What’s Under The Hood Of The Nissan Patrol That Spanked A Porsche 918 In ‘The Grand Tour’?

Here’s what it takes to build a giant brick on four wheels to beat Porsche’s 900 hp supercar.

byDanny Choy|
Nissan News photo

You've seen The Grand Tour's season finale and you've probably been wondering about the batshit Nissan Patrol that schooled the Porsche 918 ever since. Sure, it's obviously not a stock Patrol, but even if this giant brick on four wheels had the GT-R's monstrous VR38DETT, it shouldn't be able to embarrass a state-of-the-art 900 horsepower hypercar like that, right?

Richard Hammond never gave us a closer look at the insane Nissan Patrol, but earlier this week, YouTube channel 1320Video did:

As it turns out, the Patrol is running a complete R35 Nissan GT-R drivetrain after all. However, it's anything but stock – performance outfit FPerformance took on the project by first performing a complete GT-R transplant for the Patrol, including the VR38DETT, a Stage 5 Shep gearbox, axles, rear subframe, suspension, GT-R carbon brakes, hub, and more. A GT-R fascia was even grafted to the Patrol's front bumper and a custom GT-R style hood, completely with functional NACA ducts, was made for the truck as well. Inside, the GT-R steering wheel, dash cluster, R switches, and gear shifter were all brought over to this Patrol. Yes, you can even toggle the switches for launch control just like a real GT-R. Last and certainly not least, the VR38DETT was then stroked to 4.1 liters and built to be good for 1900 horsepower, maybe more.

According to Boyan of FPerformance, this Porsche 918 killer Nissan Patrol will accelerate from a standstill to 330 km/h, or 205 mph, in just 800 meters. At 340 km/h, the Patrol may experience some lift due to the lack of aero. 

The last time we heard of a crazy GT-R Frankenstein like this was when British motorsports house RML Group built a wide body Nissan Juke with GT-R running gear, dubbed the Nissan Juke-R. But the FPerformance's 1900 horsepower Nissan Patrol dials the level of crazy to a whole new level.

Watch The Grand Tour's Porsche 918 Spyder vs Nissan Patrol drag race again. If you had the choice, would you take home the Monster Nissan over the Porsche hybrid supercar? Let us know in the comments below.