Leaked Chart Reveals Horsepower Figures for Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf GTI and R: Report

We assure you, they don’t disappoint.

byChris Teague|
Volkswagen News photo

Just a few days ago, we got a partial view of the upcoming Mk8 Volkswagen GTI’s rear end, which appears to show a more aggressive body kit, updated rear diffuser, and a prominent roof spoiler. Now, we have actual details about its performance in the form of horsepower figures. An image shared on Instagram by CocheSpias appears to show numbers for the entire Golf performance lineup, ranging all the way from the GTI to the range-topping Golf R, including the TCR, GTD, and GTE.

You might recall that Volkswagen nixed the Golf R from dealer lots in the United States for the 2020 model year, but what we’re seeing here is the next-generation Mk8 car that should eventually make its way here. It’s worth noting that the cars shown are likely international models, which may not translate directly to what the North American market could/will get. That said, if this chart is legit, this is the clearest look of the upcoming Golf lineup we’ve had yet. Not surprisingly, the Golf R sits at the top of the linei[ and rocks the equivalent to 328 horsepower, while the standard GTI comes in at approximately 240 horsepower. For comparison, the current Golf GTI sold in the States produces 228 horsepower while the R does it with 288.

It's also worth noting that the amped-up GTI TCR will allegedly produce 296 horsepower, which if true it means that the middle-child of the lineup could prove to be a very appealing option to buyers looking for a bit more performance without forking out "R" money.

We already know quite a bit about the standard Mk8 Golf, but notably missing from the list of things we know is whether or not the car will actually show up for sale in the United States. We’ve heard from VW that the hot hatches in the lineup will eventually make their way here, but the company is still selling the 2019 Golf with no word of what’s to come.

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