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Watch an Angry Rhino Toss Around a Zookeeper’s VW Golf Like It’s a Toy

Good thing the zookeeper's shorts are already brown.

A zookeeper is thanking their guardian angel after a frightening encounter with an angry rhinoceros at the Serengeti Park in the town of Hodenhagen in northern Germany. The scary moment was caught on camera, showing the rhino charge and absolutely destroy the zookeeper’s Volkswagen Golf as he/she clings on for dear life.

Now, you’re probably wondering why there’s a car just cruising through the rhino’s enclosure and why is it painted like a zebra? It turns out these are the cars used to monitor animals in the park—and while we’re pretty sure a rhino can tell the difference between a car and a zebra—we can’t help but imagine that the rhino may have felt threatened by the stripey car.

Regardless of whether the rhino thought it was a zebra or a car, the zoo’s manager Fabrizio Sepe said he wasn’t sure what led to Kusini (rhino’s name) becoming so upset. He also explained that Kusini has been at the park for 18 months as part of a breeding program, and that he’s had a hard time adjusting to his new home. Sepe also added that Kusini isn’t allowed to roam the park during public hours due to his behavior, only doing so before and after the general public visits, according to The Sun.

In regards to the poor little Golf, it doesn’t take an expert to see that the hatchback is a total loss. After being flipped and tossed by Kusini several times, the roof is smashed in and there’s massive damage to nearly every part of the car. Miraculously, the zookeeper escaped without serious injury. May we suggest something like this bulletproof Cadillac Escalade if he wants to mingle with Kusini in the near future.