Watch a 2,200 Horsepower Huracan Slay The Quarter Mile

Underground Racing is setting its sights on the world’s fastest Huracans.

byJames Gilboy|
Lamborghini News photo

For years, the lads over at Underground Racing have been making drag racing news with their turbocharged supercar builds that push beyond the 2,000 horsepower mark. Even some of their lower-trim Lamborghini Gallardo packages were capable of spanking a Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest production cars ever built. While there are plenty of ways for dedicated and wealthy drag racers to slam themselves back into their seats, ranging from AMS Alpha Nissan GT-Rs to Callaway Corvettes, the rarity of a V-10 powered drag car makes these twin-turbo behemoths a unique sight at any event. When the Lamborghini Gallardo's production ended in 2014, UGR had to find a new golden boy, so why not the Gallardo's successor, the Huracan?

YouTube channel 1320video, known for its coverage of both sanctioned drag events and illegal street racing, has posted a video of one of the first Underground Racing Huracan X2 package cars to be built. The car's high-revving 5.2-liter V-10, due to its shared lineage with its Gallardo predecessor's engine, was likely a fairly easy build for UGR, as many parts would only need a small redesign to fit the updated engine. Their video of the UGR Huracan was filmed at TX2K17, an annual drag meet at Royal Purple Raceway in Texas.

The driver, likely a UGR employee, says the car has the X2 Package, which is not yet listed on the company's website. Given that their existing X Package for the Huracan is capable of over 2,200 horsepower on race gas, the presumably updated X2 being tested is capable, in all likelihood, of additional power if not faster spooling and better power delivery, though how much additional power is unclear. What is typical of a car with this level of power is a stripped interior, a roll cage, a parachute, and drag slicks. This car, however, is meant to remain a street car, and it retains its interior, though the paddle shifted transmission is gone, dropped for a hardier sequential manual transmission.

2,200 horsepower is not what most would call useable in the real world, but it must be nice to have a car capable of both blitzing all its competitors and the drag strip and comforting its driver on the ride home.