloves will keep your hand warm with a durable textile shell and genuine leather reinforcement on the fingers and palm. 3M Thinsulate insulation will help your hands retain heat. A Hipora liner will block moisture out while also being breathable. These gloves stand out because they have pre-curved fingers to reduce finger fatigue and LED lights for indicating heat status. What’s also nice about these gloves is the included storage bag and 110-volt wall charger with dual charging ports. 

Unfortunately, the lower 7-volt power of these gloves means they're best suited for 40- to 50-degree weather. They may not be warm enough for colder temperatures. The gloves also have some bulk, making them feel more like ski gloves than motorcycle gloves.

Best Leather
Joe Rocket 7V Rocket Burner Leather Heated Gloves

Protect your hands from the cold with these full leather winter gloves. They have a three-stage heating system that evenly distributes heat throughout the glove through a stainless steel core heating system. The system is distributed through the hand, fingers, and thumb. The gloves are waterproof, breathable, and windproof, thanks to the Hipora liner. What makes these gloves stand out is the fully articulated flex panels on the knuckles giving you more flexibility. Your hands also have additional protection with an integrated polyurethane knuckle armor and high-density padding on the fingers. The fingertips and thumb are also touch screen compatible. 

One drawback of these gloves is that they come with battery packs. They are held in the glove and shaped like bricks, so they can be bulky and heavy while riding.

Best Liner
Hotwired 12V Heated Glove Liners

Make your hands warm in seconds with these glove liners. They’re constructed of lightweight, stretchable fabric with brushed lining that feels soft against your skin. You’ll use these liners with the Hotwired jacket liner system. The lightweight fabric is low profile, making these liners perfect for fitting under your gloves. You’ll love how the liner conforms to your hands and moves with you. What’s nice about these heated liners is that they are safe with an automatic temperature cut-off. 

However, these are liners, not full gloves—they aren’t meant for wearing on their own, so you’ll need to have another pair of motorcycle gloves to wear over the liners. You’ll also need to be able to plug them in, as they’re not battery-powered.

Honorable Mention
Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves

Warm your hands up with these heated gloves. They have a short cuff and low profile design. Lithium batteries keep the gloves warm for up to three hours of riding. Choose from three heat settings with the button-sized controller that’s sewn into the cuffs. The leather construction of the glove is water and windproof, and lining the glove is a Hipora liner that protects your hands while helping to keep them cool. The fingers are also pre-curved for reduced fatigue. A standout feature of these gloves is the two included rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and multiport charging dock. 

Unfortunately, the batteries are located on the back of your hand, adding pressure and weight. The gloves feel more like ski gloves than motorcycle gloves.

Honorable Mention
FXR Recon Heated Gloves

Your hands will stay warm in the coldest of temperatures when wearing these gloves. Their outer shell is laminated, durable nylon with leather on the palm. They have three heat settings and can keep your hands warm for up to five hours. To keep your hands extra warm, 300 grams of Thinsulate are built into the back, and another 200 grams are on each finger. You'll like the way the gloves feel on your hands with the polar fleece lining. The fingers are pre-curved to help you retain dexterity and relieve finger fatigue. The large double-layer gauntlet will effectively seal out the cold. 

While these gloves look bulky, you shouldn't have issues operating your controls while wearing them.

Honorable Mention
Merlin Minworth Heated Women's Gloves

Choose from black or brown leather when buying these heated winter gloves. The outside is durable and abrasion-resistant, while the inside has a Hipora waterproof membrane and 200 grams of Thinsulate on the back of the hand and 100 grams on the palm. These CE-certified gloves come with D30 knuckle protection. A dual charger will keep your gloves in working order by recharging the batteries in the internal cuff pockets. Easily work the gloves with the cuff controller that has three heat settings—you can enjoy about four hours of heating when on the medium heating setting. 

The downside of these gloves is that the gauntlet-style cuff can be difficult to get over your jacket sleeve. The touch screen fingertips also aren’t as effective as other gloves on this list.

Honorable Mention
509 Backcountry Ignite Gloves

Stay toasty warm with a simple push of a button when wearing these gloves. You’ll enjoy up to five hours of heating with the rechargeable 7.4-volt lithium-ion battery pack. These gloves contain a carbon heating element on the back of your hand and thumb with three heat settings to choose from. The gloves have a goat leather palm, 200 grams of insulation on the back, and another 100 grams on the palm. You’ll appreciate the speed cinch closure that makes these gloves easy to take on and off. 

Unfortunately, the battery pack is sold separately, which means you’ll need to budget more for your gloves. The additional insulation in the glove can also make the gloves feel bulky. Thankfully, the cinching at the wrist keeps the glove secure on your hand.

Honorable Mention
Klim Hardanger HTD Long Gloves

Head out on a cold-weather ride with these heated gloves and their three-level heating system. The Gore-Tex construction makes the gloves waterproof, and 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate helps your hands retain heat. The palm and fingers are reinforced with goat leather. To protect your hands, there are flexible rubber knuckle guards and a 5-millimeter XRD foam impact protector. What makes these gloves stand out is the over-the-cuff gauntlet that has a Velcro cuff for wrist closure. The entire glove has also gone through a DWR hydrophobic treatment for maximum waterproofing. 

Unfortunately, there is a 10-minute automatic timer when on high heat. This reverses the gloves from high to medium heat after 10 minutes, which means you’ll have to manually revert it back to high heat.


  • Choose a pair that fits snugly. You don't want them to slip while you're shifting or hitting the throttle. Pay particular attention to the finger length because if the gloves are too long it will compromise your grip.
  • If your gloves get too hot, they can cause safety issues. Some allow you to control the level of heat, so you can turn the temperature down if necessary. Use the lowest setting at first and then gradually raise the level of heat.
  • Heated gloves are very versatile. In addition to using them on your bike, you can also wear them when snowmobiling, hiking, or skiing. 


Q: How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

Most of them are battery-powered, but some are wired to your motorcycle battery or another external battery. The heat is dissipated through the liners. Some gloves have wires that heat up your hands, while others feature a heat-conductive material.

Q: Are heated gloves bulkier than regular gloves?

They are not any thicker than other winter riding gloves, but they may be bulkier than summer or racing gloves. Most heated motorcycle gloves have very thin wiring and heating elements that make them comparable in density to standard winter riding gloves.

Q: Are heated motorcycle gloves expensive?

Heated motorcycle gloves are similar in cost to most premium-quality motorcycle gloves. While they may be pricier than thinner, less durable gloves, they provide much-needed comfort in cold conditions, so they are worth investing in.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best heated motorcycle gloves is the Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves, with their 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation. You’ll find them comfortable thanks to the pre-curved fingers. 

For a more budget-friendly option, the Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves have a protective and durable construction of 600 denier abrasion-resistant fabric that’s outfitted with a pre-installed wiring system.