Watch This Oblivious Semi-Truck Driver Drag a Car Down the Highway

The truck reportedly dragged the damaged Nissan for four miles.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Watch This Oblivious Semi-Truck Driver Drag a Car Down the Highway

It doesn't take very long for new drivers to grow accustomed to sharing the road with semi-trucks. But even veteran wheelmen (and wheelwomen) can still get a little shiver when a massive tractor trailer flies by close enough to make their car tremble like a leaf. Think about it this way: the weight difference between an 80,000-pound 18-wheeler and a 4,000-pound car is the same as the difference between that two-ton automobile and a 200-pound person. When trucks and cars interact, the truck almost always wins. 

One driver recently found that out the hard way, when he wound up having his car tangled up with the rear end of a semi-truck...and then was reportedly dragged possibly as far as four miles, according to the video's description.

Among the people who appear to have seen this act of vehicular mayhem is one Brian Steimke, who captured it on video and posted it on his Facebook account on Wednesday night. Based on the description, the incident appears to have taken place on Interstate 15 in California. The truck—a tandem-trailer—appears to have hooked its rear wheels into the red Nissan, leaving the car's driver honking his horn in a vain attempt to be noticed. 

Not long after Steimke starts recording, however, the truck driver finally pulls over...only to claim he didn't know the car was there. 

In a world rife with viral videos, this one's definitely worth checking out. Check it out below.