Audi Announces New Crossover In Meme Form

Gold star, Audi. Good Internet.

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED Feb 11, 2016 3:15 PM
Audi Announces New Crossover In Meme Form

Audi’s teeniest crossover ever, which might be called the Q2 but will probably be called the Q1, should debut at the Geneva Motor Show. We already had a pretty good feeling that was the case—but Audi just gave us a big, reassuring hint in meme form. Check out the GIF below. The camera pans across the tail end of a Q7. Then a Q5. Then a Q3, and over to an empty parking space marked with a plate that reads “RESERVED.” And then, the piece de memesistance.

We know Audi’s been working on the new Q2—which will share Volkswagen’s MQB platform with the TT, A3 and Golf, among others—for quite some time. Here, Audi is hoping to put the Mini Countryman and Paceman in their place.

Now, we have to deduct a point for Audi’s choice to use its corporate typeface in lieu of the standard “SOON” font, Impact. But, other than that, we’re thoroughly impressed by the automaker’s decision to deliver this update in meme form. Why didn’t Ford think to jump on this?