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The Best Underglow Kits: Make Your Car Stand Out at Night

Give your car a more vibrant appearance with these underglow kits.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 22, 2021

There are so many different ways you can customize your car. One of the coolest options is installing an underglow kit. Sure, a paint job or exceptional speakers can turn heads — but an underglow lighting kit will literally make your car shine. These kits attach to your vehicle’s exterior, creating a glow of colorful light that glows from the undercarriage. With an underglow kit, your car will stand out and offer increased visibility. 

Underglow kits are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their wide range of customization options and new technology that makes these lighting setups even more fun than before. You can even find specialized kits made just for trucks, SUVs, and all other kinds of vehicles. Wondering if you should upgrade your car and add one? We’ve got your buying guide and the best underglow kits available right here.

Best Overall

OPT7 Aura Strip Interior Lighting Kit


Four-piece LED strips that flash multiple brilliant colors to the beat of your music.

  • Durable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Produces brilliant, vibrant colors
  • Includes a wireless remote control for easy operation
  • Sound-active technology visualizes the beats in any song
  • Sound syncing and door assist features may not work
  • Lights aren’t that flexible
Best Value

AlexTong LED RGB Underglow Neon Lights Kit


These bright, neon-like effect LED light strips are extremely affordable.

  • Affordable
  • Made out of durable ABS material
  • Wireless remote lets you change the LED lights’ coloring and adjust the brightness
  • Lights can even be sound activated
  • Only water resistant—not waterproof
Honorable Mention

Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips


A combination of neon and LED underbody and vehicle interior lights for brilliant and vibrant lighting.

  • Fast on and off response. 
  • Resistant to damage by road debris, water, and other road elements
  • Shines bright and wide. Includes a wireless remote control function for the power options and brightness levels
  • Unit develops lighting issues over time
  • Control box may break down with continued use
  • Weak adhesive tape
The Best Underglow Kits: Make Your Car Stand Out at Night

Why Buy An Underglow Kit?

  • Extra safety. Apart from your headlights, underbody lights can also be used to announce your presence to other drivers and pedestrians, especially during low-visibility conditions. They only glow at a limited range, but everyone on the road will be aware of where you are. They’re like an LED vest for your car.
  • Customization. Underglow lights or ground effect lighting is a fancy way of accessorizing your ride to reflect your personality or mood. For example, you can make the lights flash in multiple colors to project your party mood.
  • Repairs. Not only do the underglow lights enhance the look of your vehicle, they can also be used to light up the underbody whenever you need to conduct repairs or routine maintenance services.
  • Efficiency. Most are made with LED bulbs that use only one-tenth of the power drawn by normal incandescent bulbs, and they are tolerant of road vibrations. A collection of the bulbs is enough to provide sufficient lighting to your car’s underbody.
  • Versatility. Underglow kits can be installed on trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, performance cars, and even motorcycles. You also have the choice of installing them inside your vehicle on the doors or dashboard or on exterior parts such as the undercarriage, wheel wells, or bumper.

Types of Underglow Kits

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LED Underglow Lighting

Light-emitting diodes are compact, lightweight, and energy-saving lighting systems that transmit light in a wide spectrum of colors. They are typically flexible and can fit in the nooks and crannies of almost any car. With extra wiring, LEDs can sync with your vehicle's audio system. 

Neon Underglow Lighting

These lights are made of gas compressed tubes and come in over 100 colors. Neon tubes are highly customizable to meet the user's preferences and often feature sound-sync technology that synchronizes the lights to your car's audio system. However, they are fragile and most aren't designed for off-road driving.

Top Brands


OPT7 is an apex lighting equipment manufacturer that was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Orange County, Calif. The company was launched with the aim of making affordable and fun aftermarket lighting equipment that enhances the look of trucks and cars. OPT7 specializes in a wide line of automotive HID and LED lighting equipment for a vehicle’s interior or exterior. It comes up with a new product almost every month, and the OPT7 Aura Strip Interior Lighting Kit is one of its top-rated LED underglow kits.


