Semi-Truck Takes a Toyota Corolla for a Ride After an Ill-Advised Lane Change

Remember, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Toyota News photo

Listen, we understand. Semi-trucks are slow, and it's tempting to try and get a jump in heavy traffic by cutting them off and hoping for the best. But a recent video out of Massachusetts showing a little Toyota Corolla get shoved like a hockey puck by an 18-wheeler is an excellent reminder that it's a bad, bad idea.

Witness Larry Chroek told WHDH News that he pulled out his phone to record the scene when he saw the Corolla try to squeeze into a nonexistent gap in front of a Western Star truck that was stopped at a red light in a left turn lane. Unfortunately, the little car was totally hidden from view for the truck driver, who immediately accelerated into it when the light turned green.

As Chroek looked on in shock, the impact pushed the Toyota sideways square against the semi-truck's bumper. The driver continued on with his turn, totally unaware of his new hood ornament—between the truck's short gearing, the noise of the diesel engine, and the cold, salty pavement, it's likely he couldn't hear or feel it at all.

Inside the Corolla-turned-thrill-ride were Natividad Rivera and her sister, who told WHDH they were just hanging on for dear life and praying to God until the trucker finally realized what was happening and ground the rig to a halt. Fortunately, neither were injured. 

Remember, if you can't see a truck driver, chances are they can't see you. In these situations, it's up to us to respect their space, not the other way around.