President Trump Plays in Semi-Truck at the White House

He's got that "crazy steering" pantomime down pat.

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Along with the whole "leader of the free world" thing, being president also means sometimes putting up with a goofy situation. You can have the nuclear codes, but you still have to stand with a turkey on Thanksgiving, hug a giant creepy Easter Bunny each spring, and generally pose with every special guest that comes stomping through the White House. But when a group of truck drivers and trucking CEOs brought along a couple of their big toys to a meeting with President Donald Trump today, you just knew there would be some pretty choice shots coming out of the event.

With a Volvo VNL 780 and a Mack Pinnacle Sleeper parked out back and a day of healthcare-related meetings on tap, it appears the president couldn't resist taking some time to live out every four-year-old's dream. After greeting the group, Trump surprised everyone by clambering up into the cab of the Mack and giving his best truck driver impression - pretending to steer, mean-mugging, the whole bit.

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Honk Honk!

When someone pointed out the horn, Trump gave it not one, not two, but six healthy pulls. To be fair, I would've gone for more. After that he closed the door and waved to the crowd, probably wishing he really could drive away, even for a bit.

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He ain't lying.

Later during the meeting, the president was spotted wearing an "I [heart] Trucks" pin. Based on the video and pictures, he ain't lying.