XPrite is an American manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment and parts. It mostly centers its production activities around off-road lights and emergency warning systems. Some of its products include LED light bars, LED accent lighting, pod spotlights, and rear chase light bars.  It’s an online-based retailer, and one of its best neon underglow kits for trucks is the Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips.


XKGlow is a renowned manufacturer of LED lighting equipment for the transportation and entertainment industry. It makes some of the best smartphone-controlled LED systems, motorcycle lights, marine lights, automobile replacement lights, decorative lights, off-road, and work lights. One of its best-selling underbody kits is the XKGlow Second Gen LED Undercar Light Kit.

Use ground effects lights to enhance your vehicle’s visibility when driving through foggy conditions, gettyimages

Underglow Kit Pricing

  • Under $50: Underbody kits within this price range are either neon or LED light strips that may not last long but do have great designs. The lights are capable of producing several colors that flash at intervals. A cigarette lighter or 12-volt plug can power most of the units here, and the strips come with adhesive tapes and zip ties for a secure fit on your car’s chassis.
  • $50 and up: Most underglow lighting kits within this range are advanced lighting systems that offer a stunning single-color lighting effect with a beam that's 150 degrees or less. They can come as a set of 10 LED bulbs that are mostly fitted under the wheel well. Most LED lights here also have an impressive lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. The lights can either be operated by a smartphone via a Bluetooth app or wireless remote control.

Key Features

Size and Weight 

Light strips should be long and flexible enough to go around your undercarriage and fit in your vehicle's contours to provide a better beam of light. LED or neon bulbs should be small enough to fit under the wheel well. On top of that, underglow lights should be lightweight enough to latch onto the vehicle’s body if they attach with an adhesive tape.

Beam Angle 

You need to consider the size of the light beam with any type of lighting fixture. A wide beam angle lights the asphalt below your vehicle and also illuminates the road. A unit with a beam angle of about 120 degrees will illuminate everything around your vehicle. Most light strips have a narrow beam, and the light will only be concentrated on your vehicle’s underside. 

Lighting Type

Trying to choose between LED lights and neon lights? While both shine brightly and with brilliant colors, you’ll want to think about the amount of power each variety uses. All underglow light kits are powered by your car’s battery, so you’ll want to choose one that won’t completely drain your battery power. LED lights are the most energy-efficient choice, though they tend to be more subtle than neon lights. LED lights also tend to be slimmer and take up less space overall.

Convenient Controls

How you turn on, control, and even customize your underglow lighting is part of the fun of putting it to use. Many kits will turn on automatically whenever your car’s battery is on — so your car’s undercarriage will light up in accessory mode or any time there’s power available to use. However, others can be controlled more precisely: many modern kits are “smart” and can be controlled via an app right on your smartphone so you can turn lights on or off, set customized display modes, and even get the lights flashing.

Other Considerations

  • Customization. You can choose glow lights that can change color or change the lighting mode from flashing to a steady light. It can be more fun if the lights feature a music mode and can flash according to the beats of the music playing in your car. 
  • Ease of Installation. The best glow lights feature a strong adhesive tape on both sides for versatility in case one side comes off. Also, the installation hardware should be easy to use.
  • State Laws. When it comes to choosing underglow kits from the color output to the lighting mode, ensure that you abide by the laws in whichever state you reside. It’s important to know if it’s legal to have flashing lights and what colors can flash. 

Best Underglow Kits Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The OPT7 Aura Strip Interior Lighting Kit offers a brilliant combination of SmartColor with all three primary colors to produce a vibrant hue that’s appealing to the eye. The four LED strips are flexible enough to curve around any surface and are weather resistant. The lights will stay on through a heavy downpour. Additionally, the lights feature SoundSync, a bass-activated technology that flashes lights according to the beats of your music.

