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Audi Creates Virtual Reality Q5 Sandbox Driving Experience

You don't need to be a kid to enjoy the sandbox Audi's Norwegian division set up.

In a partnership with creative agency POL and digital production house MediaMonks, Audi of Norway has created a VR experience called Enter Sandbox that allows its users to virtually test drive an Audi Q5 in a sandbox racetrack. 

Users can create their own racetrack by channeling their inner kid and shoveling sand around to create jumps, dunes, and smooth surfaces on which to gain some speed. A laser then scans the sandbox racetrack, analyzes the topography, and then becomes the backdrop to the virtual test drive of the Audi Q5. From there, the user straps on a pair of VR goggles and can control the Q5 with a steering wheel and pedals, “exploring” the off-road capability of Audi’s mid-size SUV.

POL’s video on the making of the sandbox racetrack VR experience explains, “Audi’s Enter Sandbox is based on this nostalgic idea of awakening your inner child. But instead of playing with cars, we let you play inside the car.” 

Audi of Norway will take the VR setup on a tour of the country, giving users across the nation a chance to virtually experience the Q5 in their own unique sandbox racetracks.