Escaped Zebra in Florida Hits Ford F-150 During Dash for Freedom

Meanwhile, in Florida.

byWill Sabel Courtney| UPDATED May 9, 2017 1:35 PM
Escaped Zebra in Florida Hits Ford F-150 During Dash for Freedom

Fair assumption or not, at this point, whenever we hear about some odd event occurring in some poorly-described part of the U.S.A...we immediately wonder if it took place in Florida. 'Cause it seems like whenever something weird happens here in America, there are better-than-even odds that it took place in the state that serves as America's misshapen penis. 

Sometimes these stories turns out to be a modern-day tall tale, like the account of a Florida Dodge dealership employee taking a customer for a 180-mile-per-hour test drive in a Charger Hellcat. But for every account that turns out to be "FAKE NEWS," there wind up being several that are entirely true and every bit as odd. Like the story of a bald eagle that got caught in a Saturn's grille. Or the man who threw an alligator into a Wendy's drive-thru window.

Or today's story of a zebra on the run that slammed into a Ford F-150 as it made its break for freedom. 

According to Tampa Bay-area ABC affiliate WFTS, the zebra—which escaped from permitted owner Jennifer Caudill's compound in Balm, Florida—ran into the F-150 as the Ford pickup truck traveled westward on state road 672 at around 2pm last Friday in the town of Wimauma. The African ungulate reportedly hit the truck hard enough to shatter the side view mirror, sending shards of glass cascading down on the driver, who was later taken to a hospital. 

While footage of the zebra-on-Ford violence remains elusive, the striped mammal was caught on camera by Florida man Mark Ross, who posted the pictures and video to his Facebook page. 

"I don't think he was trying to run me over but you couldn't tell," Ross told WFTS. "You could hear the hooves and I got out of the way." 

The zebra was eventually captured and returned home. It's unclear whether charges will be filed against Caudill for the zebra's escape.