The lights can be controlled with a wireless remote and are programmed with multiple controls: multiple flashing modes, variable speed control, one-touch color selection, multi-color mode, and hardware door-assist white lighting. It will only take about five minutes to install the lights because you only need to plug in the car charger adapter and the lights will come on. The kit also comes with three different-sized adapters that can be plugged directly into your fuse box.

A major drawback of this product is that you may buy a model with a sound-syncing feature that doesn’t work at all, or it may work for some time and then the light will fade away or just change to one color. The door assist feature that’s supposed to light the LEDs when you tap the door may also not work. Moreover, the lights aren’t as flexible as most LED underbody lights.

This kit is within anyone's budget, and you'll love the bright, neon-like effect the LED light strips create once installed. Made out of durable ABS material, each of these light strip sets features anti-corrosion material and a waterproof IP65 rating. Backed by sticky 3M adhesive tape, you'll be able to install this underglow kit in no time at all.

You can even customize your underglow kit's appearance thanks to the wireless remote and music sensor included. The remote lets you change the LED lights' coloring, adjust the brightness and set up flashing or color-changing however you'd like. You can even make the lights sound activated so they'll flash right along with the rhythm of whatever music you're playing from your vehicle's stereo. Keep in mind that its IP rating means it's mostly water-resistant and not fully waterproof.

When you choose the Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips, you’ll get a kit that produces bright and uniform neon light due to its intelligent combination of three-in-one RGB chips and high-intensity SMD LED chips. It has a durable construction with a flexible rubber tubing that’s weather resistant. It also resists damage from debris and other road conditions. The kit includes a wireless remote control that operates within a 100-foot range, and it features fast on and off lighting response and adjustability.

The unit has a multi-color function featuring four lighting effects, eight preset static colors, two preset fading patterns, and two preset jump functions. It also has four music modes that flash the light according to the rhythm of the music. The kit includes two 3-foot and two 4-foot LED strips, and it’s easy to install the lights anywhere in your car’s interior or exterior due to its quick-connect plug and pre-applied adhesive tape. 

A major downside of the lights is that they have weak adhesive tape and after some time may get ripped off by your tires, especially when driving at high speeds. The control box may break down with time, and you may not be able to control the lighting modes. Also, some of the color-changing buttons may not change to the proper colors as the unit gets older. 

This kit includes a wealth of different customization options, from where you place the four light strips to which of the eight different colors you want to use. With this underglow setup, you’ll get plastic light strips with LED bulbs and sticky adhesive backing that you can place right on the undercarriage of your vehicle. Made to be a bit flexible and completely waterproof, these lights are suitable for outdoor or indoor use — just in case you want to add some lights inside, too. 

You’ll get a wireless remote control and a music control mode in addition to the eight LED colors. You can choose if you’d like one color, four dynamic color-changing modes, adjustable brightness, and four different music mode options. Sync the lights and their patterns to the music you’re playing, or opt for a more customized look.

If you are looking for great LED underglow lights that will go under your Jeep, ATV, motorcycle, or even your boat, look no further than Sunpie LED Off Road Lights. This light kit will equip your vehicle with specialty off-road lights. Their lifespan boasts more than 50,000 hours with a Cree LED chip to promote extra brightness. The lights are specially reinforced to prevent damage and lens yellowing due to outdoor use. These lights are waterproof, shock proof, and anti-corrosion. They are 12V lights but can range from 9V to 30V, depending upon usage.

But these aren’t just perfect for outdoor fun. If you do work outside and need extra lights for visibility, they also work great on construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, headlight excavators, forklifts, and armored vehicles.

However, these don’t change color, so you will need to buy the color you want. They can be quite hot to the touch after use, so be careful if you need to clean mud off of them. They are exceptionally bright, and many who buy boxes of six strips end up not needing all of them.

The Amak LED Rock Light kit is designed with off road usage in mind, but it’s also versatile across vehicles and locations. With a beautiful blue hue, these lights can be installed anywhere you can drill a hole. They come with a lifetime warranty as well as 365-day money back guarantee. These lights can even work underwater, making them great for boats or jet skis. They are built for universal fit, including motorcycles and trucks and exterior and interior lighting. They are easy to mount and very bright.

