Watch This Fire-Spitting, Wheel-Standing Porsche 911 GT2 Tear Up the Drag Strip

This turbocharged terror is a beast unleashed.

byBradley Brownell|
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EKanoo Racing is a Middle East-based drag racing syndicate that has focussed solely on building some super high horsepower cars for years and years. While they don't have any specific brand or model affinity, the syndicate generally starts with something that is already quick in its own right, then adds a ton of boost to the engine to turn some mega times at their local drag strips. They might be best known for their pair of MK4 Toyota Supras, but they've also built Lexus RCF racers and most recently this 997-generation Porsche 911 GT2 they've lovingly dubbed the "ES2XXX". Presumably, Ekanoo calls it that thanks to its four-digit horsepower levels. Like I said earlier, super-high horsepower. 

There isn't much information out there about this car, as EKanoo is pretty tight-lipped about the specs. We don't have any indication of what turbochargers they're using, what they've done to the internals (though presumably it involves lots of titanium), what clutch is being employed to hold that power, or how it's controlling it all. To be honest, being that the GT2 was manual-only, we're not even positive that the car still has its original gearbox intact. Essentially, all we know about it is presented here. It's a Porsche, and it's damn fast. 

This shaky phone video popped up on EKanoo's facebook page yesterday, showing the car in all it's wheelstanding glory, popping the fronts up into the air during the pull in first, second, and a bit in third before they let off. Obviously pulling a wheelie doesn't make for a good quarter-mile ET, so the driver backed off when things got squirrelly. 

Looking into the archives a bit, it would appear that this car ran an 8.144 in the quarter a couple of weeks ago. Just today, EKanoo Racing posted this video to its YouTube channel showing the car breaking its own record with an 8.029-second run at just shy of 300 kilometers per hour. 

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While it is certainly impressive that any Porsche could accomplish such a feat, especially a rear wheel drive car like this one, the car sure does look like a handful. I'm not sure I'd want a run in this thing. 

Oh, who am I kidding—bring it on.

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