Watch This Honda Civic Type R Roll Over on the Nurburgring

Fortunately, both occupants escaped with only minor injuries.

If you spend enough time watching the Nurburgring, you are bound to see an accident. However, the nature of the track and varying experience levels of the drivers make each accident different—and often times, highly amusing. In a recently-posted video, you can see a Honda Civic Type R come around a corner and clip the apex, causing the hot hatch’s front right wheel to pop up. Unfortunately, the driver may have braked, causing the weight of the vehicle to be transferred transferred down the track (i.e. onto the car’s left side), which then caused the vehicle to flip onto its roof. The Honda Civic Type R then proceeded to slide down the track while flipped over, eventually coming to a stop around 75 yards later.

In cases like these, drivers should try and remember to stay off the brake and to turn down the track in hopes of getting all four wheels back on the ground. The nature of the turn does already makes the weight distribution a little precarious due to the slope, so drivers have to be hyper-aware of their vehicle’s weight distribution going into and coming out of the turn. 

According to reports, the Honda was a total loss, but thankfully, both occupants of the vehicle escaped with only minor injuries.