However, the colors do not change, so you have to buy a kit that has only one color. They are controlled via Bluetooth, although sometimes there are issues with it connecting to turn the lights on and off. They do have to be wired in, so you will either need to know what you are doing or have a professional do it for you.

For a great price, you can purchase the Botepon LED Rock Lights, an underglow kit that provides a pack of six blue LED rock lights. This pack comes with a one-year warranty, giving you added peace of mind with your new purchase. The bulbs are 12V and waterproof, so you can easily take them on offroading adventures. They consume less than a traditional bulb once their brightness decreases over time. They are installed via screw and tape with wiring connections.

These lights are very bright and easy to install, although choosing a color via their website can be a bit confusing. If you are looking to mount them underneath the vehicle, then the adhesive is not very strong, and you’ll have to get creative. The wires are short and thin, so ensure you know what you are doing before you dive into it.

If you are looking for a high-quality, stylish product and are okay with spending extra, then Mictuning RGB Bluetooth LED Rock Lights are the set of underglow lights that are the perfect solution. Arriving in packs of four, these multi-color lights can be switched out to four different colors. They have a sleek design that easily blends into your vehicle. That can be controlled via app, and the app is able to manipulate multiple sets of these at once. They can even be coordinated with your music.

These lights are quite bright, but you are able to dim them if you choose. Specialized for a party, these lights can also be installed inside yachts or on the interior of vehicles. They come with 15 different set scenarios as well. They can be mounted with screws and adhesive. They are also waterproof and highly impact-resistant.

These lights are only operable via app, but the app is not user friendly and has pairing issues. It is worth noting that the app has been recently updated, but there are still reports of it being problematic with very low ratings. 

This lighting kit is backed by both a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with its results and a one-year replacement warranty, just in case, it doesn’t hold up to wear and tear. 

And wear and tear are pretty important for this underglow kit since it’s designed for SUVs, trucks, and other off-road vehicles. It’ll suit other cars as well, but it’s meant to be used on tougher models. You’ll get four bright light “pods,” each of which contains nine Cree LED bulbs. Built with IP67 waterproof aluminum housing and polycarbonate lenses, all of the most critical lighting components are safely protected from the outdoor elements while you’re on the road. These underglow lights are even shockproof, dust-proof, and rust-proof.

While this underglow kit doesn’t include too many customization options, you can choose how and where you install it. Offering blue or red light, you can use the kit in several different positions like under wheel arches, along the grill, or anywhere along the undercarriage.

The LEDGlow Purple LED Underglow Lighting Kit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a combination of extensive customization options and easy-to-use technology. This setup comes with free lifetime technical support, just in case you need it, and a whole host of customization options. 

This underglow kit features four light strips, each of which can be controlled via the included four-button wireless remote or the attached control box. With flat-mount tubes and clear angled mounting brackets, you’ll get a bright, strong color spill out from your vehicle’s undercarriage. The ultra-bright wide-angle SMD LEDs are vivid in their color. And you’ll have 12 light patterns, a solid color illumination mode, and five sound activation modes to customize your car with. You can even get the lights flashing to the beat of whatever music you’re playing while you’re behind the wheel.

However, there’s one somewhat significant drawback: your only light color choice is purple. So, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be happy with purple underglow for the foreseeable future.

The TSV Car Underglow Lights Kit gives more flexibility than most. Not only can you place the included light strips wherever you’d like along your vehicle’s undercarriage, but you can also choose how you’d like your lights to display and just the right positioning. This underglow kit’s light strips are made with bright LED lights, each of which can be bent, flexed, and even folded or wound into place. They’ll suit wheel arches, wrap around the front grille, and more, all without moving once they’ve been stuck onto your car.

