Video: Semi-Truck Driver Pushes VW Golf Down the Highway Without Realizing It

Seriously, though?

byChris Chin|
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A crazy video of a Royal Mail semi-truck pushing a Mark V Volkswagen Golf GTI sideways along a British highway surfaced on Twitter Monday. It's unclear how the Golf was struck by the truck to begin with, but luckily no one was injured. And in an interesting turn of events, it turns out that it was music star Ellie Goulding who flagged down the oblivious truck driver to save the day, while the driver of the Golf turned out to be Jack Joy from the popular automotive site CarThrottle.

The video was shared by Twitter user ShaanAssi99, who claims to have witnessed the events unfold on the Western Avenue portion of the A40 motorway in London. It has since racked up over 3.7 million views.

At first glance, it seems as if a road-rage event was unfolding on camera, but according to multiple reports, the semi-truck driver was allegedly completely unaware that he was pushing the GTI sideways. In the footage, other motorists can be seen and heard blaring their horns trying to grab the truck driver's attention.

The truck eventually came to a stop with the driver acting startled and unaware of the situation as other motorists shouted at him, pointing at the stuck Volkswagen. In the clip, the truck driver can be heard claiming: “I didn’t see him. I honestly didn’t see him.”

The video continues rolling as other good Samaritans arrive on the scene to check on the driver of the Volkswagen, who seemingly appears rather calm despite the crazy situation.

Goulding was reportedly being chauffeured in the Range Rover, who’s seen intercepting the truck at the beginning of the video. She later took to Instagram to confirm that she was one of the first to check on the Volkswagen’s driver after her chauffeur in the Range Rover caught the truck operator’s attention.

“There were no reported injuries. Officers spoke with both parties. No arrests were made,” a police spokesperson told reporters.

"We are very concerned about this incident. We sincerely hope that no one was hurt. We are investigating as a matter of urgency,” said a Royal Mail spokesperson.

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