Watch the 2017 NSX Battle the Nissan GT-R NISMO at Tsukuba Circuit

Will the new Acura NSX snatch the JDM supercar crown from the long-standing R35 GT-R?

byDanny Choy|
Racing photo

The 2017 Honda NSX may be Japan's latest supercar, but the long-reigning Nissan GT-R isn't ready to hand over the mantle just yet. Japanese YouTube channel WEB CARトップ decided to bring the two heavyweights to Tsukuba Circuit to settle the score.

Rather than a standard R35 GT-R, WEB CARトップ opted to field the monster GT-R NISMO, by far the most track-focused version of Nissan's supercar. As tested, the Godzilla is rated at 441 kW and 652 Nm of torque, holding a slight edge over the 435 kW and 771 Nm of torque power output from the hybrid NSX. Surprisingly, the notoriously hefty GT-R managed to possess a weight advantage as well. As tested, the NISMO is 1740 kg while the NSX tips the scale at 1780 kg.

While the Japanese video lacked English subtitles, we were able to pick up the NSX is running Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. Early reviews of the 2017 NSX were quite vocal about Acura's disappointing choice of standard Continental ContiSportContact 5Ps all-season tires, so it's a relief to know this particular NSX is armed with the right sort of rubber for a quick racetrack like Tsukuba. Meanwhile, the GT-R NISMO runs 255/40-20 front and 285/35-20 rear Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT extreme summer performance tires from the factory.

On paper, the cars are very well matched.

In classic Best Motoring format, the GT-R NISMO and the NSX each set a hot lap before lining up on the grid in reverse qualifying order, which places the car with the slower time at the front of the grid. Best Motoring presenter Akihiko Nakaya pilots the GT-R NISMO while Keiichi Tsuchiya, a man that needs no introduction, is behind the wheel of the NSX.

Despite the language barrier, the race results tell us what we need to know: the GT-R NISMO is still king. Setting the fastest lap of 1:01.53, the NISMO is almost a second faster than the NSX's 1:02.47.


, The GT-R NISMO sets the fastest lap-time of 1:01.53 at Tsukuba., WEB CARトップ

After the race, 'Dorikun' Tsuchiya offered some commentary about what happened in the battle and emphasized "biku biku" (twitchy) several of times. Despite the Pirelli P Zeros, it looks like the NSX lacked a bit of stability, particularly around 35R and 100R, where Tsuchiya had to make huge corrections mid-sweeper and lost a significant amount of ground to the NISMO's high-downforce setup.

Watch the full Honda NSX VS. Nissan GT-R NISMO Gachinko Battle below: