The Piko Owl V2 Is the Most Powerful Micro Drone We’ve Tested

The Moskito 70 and HoverBot Nano are difficult acts to follow…unless you’re the Piko Owl V2.

byAndrew Siceloff|

Nearing the end of Micro Madness—our month-long series dedicated to micro drones—we gather our first impressions of the Piko Owl V2, our biggest and most powerful micro yet.  

After weighing and measuring the tiny machine, we dive into a bit of design—which is quite different from the other micros we have tested. The Piko Owl uses 3D-printed parts which have a little more give compared to other micros in the same range.

The fully-loaded Piko Owl V2 kit comes in at about $230. That's right around the same price point as the other micro brushless quads we have tested, if not a little cheaper (depending on options). 

In the next episode, we'll get the Piko Owl V2 in the air and see how she flies our indoor showroom course (while testing how those 3D-printed parts hold up). Then, in the final episode of Micro Madness, we'll compare the HoverBot Nano, Moskito 70 and Piko Owl V2...and see which one we like best. 

Video shot by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff, edited by Andrew Siceloff and Erica Lourd, and produced by Cait Knoll.