The Ford F-150 Is the Chariot of Choice for Rich People

Folks pulling annual salaries of more than $500,000 are apparently opting for America’s favorite truck.

byAaron Brown|
Ford News photo

As the stereotype goes, members of the upper class only drive supercars or large grand tourers—or, when they tire of driving, get chauffeured around in luxurious executive sedans. Apparently, though, that's not the case anymore, as a new report claims that the Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle for the wealthy.

According to a study conducted by MaritzCX and published through Kelly Blue Book, Americans who take home more than $500,000 choose the F-150 more than any other vehicle. Either they just can't get enough of that "genuine fiddleback eucalyptus" interior trim, or for some reason, wealthy folks are in desperate need of a well-built utility vehicle.  

Of course, rich people aren't the only ones who love the F-150. The truck was also the most popular vehicle overall in 2017 with 820,799 sales, Business Insider reports.

Ford salesman Donald Brady at Nantucket's Don Allen Auto Service dealership said the F-150 itself accounts for around 50 percent of sales at the dealership each month. Surprisingly, Ford buyers on the island known for its expensive real estate apparently aren't taking home Ford GTs or Mustang GT350Rs. Surprised?