Honda Civic Type R Owner Selling It on Craigslist for $55,000

With only 600 miles, someone seems to be trying to make quite a profit by flipping this car.

As with any new, desirable model, some dealers are charging a huge markup for the Honda Civic Type R. But dealers aren’t the only ones guilty of this practice. One would-be entrepreneur is already selling a Civic Type R with just 600 miles on Craigslist—for $55,000. The Civic Type R’s MSRP, in case you’d forgotten, is $33,900.

This seller’s asking price is more than that of a BMW M2. It’s more than a Dodge Challenger SRT 392. For a few dollars more, you could buy a Chevy Corvette. Sure, being the first version of the Civic Type R available in America may be worth a little something more than MSRP. But is it worth $21,000 more? That’s enough to buy a whole other Civic hatchback to keep the Type R company.

A search of local Honda dealer inventory reveals that Breakaway Honda in Greenville, South Carolina, has a new, identical black Civic Type R in transit. Its price is listed at the $33,900 MSRP—though the fine print does say that dealers set their own prices, so the actual sale price may be different.

Little information is available about this particular car. In fact, the entirety of the ad reads, “Honda civic TypeR black 2017 600 miles only serious buyer cash only i am no financing.” Seems legit, right? Would you feel comfortable buying a “lightly used” Civic Type R based on an ad like that?

A screenshot of the ad in question., Craigslist

And who knows what kind of 600 miles the car has been subjected to. It could be easy highway miles from a distant dealer that sold it at MSRP. Or it could be 600 miles of high-revving street racing. Though it’s safe to assume that a performance oriented model like the Type R is made to take some abuse, why spend so much more on this one when you can get a brand new one for less?

But it’s a free market economy, and unlike some dealers, private sellers are free to put whatever price tag they want on this car. So we wish the seller good luck with the sale. They’re going to need it.