Real-Life Hamburglar Caught Stealing Drink, Cash, Happy Meal Toys via McDonald's Drive-Thru Window

Grimace and Birdie were not available for comment. 

YouTube | WBAL

There’s a reason the real Hamburglar wears a mask. A woman in suburban Maryland has been arrested after she was caught on camera climbing through an unlocked drive-thru window and stealing cash, Happy Meal toys, and a drink from a local McDonald’s in the middle of the night, WBAL reports.

According to Howard County Police, 27-year-old Jessica Marie Cross pulled up to a McDonald’s location in Columbia, at around 1 a.m. back on November 5th and attempted to place an order via the drive-thru lane. When she realized the restaurant was closed, she drove her Hyundai Sonata around to the unlocked service window, popped it open, and began her hamburglarizing career by reaching in and pouring herself a nice cold fountain beverage.

Cross then managed to clamber through through the window before wandering off camera and spending the next half hour ransacking the restaurant. WBAL reports she took an employee’s purse, $1,400 in cash from the registers, and as the video shows, a big box of Happy Meal toys for good measure. And apparently this Hamburglar has been watching Law & Order, because police say Cross also attempted to wash the cash drawers and wipe down her fingerprints.

The theft was reported by employees arriving for work later that morning, but it took weeks for Ronald McDonald Howard County Police to track her down. Several tipsters identified her when officials released the surveillance video last week, but Cross reportedly turned herself in on Thursday. She’s been charged with burglary and theft.