Man’s VW Golf GTI Seized for Speeding Home so His McDonald’s Wouldn’t Get Cold

'It's safe to say the driver wasn't lovin' it,' said a police spokesperson.

Priorities are important. To many folks, not getting their only car seized by the police ranks high on their priority list. To others, making sure their food from McDonald’s doesn’t get cold before making it home is even more important. This was the case for one especially hungry driver who recently got caught speeding and overtaking an unmarked police car on a single-lane road in Sheffield, England. As a result, he got pulled over and got his MK6 Volkswagen Golf GTI taken away.

Seizing the vehicle might sound extreme for speeding, but the speeding and reckless driving combined with the fact that the car wasn’t insured was enough for the South Yorkshire Police to determine that the fast food aficionado behind the wheel couldn’t take his car home that night. At press time, there’s no word on the fate of the driver’s food nor the temperature at which it was consumed.

“This vehicle’s driver decided to overtake our officers in an unmarked vehicle at excessive speeds, putting everyone’s life at risk,” said a South Yorkshire Police spokesperson to Metro. “All because he didn’t want his McDonald’s to go cold.”

“It’s safe to say the driver wasn’t ‘lovin’ it,’” said the spokesperson referencing the restaurant’s famous slogan.

Next time you’re bringing food home from the drive-thru, simply turn on the heated seat function on the passenger seat (if your car is so equipped) and let it keep your food warm while you drive home at a nice, legal pace. This driver either didn’t know about that trick or didn’t have heated seats in his GTI—and look where that got him.

This might be the most anyone has ever paid for a meal from McDonald’s. What is it about GTI drivers and a passionate love of McDonald’s?