Racing the $249 HoverBot Nano With Its Co-Creator, Adam Weld

In stage two of our HoverBot Nano review, we unleash the micro drone in our showroom, to see how well she flies. (Or crashes.)

byAndrew Siceloff|

It's a's a's Adam Weld and Andrew Siceloff racing the HoverBot Nano around the Showroom. 

In today's episode of "Micro Madness"—our month-long series dedicated to micro quadcopters—The Drive is flight-testing the $249 HoverBot Nano. Adam Weld, the co-creator of the Nano, has graciously come to our showroom to challenge our resident drone guy Andrew Siceloff to a couple laps. 

The test involves a couple of parts. The duo starts by taking the Nano for a few laps in "Angle," a mode that is self-stabilizing, but allows for sharp stick inputs for tight cornering. Following that, they switch to"Acro," or full manual, to see just how nimble this micro brushless quadcopter really is. 

What starts out a race quickly devolves in to a torture test for the HoverBot Nano. Watch the video above to see it how it fares. 

This is part two of three in our in-depth review of the HoverBot Nano. Stay tuned for our conclusions (and a stress test) of the Nano, or go back and watch episode one (unintentional Star Wars reference) for an interview with Adam Weld, on why micro brushless quadcopters are the future of drones. 

The HoverBot Nano Kit is $249.00 and available at Race gates featured in the video are available at

Video shot by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff, produced by Cait Knoll, edited by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff.