Watch The First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

When power meets gravity, the machine wins.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Watch The First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

Monster Truck Freestyle Runs never fail to bring the redneck out in us. Even if you prefer precise sports cars from the other side of the pond, you can't deny the entertainment value of these massive machines and their high flying antics. It's a sport that has evolved from simple tricks to surprisingly complex stunts, much like the one you can see here. Whereas long jumps and backflips once set the crowd on fire, they've become the dreary norm now, or at least in comparison to this front flip by the Mad Scientist with Lee O'Donnell at the wheel. 

Unsurprisingly, this Monster Jam-first won the competition for O'Donnell and VP Racing. This being the 18th World Finals for the Freestyle competition, we've seen the event develop from small audiences to mega-exposure broadcasts, and this one tops the cake.  The Mad Scientist crew was awarded a near-perfect score of 9.355, edging out the next best competitor by just .155 points. 

"My wife and my kids, they mean the world to me, and they're here tonight," said an emotional O'Donnell. "My sponsor, VP Racing Fuels, is amazing. Everyone has been trying that trick that Neil Elliott nailed; it was spectacular. I give it up to him. My crew guys, they're family and at the track every weekend. The fans here are like family to me, and I can't thank Feld Entertainment and Monster Jam enough. This is awesome!"

Watch as the 1,500 HP, 500 ci. beast goes wrong side up through the ramps, impressing everyone there (and on the internet).