When you turn the underglow on, you’ll get to choose between blue, green, purple, red, teal, white, and yellow light. You can opt for a solid color or one of 15 different color flashing modes; you can also set the lights to sync up with whatever music you’re playing. All of these customizations can be controlled right from your smartphone. With Bluetooth capability, you can use an app to turn the kit on or off, change the brightness, and adjust other settings. And you can do it all without worrying about energy usage.

Whether you’re looking for better undercarriage visibility or some fun customized lighting, this underglow setup will provide it. Designed with LED strip lights in multiple colors and lighting options like chasing, skipping, dancing, and twinkling, you can change up how your car looks every time you leave your driveway.

Each LED light strip is Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can sync the lights to a smartphone app and control them easily. There are a total of 120 different customization options available to choose from, giving you impressive versatility. 

But there’s another benefit to this underglow kit: it’s also built for durability. The lights are waterproof and dust-proof and can easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with hitting the road. You can put them onto a passenger car, an SUV, or a pickup truck. The flexible rubber tubing stays strong but bends as needed for easy installation. And the clear mounting clips blend in perfectly for seamless style.


  • Safety comes first when installing underglow lights. Be sure to read the installation manual or watch a few online videos on how to safely install them. If you are not sure about the installation process, drive to the nearest auto shop and have a professional install them for you.
  • Underglow lights may be distracting to other drivers, especially when they are flashing and it’s dark or raining. Switch off your underglow lights when you don’t need them, and maintain a steady light if you are using them for safety during low-visibility conditions.
  • Do not install light strips and neon bulbs on exposed parts of your vehicle. They may get stolen. Install them where it’s almost impossible for anyone to guess where the light is coming from, and direct the bulbs downwards to enhance the underglow’s brightness even when the bulb is hidden. 
  • Not all underglow kits are waterproof. Some are just water-resistant, and others may not be able to handle much, if any, moisture at all. Make sure to look at the water-resistance or waterproof rating for your underglow kit, so you know how it’ll perform in wet weather.
  • Want to customize your underglow kit? Some allow you to create custom color patterns, flashing routines, and other specialized light displays. Check out the instructions before installing your kit to see just how much potential you have to customize how your vehicle looks.


Q: How long does it take to install an underglow kit?

If you buy the plug and play strips that connect to the 12-volt plug, then you should be able to set the lights up in less than an hour. You only have to attach the underglow kit to your car’s chassis and drill a hole to connect the cable to the power source. However, some neon lights may have complex installation processes, and it’s prudent to have a professional install them for you to avoid getting electrocuted or damaging your car’s electrical and sound system.

Q: Is it legal to drive with flashing lights?

It’s illegal in some states for a civilian to drive with flashing lights. Also, be aware of flashing restricted colors such as red and blue. These colors are limited to police and emergency services. Don’t use flashing lights until you confirm that its legal in your state.

Q: Can I install an underglow kit on a motorcycle?

It’s possible but LED or neon bulbs are more space-efficient on a motorcycle than LED strips. Pick a model with a flip switch to turn the lights on and off when you need them. A Bluetooth or remote control operated one will force you to stop your bike to customize the lights. 

Q: Is an underglow kit hard to install?

Most car, SUV, and truck underglow kits are pretty simple to install. Many are plug and play, or as simple as connecting the light strips to a power source. Some, however, are more in-depth and may require additional tools — or even professional installation at a local shop. Double-check the installation instructions before you pick out a kit.

Q: Will an underglow kit kill my battery?

Adding an underglow kit to your vehicle will definitely use up more battery power. Traditional neon kits can drain your car’s battery pretty quickly. However, if you opt for a more energy-efficient LED underglow kit, you won’t notice such a significant impact. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a lighting system that brings out the fun in your entertainment system while at the same time makes your car look bright and fancy, then consider our top pick, the OPT7 Aura Strip Interior Lighting Kit. Its remote control activates multiple colors and includes bass-activated technology to enhance your overall driving experience.

We recommend the AlexTong LED RGB Underglow Neon Lights Kit for anyone on a tight budget who doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of the lighting system.