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Watch This 1,200-HP Honda S600 Run a 7.9 Second Quarter Mile

1200HP and 1100kg curb weight is a recipe for serious speed.

One of the first sports cars to hail from Japan was the micro-sized Honda S600. Launched in 1964, the 606cc motorcycle engine produced a modest 57 horsepower. But somewhere in Australia, one Honda S600 dragster has bigger dreams. Much, much bigger dreams.

YouTube channel 1320video attended the Jamboree event in Sydney, Australia, and was completely gobsmacked by this tiny Honda S600 with a giant 88mm turbocharger sticking out from its hood. The chrome-tastic tumor is bolted to a 3.2-liter 2JZ and is said to make more than a 1,200 horsepower. Combined that power figure with the S600’s hilariously light 1,100-kg curb weight, and we’re talking about a gnarly 7.96-second quarter mile at 179.61 mph.

Although the mighty little Honda only made it past Round 1 of the Modified 10.5 Class Eliminations, it was easily the crowd favorite at Sydney Dragway.

Check out the insane Honda S600 dragster via 1320video in the video below: