Dumb Thieves Crash VW Golf GTI Trying to Steal it Off a Moving Freight Train

They attempted to use a homemade ramp to “drive” cars off a moving train.

byChris Tsui|
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At least one wannabe car thief is currently at large after an attempt to steal a Volkswagen Golf GTI off of a freight train went wrong in Germany last week. It's unclear whether the botched heist was carried out by a group of thieves or somebody acting alone. 

In any case, German police say the suspect(s) were able to get the gray hot hatch off of the car-carrying train by driving it off using a homemade ramp. Cops found the car wrecked and wedged between two guardrails that ran along the tracks near Milbertshofen station close to Munich. Needless to say, the would-be carjacker(s) didn't appear to think this through at all.

They didn't go home empty-handed, however, as the perps reportedly broke into two other Volkswagens and swiped the infotainment systems out of 'em, in a throwback crime that harkens back to an era when breaking into your Honda to steal your LED-laden aftermarket head unit was the de facto initiation ritual for the world's car thief gangs.

Unsurprisingly, police say the attempted train robbery caused thousands of euros in damage. 

Cops reportedly shut the train line down and dispatched a helicopter to search for the suspects but have yet to find the perpetrators. Investigators are currently asking for anyone who saw something suspicious or knows anything about what happened to come forward.

Look, the GTI is a fine machine but it really isn't all that expensive or rare. We obviously don't condone stealing cars from any venue, but if one wanted to nab a new VW hatchback, wouldn't it be easier to just grab one off a dealer lot rather than a moving train? Color us confused.

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